Thursday, January 31, 2013

gooo basketball!~

100 Days

Wow 2night the 'senior class' celebrates 100 more days of undergraduate drinking study.

congrats bbs

congrats from c/o 2012~
u go girls/boys/etc.

gonna have a good time 2night, gonna drink some relevant drinks, maybe some 'light beer' (spelled lite) or who knows get wild and go for the real stuff (budweiser #america)

some1 plz drink 2 Yuengling pitchers in my honor~ [double fisting bro]

woo fancy~
2013 was always my favorite class (other than c/o 1969 obv)

congrats 2 the 2013 babies...never thought you'd grow up

heres 2 the nights we felt alive
heres 2 the tear u knew u'd cry
heres 2 tomorrow
gonna come 2 soon


as we go on
we remember
all the times we
had 2gether
and as our lives change
something something something
we will soon be

see yall in june (via alumni weekend)

Hey does anyone know what "journalistic integrity" is and where I can buy some?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep St. Mary's Weird

I was walking a dog around campus the other day when I saw something strange. A "weird" bumper sticker on a car, a bumper sticker I had never seen, but feared that I would one day see.

Inspired by the 2000 "Keep Austin Weird" movement, the slogan began appearing more frequently at SMCM in 2009 (???) as a facebook group supporting this idea was established (I believe the group has been recently deleted unfortunately).
What is weird? That's something I've never understood. How do you keep something weird?

I guess I could talk about weird things I've seen at SMCM. Public art that goes up overnight. Guys in dresses (aka me). College presidents that no one sees. College presidents that offer their home to host a crab feast. The Point on fire. Townhouses with fireplaces. Public Safety officers that give warnings and take celebrity shots during a beer pong match.

I think there are more weird things though.

For Austin it started out as a way to support local businesses, and was eventually Trademarked and appropriated by a corporation. And it caused the surrounding community to continue to hate Austin.

At St. Mary's it started out as a way to express frustration towards a changing student demographic, and was appropriated by the college in 2012 for use in Orientation activities and speeches. And the surrounding community probably still hates SMCM.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Miss u Tom Botzman

legit this video made me tear up

miss u bb

Goodbye Bench

Some times ago (idk a few weeks??? who cares) the bench the overlooks St. Mary's River, right next to St. Mary's Hall, was removed.

One of the best benches on campus. Gone.

I think we all have a memory of sitting here relaxing/making out/watching stars/watching sailors/high/drunk/mixed/depressed/incredibly happy/about to graduate/content.

Really sad to see it go, but according to Chip Jackson (congrats on the new job btw bb, always believed in u) the bench will be replaced, along with another bench next to it (why 2 benches? was this move inspired by 2 chainz???).  Interesting that he did not specify why it was removed...


According to some "student" on Facebook the bench was removed because someone proposed to his wife there, and wanted the bench.

IDK how i feel about this. On the one hand that is really cute, and he probably donated a fair amount of money to have that happen.

On the other hand, we all have some good memory of that bench, and shouldn't it be preserved for everyone to experience, and continue to experience? Granted it is just a goddam bench, but I know that I will miss it.

But hey, random alumni, I sincerely hope you enjoy your bench that I and probably others have had sex on.