Thursday, April 29, 2010


Bunch of bros hanging out half naked in the hallway. Think there was a 'raid' going on. Guess in the past dorms raided other dorms. Dunno how this would work. Feel like today people only raid via world of warcraft (suitemate is probably doing this right now). Wish I got to raid rival dorms when I was a first year. Feel like Dorch should raid QA for panties (via revenge of the nerds).

Also look how diverse this group is, makes me happy.

Also drinking in the hallway, always a good time.

ADA Accessible

Dudes installing a wheel chair elevator outside Calvert.

To quote Principal Skinner (Simpsons) "This is a proud day. Now when people ask if we're in compliance the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1975, I can say, we are closer than ever before!"

Shine on you crazy diamond, St. Mary's, shine on.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh hello I am a bunch of bricks with people's names in the Physical Plant lot. For some reason I am not in the ground with other bricks.

Feel like this is almost legitimate journalism/muckraking. Why aren't these bricks on paths with other donation bricks?

Feel like if I bought one of these I would feel ripped off/used/lame/sad.

Hope one day they get to be made into a path for people to walk on. Hope I get to buy one and put "Hope u are on a walk of shame" and then someone gets to walk of shame on it.

UPDATE: Someone's last name is Cooch...Thanks to Brian Van Parys for the tip.


Some SMPs that I kinda want to see based off the emails
  • Monday: 11:20 - 11:40 Honora Fallo-Oben: “Interpretations of The Wire: Language
    Use in a Criminal Drug Subculture”
    Mentor: Helen Daugherty
  • Kristen VanBlargan, “Transforming Silence: Feminist Revisions of Father-Daughter Incest in Fairy Tales” (Feingold)
  • Katie McDermott, “REDACTED BY REQUEST” (Anderson)
  • Justin Alexander Perry, “Re(a)d All Over, Still?—An Investigation Into the Lasting Political Power of American Newspapers in the Twenty First Century” (Click)
  • Alex Swope, “What Are We Working For? The American Dream of Self-Making in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century American Literature” (Nelson)
  • Applied biology in the modern brewing industry
And probably others, not all the emails are out yet, but these all look cool/relevant to my interests.

SGA Erections

SGA erections for Senators are going on right now until Friday. Go vote for people!

For the Townhouses I voted for
  • Tom Seahawk
  • Julie Franck
  • Chicken Patties from the Great Room  <3>
I would recommend that everyone vote similarly

p.s. lol look at those typos I made tehehe

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SGA Meeting 4/27/2010

Last SGA Meeting of the year

Gonna miss u Justin, Lisa, Matt, Sola, Alexandra, Louis, Debbie, Rodkey (but not really [j/k]) others etc.

Debbie Travers made us cream puff things and brownies. They are delicious. She has finally done something worthwhile (just kidding obv, Debbie has done a lot of cool stuff and will probably continue to do cool stuff as a real adult, and I'm sure her recital last Sunday went swimmingly)

8:08 - Meeting starting, this is early!


8:11 - Chairman of the Board of Directors Muldoon is here. We are in the building that is named after him. How awesome.

8:12 - He has a cute face. He is bragging about stuff that we do, feeling used/important. He just described something as 'neat', feel like this is a good adjective.

8:14 - Kinda have to pee.

8:15 - Muldoon has a 'neat' voice, wish he was my grandfather.

8:16 - Kinda reminds me of Willie Nelson but less stoned.

8:19 - Ah this guy is great! He wants to make sure that our new on campus farm is preventing runoff (since apparently 65% of Chesapeake Bay pollution is runoff of fertilizer and other stuffs), and this is such a great idea! ahh <3 .="." div="div">

8:22 - Justin Perry has a Presidential Proclamation (his first), thanking Muldoon for chillin with the SGA for a bit.

8:23 - New Club, the SCUBA Club. SCUBA is an acronym I think, not sure really. Mike Studivan is here, I am his friend but I don't really hang out with him anymore.

8:28 - blah blah blah. I asked a question about snorkeling (<3>

8:33 - SCUBA club passed!

8:37 - Resubmitting the No All Capital Letter All Student Emails. People seem less grumpy and more likely to respond to this positively.

8:40 - Who the fuck just voted nay on this shit. Regardless is passed, fuck yes!

8:41 - Something boring but important that Justin Perry brought up just passed.

8:42 - Gonna go pee brb.

8:43 - Circle K asking for money for cool stuff to help kids who are gonna die. 800$ for hotel rooms over the summer in Florida. Circle K does a lot of really awesome stuff, like hundreds of hours of volunteering every semester. I can't say no to dying kids. Either way it passed!

8:48 - Bill about funding stuff for the farm. Justin Perry is presenting it, about 4,000$ from the St. Mary's Green Revolving Loan Fund to pay for student farmers, none of which are alumni or non-students (which was earlier an issue, so there has been a compromise).

8:50 - Alex Walls (<3>

8:53 - It passed! Go Campus Farm. They need to give it a catchy name, like Tom Seahawk Farm (I get egotistical when drinking).

8:54 - "Fuck the Parking Committee" - Justin Perry (quote may not be accurate). But yeah, voting to get rid of the Parking Committee. UNANIMOUS VOTE WOOO!.

8:56 - Officer Reports, exciting!

8:58 - No SafeRide this week, :[.

9:02 - Chris Rodkey just said "shrubbery". Middle School me is laughing about Monty Python right now.

9:03 - Oh my god Middle School was like a decade ago.

9:04 - "It's been real" - Anna Winship.

9:08 - Robb is saying something silly that will never happen. Or maybe it will which would be cool. A Deli at the Waterfront. "It should also have a bar" - at least half the SGA.

9:13 - Becky White has a 10$ dollar bill in her mouth, is she a stripper?

9:14 - Katie Caffey is awesome for holding my computer while I get sworn in!!!!

9:16 - Ken just got sworn in - booo-ya! He is holding the gavel! Whooooaaaa (-Katie C)

9:17 - Done!

Hey thanks to everyone who has read my SGA posts over the years, hope it has given you some insight to what SGA is about. Not gonna be able to do it next year, but I'm going to be looking for a protege/replace SGA blogger.


I was wandering around the graveyard and noticed this grave, and that there was something strange about it, so I took a closer look.

How appropriate! Beer at a grave as an offering/tribute to the dead.

Yall, is this
  • funny
  • awesome
  • sacrilegious
  • stereotypical of a college
  • would be better if it was keystone/40oz olde englishy
  • stupid
I was thinking about taking it, since it was unopened, but I think the ghost of 'Purdy' would haunt me.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Was riding my bike along Route 5 when I saw this obvious sign of a possible/imminent communist invasion. The sandbar in St. John's Pond had rocks arranged in the form of a hammer and sickle! PANIC!

My guess is that this is a signal to communist bomb planes to know where to drop bombs/propaganda pamphlets.

If this invasion is going to happen, then I for one welcome our new communist overlords (in the hopes that they do not eat/enslave me).

Heard that it's changed around a few times, saying USA and maybe other stuff, haven't seen it myself though.

Hope someone like St. Mary's Today sees this and writes about communist liberal arts college kids or some bullshit.

<3 u shitty journalism (feel like I can relate/am in the same boat)


Just saw a tornado warning as I was walking through the upper deck. PANIC. Stuff that tornados can destroy:
  • finals
  • cows
  • film industry
  • SMCM
  • fences
  • cars
  • Joanne Goldwater

  • Avoid tornadoes by standing in open areas

    Update: everyone who commented on this is wonderful :D

    Update: Justin Perry and Ken Benjes were the first victims of this terrorism known as tornado panic 2010.

    All Student Email

    Let's talk about All Student Emails!

    I think we can all agree that there are just not enough of these. I am constantly hitting refresh on gmail, waiting for more emails to consume, and just not being satiated by the dozens of all student emails I get daily. We should try to up it to around 100 a day. New all student email ideas:
    • Has anyone seen my car keys/one card?
    • hey does anyone know the name of that guy I was making out with last night?
    • yo check out this youtube video
    • crazy pianos club emails
    • yo what is the great room like tonight, worth going or should I just eat cheese-itz
    Okay but seriously, let us discuss serious aspects to this.

    On Friday Sush sent out an email about a picnic thing at the PaxRiver museum of army airplane things. I don't really know why because it cost like 15$, and that is nearly 1.5 handles of Rikaloff; my point being that it doesn't seem like a great value compared to the amount of Rikaloff you could buy for that amount.

    So then Rogachevsky dude (what a cool name) responded to the all student email (which according to faculty, this happens a lot with all faculty emails, and it's really obnoxious) expressed his opinion that it's dumb to have a picnic at a place that glorifies/commemorates weapons of mass destruction. I think it's kinda dumb to send out an email like that, but it's cool that he is that committed to his values I guess?

    So then Aaron Guffey (student, in charge of college repubs or somesuch) responds and is just a huge ass to this dude. I think that Rogachevsky (I wish this was my name) had a fair point calling the planes WMDs because ultimately even a drone can/will lead to the deaths of people usually.

    I mean, I guess he didn't have to be mean and say that he was being 'asinine', just making your point would have been sufficient.

    Okay this is a really long post but I have other things to discuss maybe. Like this email today from Binta D about volunteering for 'Spring Festival' for the Holy Faith Church (cool name bro) up at the fairgrounds. I don't think this is something that should be advertised in all student emails, because it has nothing to do with the school or students, it's just looking for volunteers for an outside event. But what do you guys think?

    Also I really dislike All Student Email THAT ARE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS but that is just a pet peeve really.

    Also I heard once that a decade ago, when all student email was introduced, everyone had it and it caused massive PANIC and absurdity. I think we should go back to that/stop giving club leaders all student email access. Maybe criteria should be more like if your club has a reason to send out a lot of emails (like Habitat) or if you have a job/student position that requires you to send out a fair amount of emails (some SGA positions, and like IE or Admissions jobs). I dunno though.

    Leave thoughts in the comments.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010


    Stuff I need to write about still
    • Hallowgreens
    • Powderpuff
    • Relay for life
    • My friday morning
    • Other stuff

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Summer Shows

    Yo is anyone else trying to see these shows

    June 2 Ottobar Surfer Blood

    June 13 Sonar Neon Indian

    Aug 22 Sonar Crystal Castles

    A summer of buzzworthy bands.

    Also kinda want to see Cute is what we aim for on may 16th at recher for some reason

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Power Surge

    Power Surge hit campus and lots of buildings got evacuated. I got paid to stand in the rain!

    UPDATE: Just heard someone say it was because of an accident down by Cooks. Dunno if this is true.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    SGA Meeting 4/20/2010

    SGA Whatup.

    8:01 - Eating a sandwich!

    8:09 - Almost done the sandwich!

    8:14 - Done the sandwich, but we still need more people to show up.

    8:17 - Student speakout. Barn dude is here and he is telling us that the barn got a matching grant for 20,000$ more dollars. Barn is gonna get restored woo!

    8:19 - Professor Benjamin Click is here. He is funny :D. He is talking about the Mark Twain lecture, which is on Saturday at 7. And fucking Mo Rocca is gonna be there! Mo Rocca used to be on the Daily Show awhile ago, I miss him.

    8:21 - This man is a genius. He says that we should call the ARC the MIKE now. This is a great idea hahahah.

    8:22 - This lecture thing should be really awesome and funny.

    8:27 - Hawk Radio budget. I love radio!

    8:30 - A Programs Board thing, changing some committees and etc.

    8:31 - Chris Rodkey is proposing that we buy a water trampoline for Senior Week. This is awesome as shit. It looks like this. It costs a little under 3,000$.

    8:43 - Ahahah we have been debating this for awhile. I mean everyone is in favor, but we are debating whether or not to get a bigger one.

    8:45 - SGA BUDGET FOR NEXT YEAR. Exciting.

    8:56 - The budget passed!

    9:04 - Wrapping up the meeting.

    9:08 - The boat we boat for Crew got first place!

    Okay meeting over

    Patuxent Defense Forum

    What better way to spend your April 20th than to attend the Patuxent Defense forum! With panels like Civil-Military Cooperation on the High Seas: Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and Economic Security Implications of Military Stabilization Efforts: The Iraq Surge as a Case Study you won't want to miss it!


    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Election Results


    Yes I realize this is obnoxious

    T Shirts

    I was talking to Sam Rockler today, she said I should make T Shirts for/about the blog that you are currently reading/ignoring.

    What do yall think about T Shirts. I used to really like T Shirts in high school, but recently I've lost my love for them.

    Was thinking about selling the shirts for 20$ at coffeehouse via merch stand at shows.

    EDIT: The above is an unfunny joke and they would cost no where near that much

    What kind of shirt would yall want to see
    • a picture of Tom Seahawk smiling
    • the triumphant return of 'I pregame J-Board' shirts via Ben Casto
    • white v-neck w/SMCM LOL BLOG spraypainted on via stencil
    • picture of dean bayless surrounded with hearts
    If one of you cool kids comes up with a sweet idea I'll be sure to get you a shirt for frees

    Greek Week

    I think this week is Greek Week. We don't have a Greek life here obv., but I think I would join Lambda Lambda Lambda via Revenge of the Nerds. Or maybe Sigma Mu Chi (closest to SMC I guess right?).

    However, I think there is a Habitat for Humanity build this weekend. Habitat builds are (I'm pretty sure) a significant part of Greek Week, so it's almost the same thing kinda or something but not really at all.

    Either way if you have time you should consider volunteering to help build a house this weekend.

    Rikaloff Costume

    So, I was googlin Rikaloff as I do every month or so, and I came across this. It's really small/low quality, but it's two girls dressed as Baltimore's finest brews; Rikaloff and Boh. Glorious. I want to see someone dress up as Rikaloff next Hallowgreens.

    What do yall think. Is dressing up as alcohol
    • funny
    • ironic
    • douchey
    • lame (unless if you are Chris Rodkey dressing up as a jello shot)
    • brotastic
    • a good way to get laid


    Whatup, today is my Dad's 60th birthday. Just wanted to share because he means a lot to me.

    Images are of a family friend's ship log. I was probably like three in these photos.

    Volcano Terrorism Cockblocks Oxford Kids

    The volcanic terrorism that erupted in Iceland a few days ago has caused flights from merry ole England to be cancelled, which is pretty lame because the volcano coincided with the end of the semester for Oxford study abroad students. Coincidence? I think not.

    What's important though is that the Office of International Education has failed to contact these stranded kids (as of Sunday morning) to figure out if they are okay/homeless/turning tricks on the street (lets hope so).

    Kids over there started emailing dudes over here about this (I think someone's mom emailed Dean Bayless even), and I think that some have gotten their flights rescheduled and are on track to come back to the Americas.

    Either way, hopefully the Office of International Education will make a greater effort in the future to ensure the safety of its students in the event of volcanic terrorism.

    Also, Insert Lost reference/joke here (stuck on island, etc.).

    UPDATE: Seems like a fair amount of people have had issues with Office of IE. I wonder if they are understaffed or just incompetent, probably the former.

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Welcome Bros

    This is basically the reason that I do 90% of my business with Cook's Liquors.


    Glorious. Stole the first photo from Laura Matzecun (spelt something like that).

    Other photo I took while driving by.

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    The Cool Kids

    mean stuff redacted!

    srsly though, they could have played for a solid hour.... all their mixtapes are the same . i used to like this group but now i dont

    world carnival case race!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Shit on the ground

    Someone fucking pooped in the LQ Kitchen last night. What the fuck. Here's the email from Joanne Goldwater. I like how she uses the word disappointed, makes me feel like my mom is yelling at me or something.

    Dear LQ Residents,

    I have just been notified that a Bon Appetit employee showed up to work this morning at the Grab-n-Go to find human feces on the Lewis Quad kitchen floor. She called Public Safety and sanitized the floors and cabinets with bleach and water.

    I am quite disappointed about this incident. This is disgusting and unacceptable anywhere on campus, but most especially in a kitchen area used for food preparation.

    As a result of this behavior, the LQ kitchen will be closed after Grab-n-Go closes at 2 p.m. for the rest of the semester. Residents can only use the kitchen when RA staff are on-duty at night. We regret that this action is necessary, but it is due to the inexcusable behavior of an unknown person(s).

    If you have any information regarding the identification of the person(s) responsible for this behavior, please contact a member of the Residence Life staff or Public Safety. We will reopen the kitchen if the responsible
    person(s) comes forward or is identified.

    Joanne Goldwater
    Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life


    Just saw a dad/old person walking through LQ with a case of 'Corona Light'

    <3 u dads


    Just saw a dad/old person walking through LQ with a case of 'Corona Light'


    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Coffeehouse! Endless Mike and the Beagle Club

    Tonight at 8 at the Campus Center is Coffeehouse! Endless Mike and the Beagle Club will be playing. They have been touted as "a folk singer with a loud punk rock band" by Meghan Milsted. Exciting. You can check out their myspace, where they list William Faulkner as an influence. Our new President loves Faulkner! Look at that love connection.

    Oh and here is a youtube of them playing music or something. They look fun/authentic

    What do yall think about folk bands/punx rock?

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Fire Hydrant

    Oh hey there what are you?

    Oh! A green fire hydrant. Well that makes sense. It will blend in with the grass and bushes!

    Honors College!

    Bike Riding

    Been seeing a lot of people riding bikes around campus lately. Some of them can do it with no hands/handlebars (via flobots). Wish I could bike without hands, anyone know how to do it/teach me?

    I can do it with one hand, which I was very proud of myself for learning. In retrospect, this is probably really easy to do.

    Poll: Can yall ride bikes with no hands?

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    SGA Meeting 4/13/2010

    8:00 - Becky just gave me some nuts! I love her salty nuts!

    8:03 - Hot French guy is here again.

    8:12 - Finally starting.

    8:15 - Student Speakout! Aaron French is here. Talking about the farm. They are planting stuff like squash! I am ambivalent about squash. They are starting off by planting a half-acre plot to provide food to Bon Appetit. I hate farmers but this is a cool idea.

    8:19 - Math for social justice class is here, saying that they want a bussing thing into town. I don't understand why the public transportation isn't enough.

    8:22 - Guest speakers, the French guy and Shane Hall. Talking about St. Mary's Climate Action Plan. Boring! Gonna watch the Orioles game. They are up by 1! Yay!

    8:24 - French guy reminds me of the black dude from Gilmore Girls. He was the best. I think his name was Michel.

    8:25 - Most of our carbon footprint comes from Electricity, something like 55%.

    8:29 - This is confusing! Not really but it is a very complicated issue. But it seems like the school is in the process of identifying where we can lower our carbon footprint, and then create a strategy around that information to then lower our carbon footprint. So it's cool that the school is doing this and such. There are a lot of ways to reach carbon neutrality it seems.

    8:35 - 100% carbon neutral - Bulldoze SMCM and plant trees over the school's grave. Lols.

    8:38 - Goal for 2012 - Reduce energy by 15% via motion sensors, boiler replacements, solar water heaters, window replacements, etc.

    8:39 - Other goals for 2020, but seriously that is a decade away and I don't really care that much.

    8:40 - "Cosmic Pizza"

    8:42 - Oh my god it is already 8:42, this is taking too long.

    8:48 - Why didn't I do homework before SGA ugh.

    8:51 - Putting on glasses so I can go to sleep (not really though).

    8:52 - Some people just left.

    8:53 - French dude is saying this sort of thing will attract students. I don't really think energy and carbon footprints was something I considered when looking at colleges, but maybe it's something that students feel is important when choosing a college. I think I chose SMCM because it was public and a small liberal arts college.

    8:56 - Kelly Smolinsky is here to talk about Gender Neutral Housing. Forgot that I was sponsoring this legislation, awesome! Marlena is showing us a powerpoint, it is really well done. Guilford has gender neutral housing, <3>

    8:59 - This would only affect North Campus, which I think is a good idea. My guess is that not a lot of people are going to take this opportunity, but I'm really glad that we are going to have it. Makes us look way cooler.

    9:08 - I want ice cream. Gonna get a burrito after SGA I think.

    9:09 - Oh my god Orioles are up by 3! Will they finally win tonight?

    9:12 - I don't know if I would want a female roommate, feel like my collection of misogynist posters may offend her (I don't actually have any misogynist posters. I have a poster of some French alcohol with a shadowy figure. It's really cool/artsy).

    9:13 - Brendan Larrabee just said something stupid. Just like every week ( <3>

    9:17 - I am thirsty, gonna get some water.

    9:21 - How did it take me four minutes to get water?

    9:25 - Why are people voting against this, either way it passed.

    9:27 - My resolution banning all capital letter emails. This is a lot of fun. Hahah it is getting tabled. This is the fucking funniest shit, can't even describe it.

    9:30 - Fuck you Larrabee, fuck your amendment to my resolution.

    9:31 - It did not pass :[

    9:32 - Jean Kim is introducing a new club, the Food Club.

    9:33 - Gonna go cry myself to sleep over my resolution failing.

    9:34 - Still depressed over my resolution failing. I think only Becky White supported it.

    9:40 - Just stole some of Brendan Larrabee's candy.

    9:42 - Still bitter over resolution failing.


    9:49 - Food Club did not pass.

    9:52 - Point News budget, it passed.

    9:53 - Bill about spending 35,000$ to make the Guam Fields usable for field sports. SMUT, Women's Ultimate, softball, soccer, rugby, woman's rugby all use fields, and there just isn't enough room. And the Guam Fields are pretty dangerous/really shitty.

    9:59 - Seven senators here have played on SMUT. Feel like that is going to help this pass.

    10:04 - But it is really fucking expensive.

    10:23 - After a lot of discussion it passed! Club sports!

    10:27 - Legislation to give Caroline a new microwave. It passed.

    10:32 - Justin Perry just said 'Piggybacking'.

    10:33 - Thank you Debbie for telling people to stop saying stupid stuff.

    10:39 - Meeting almost over. About to go home and eat a burrito to ease the pain of my resolution not passing. (not actually upset over this btw). May drink myself to sleep.

    10:40 - "I'm aight" - Mark Snyder


    Monday, April 12, 2010

    SGA Elections

    Hey so Marlena and I are running for President and Vice President of the SGA. Vote tomorrow on Blackboard. We have a lot of experience and would be cool leaders. Also we'll probably throw a party if we win, and drink alone in a closet together if we lose.

    We are running against Colleen O'Neil and Hillary Powell, who are also pretty solid candidates, and honestly if they win I think they will do a fine job.

    But srsly vote for us.

    Sprit Week: Beach Day

    First day of spirit week, dress up like you are going to the beach. I meant to do this, but I have to wear real clothes for work and it's a pain to change. But I think I'll put on a bathing suit for the Waterfront Cookout that's going on today, from 3-5:30. Free food!

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Cross Country 24-Hour Run

    Tom Fisher sent out an email thanking people for supporting the Cross Country 24-Hour Run to raise money for veterans. I really enjoyed this segment of the email, which you may have missed/deleted.

    Finally, I would like to thank the tenants of a few of the Crescent Townhomes for their entertainment between 1:00am and 3:00am on Saturday morning.

    I laughed.


    Last week you were too hot. Now you are so cold that I am having trouble typing.

    Just want to do homework :/

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Dan Hertzka

    Oh my god Dan Hertzka is on campus. This kid was my first year roommate, and he transfered after Fall '08. Probably around for Friction Fest. Ahhh this is crazy!


    So this year ResLife has RAs working until 2AM on the weekends instead of 1AM. And I've noticed more facebook party events going until 2AM instead of 1AM. I mean I could be wrong, and maybe people have been setting parties to go until 2AM for awhile, but I'm not sure.

    Anyone else notice this or can confirm/deny?

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    XC Burrito Relay

    It got cancelled. : [. This was a really cool idea, I wish I could have signed up but I'm busy with frisbee.

    Maybe next year Tom, next year.


    Hey yall. This weekend is Ultimate Frisbee Sectionals, our big tournament! And we get to host it! So look around campus (varsity practice fields, north fields, guam fields and others maybe I don't really know) for people playing this 'sport'. Come watch a game, it's pretty cool usually.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Caroline Water Tower

    Miss u Caroline Water Tower. Never got to meet you, but saw you on old Frisbee Golf lists and murals in PG. Apparently students called it the 'flashlight' which makes sense because it looks like one. I think if it was around today we would call it the 'fleshlight'. Guess where that fence was is now maintenance/parking lot.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Snow Days

    Remember when school used always be closed and it wasn't 80 degrees outside?

    Miss u snow <3

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Grilled Cheese

    Reading a book for class, drinking a beer, making grilled cheese, listening to Dark Side of the Moon. How much of a college cliche am I?

    SGA Meeting 4/6/2010

    7:55 - Got here early. People are waiting outside, feel like it's for assassins.

    8:09 - Still need more senators to reach quorum.

    8:10 - Meeting begins.

    8:13 - Legislation making Ken Tai the President of the Student Investment Group.

    8:14 - Girls Club Soccer Club.

    8:16 - So I texted Ken Tai to come in for the vote on his becoming president of SIG, and he just awkwardly poked his head in and I shook my head no. He was too late :[.

    8:19 - Voting on the club, it will probably pass. Wonder if anyone will vote against it. Ohh it was unanimous, excellent.

    8:21 - Spirit Week bill. Dingle had an idea to have Spirit week, which should be a lot of fun. I goddam love Spirit Week.

    Monday: Beach day! I do this a lot of days, I love wearing swim suits! Also a cookout at the waterfront. Grilling Club will help! I LOVE GRILLING CLUB!

    Tuesday: Professional Day! Dress classy or like a professor! I will be dressing like my favorite profession, lifeguard! That is swim suits two days in a row!

    Wednesday: Class shirt/SMCM shirts! I will wear my ARC Lifeguard shirt! Lifeguards!

    Thursday: Jersey/team spirit day! Guess I can't dress like a lifeguard on this day. Prob wear SMUT jersey.

    Friday: Haiti day! How depressing :[ . Wear red and royal blue (aka lifeguard colors). Charity bike race/ride, awesome.

    Logistics: Gonna cost 2,200$! Radical!

    8:29 - People are throwing figures around, adding stuff. I am really bad at math and still believe that 2 + 2 = 5 via Radiohead.

    8:30 - It passed!

    8:33 - Becky White: "I think the FUSE thing 'Female Orgasm' is a travelling group, and FUSE wants them to come..." at this point everyone starts laughing. CUM JOKES 4EVER.

    8:34 - "It's so easy to come when there are cookies" - Julie Franck. Good advice if you are trying to woo her.

    8:35 - Finance Board! Exciting!

    8:39 - Somehow the budget passed in only 4 minutes, that's like a record.

    8:40 - Justin just died via assassin. I feel like I am partially responsible possibly. Sorry Justin :[

    8:46 - blah blah blah various stuff being talked about.

    8:51 - So Cameron L. just messaged me asking when SGA ended, probably related to assassins. He's already killed several. Someone may die soon.

    8:56 - Dean Bayless is commenting on the heat still being on. It sucks but they need to wait until the temperature is for sure going to be hot for awhile, cause like this weekend it's gonna be 60s probably. Kinda sucks but whatever, it's no one's fault really. Library is still intolerable.

    8:57 - Meeting over.


    Do you see this! Do you see how awesome the 70s was here! Canoe fights! We need to get some bamboo and bundle shirts around the bamboos and fight. Via this link

    UPDATE: Talked with Mike Brown 09' about this a bit. He says "Mike Ironmonger the old head of the waterfront. When he came into the job, students were doing that stuff, and he banned it and started the windsurfing and rec. sailing in its place. Greatest storyteller known to man, and a more apt character for the song "What do you do with a drunken sailor" has never existed. Ask around those from the waterfront, and you shall be regaled with hilarious anecdotes. Never doubt their veracity." Interesting! If anyone has any stories of his or about him, leave them in the comments.



    Monday, April 5, 2010


    This photo, circa 1947, shows what St. Mary's used to be like. Back in the 40s archery was an essential skill that all the women at the seminary/Jr. College (dunno which it was at this point) due to the presence of bears on campus. The student handbook stipulated that along with One Cards, all students must carry a bow and a minimum of five arrows with them at all times. Generally it takes at least 7 arrows to destroy a bear, which is why they all used the buddy system.

    For reals though this would be the fucking coolest gym class ever. Archery was the best part of Boy Scouts.

    So Stylin'

    Pretty sure this is from the 80s (EDIT: 70s; I am dumb), but I don't really remember. Found it in that SMCM photo archive.

    Look at these fucking hipsters.

    Guy on the left seems real chill and nice, but guy on the right seems really intense. Lot of swagger. Maybe it's because he is standing at a 15 degree angle.

    This is in the PG-Caroline parking lot area as far as I can tell.

    Just wish I could grow that mustache.

    UPDATE: The image is from December of 1974

    Edit: Re: comment about man leg. If you want to see man leg keep an eye open for Jake Silver. He currently is sporting a punx blond mohawk.

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Package Room

    Why weren't you open today! There were a dozen of us there at 2PM waiting to get Easter Candy. :[


    Option 1: Go to brunch

    Option 2: Wait until 2 when package room opens and get Easter basket from mom and just eat candy all day

    UPDATE: I chose option 2 but the package room wasn't open today. Going to blog about that in sadness : [

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Hands in Pockets

    I like how his hands are in her pockets. I think this is a good strategy because a hand in the pocket is not only comfortable (pockets are made for hands to be put in) but you also avoid any awkward hand placement (breasts, vaginer, butt, etc.) if they aren't into that/think you are scary.

    Issue: most dresses don't have pockets.

    Solution: Bring some pockets with you while out dancing. During a song change, quickly sew the new pocket onto your partners dress. Note: you may not get your pocket back, so keep a good supply of pockets.

    Issue: hands in other people's pockets may not be socially acceptable even though it's 2010.

    Solution: Tell them you are a psych/soci/compsci major and that this is an experiment.


    UPDATE: Comment from Danny RuthenbergMarshall via facebook - "Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall
    Tom Seahawk, i dont know why, but when i tried to comment on the blog, it wouldnt let me, so i just want to let you know that i am considering going to buy a large supply of pockets, sewing threads and needles."
    Dear Readrz,

    What did you think of my 'April Fools' joke? I giggled.

    Was it
    • Funny
    • Stupid
    • 'gay' (ironic)
    • No one cares go away
    My roommate just walked in. He hasn't shaved in a long time. I hope he never does.

    Thursday, April 1, 2010


    Coffeehouse this evening has Jimmy O'Keefe, Rich Kolm, and Aaron Mirenzi. All cool people. I hope to one day actually meet Rich Kolm. I think I met him once and we talked about Boy Scouts, but I would like to become his real friend I think.


    Happy April everyone from the fine staff at The Point News.