Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alumni Weekend 2013 - June 7-9

Alumni Weekend is approaching! Signups opened up for alumni who have donated (there is no threshold for the donation amount, so consider donating the cost of a few drinks at some point; it also "makes the school look better" to have a lot of donation participation), but if you are not a part of the 1% and failed to donate then you will have to wait.

But, I guess I could ~share the wealth~ and show yall the....LOGO

WOW what a pretty and cool logo! It has a sailboat! Because people at St. Mary's like to sail! For real tho I really dig the logo, and the slogan is nice too! But nothing compares to the logo from last year (via it has a frisbee)


As you can see, Shuttle Service to the Green Door is still being provided this year but for the EXORBITANT COST OF $7 WHICH IS $2 MORE THAN LAST YEAR. Actually this is kinda cool. Last year the bracelets sold out, so now they are raising the price due to the increased demand. ECONOMICS! But, look a little more closely...
When exactly is this shuttle? Friday or Saturday? Did some intern make this? Or could it have been newly hired Assistant director of Alumni Relations Larry Mac(Irish)Curtain.
He is good at cleaning, but is he good at creating registrations that make sense ???

Do yall wanna see the all the EXCITING REGISTRATION OPTIONS ??? Click below to read more...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ice cream social

After mold 2010 we were promised an ice cream social and we never got one

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Wow looks like The Point News have set their spambots on us for the past several months...and I have been too lazy to FIGHT BACK so I finally enabled 'CATCHPAS' which I KNOW is annoying but...yall gonna have to deal.

Im sorry. I know this may cause you not to 'comment' but it's necessary because I keep getting all these emails and it's annoying cause I check my phone thinking I have a new cool text message from a 'girl' but then it's just MORE SPAM ugh.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maryland Legislative Reception

St. Mary's hosted a 'legislative reception' on Tuesday ft. free booze and 'appetizers' and invited alumni, so obviously I went. 

Apparently it was also a "networking" event. Apparently people wear 'suits' to "networking" events and not white oxford shirts (w/rolled up sleeves) from TJ Maxx w/a Guinness tie?
But being "gainfully" employed I was more interested in the booze and food and stories about St. Mary's from the 90s 80s etc. 


Booze: 8/10. Hosts brought wine (red and white) to me and made sure my glass was never empty. The wine reminded me of Franzia, which is a 10/10 in my book. Beer was limited to Heineken and Amstel. IDK why those are considered "fancy event beers" but w/e, they are pretty okay. Kristina nda disappointed in the lack of Natty Boh, via that is what a lot of 'old' (read: older than 25) people complained about.

Food: 5/10. There was some fancy "medium rare steak on a piece of bread" stuff which was rad, and a lot of cheese, but idk I was hoping for mini sandwiches or something that would become my dinner. 

People: 9/10 I met famous sailor Gary Jobson and then bragged to my parents about it. Talked to Urgo, he is still an expert on Faulkner and I still don't know what a Faulkner is. Talked to Chip Jackson, still a great dude. Talked to Tom Botzman about his new job. Apparently they asked him about a blog post I made years ago calling him "cute" (I stand by that remark) during the vetting process (I learned that word on House of Cards). Since he got hired I'm assuming that it was my blog that really tipped the odds in his favor. "The SMCMLOLBLOG Bump." So, you're welcome Tom! He has high hopes for the college getting money from the state this year, I hope he is right. There were also legislators I guess? 

Highlight of the night was meeting IRL Leslie Knope (via Parks and Recreation). She works for the Parks Department (specifically the bay), has blonde hair, is in her 30s, and is very happy/chipper. We got her contact info because we wanted to hang out/drink with her but then we lost it so IF YOU KNOW HER PLEASE GIVE US HER CONTACT INFO via needing to hang out with the real Leslie Knope.

Anyway, hopefully I will drunkenly run into some of those alumni at alumni weekend!

Anyway it was a great event and I got some business cards (via networking)! And gave some out to people who usually just handed them back to me.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

At the legislative reception

Some speaker is drunk

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why we need liberal farts education

We do this because the nation needs the most capable minds in its think tanks and policy bureaus, its research laboratories, its judgeships. It needs to cultivate its creators and inventors if we are to progress as a civilization.

Dr. Joseph Urgo, Why We Need the Liberal Arts

See below for an All Student Email sent earlier today by a liberal arts student.