Friday, April 2, 2010

Hands in Pockets

I like how his hands are in her pockets. I think this is a good strategy because a hand in the pocket is not only comfortable (pockets are made for hands to be put in) but you also avoid any awkward hand placement (breasts, vaginer, butt, etc.) if they aren't into that/think you are scary.

Issue: most dresses don't have pockets.

Solution: Bring some pockets with you while out dancing. During a song change, quickly sew the new pocket onto your partners dress. Note: you may not get your pocket back, so keep a good supply of pockets.

Issue: hands in other people's pockets may not be socially acceptable even though it's 2010.

Solution: Tell them you are a psych/soci/compsci major and that this is an experiment.


UPDATE: Comment from Danny RuthenbergMarshall via facebook - "Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall
Tom Seahawk, i dont know why, but when i tried to comment on the blog, it wouldnt let me, so i just want to let you know that i am considering going to buy a large supply of pockets, sewing threads and needles."


  1. Almost just Fb chatted Becky White to tell her to look at this, then decided it was worth walking to her room so that we could share the experience of her seeing this for the first time.
    I laughed a lot at this entry, great job.

  2. Samuel Delany's Fall of the Towers trilogy predicted "dresses with pockets" 45 years ago.

  3. dear ken benjes,
    you can stick your hands in my pocket anytime. xoxo

  4. @patrick lulz
    @anon2 <33333 gonna stick my hands in so many pockets this weekend

  5. For the record: this might be the most entertaining picture of Mark Wisser...ever.

  6. i knew there was a reason i loved wearing dresses with pockets