Friday, July 24, 2009

Presidential Search Update

The search continues! Email Debbie Travers at if you have any input on the process, like questions you want to ask the potential candidates or whatever.

I was hoping the email she sent out would be more substantial but it was kinda boring. It will be exciting when the candidates come to campus this fall.

Equal Exchange comes to the Daily Grind

Equal Exchange coffee will be replacing Starbucks at the Daily Grind after a successful implementation at the Green Bean.

I like how they sent out a survey concerning how students felt about the change, and I guess I'm glad they went with the more responsible corporation. Regardless, I think coffee is pretty fucking disgusting, and will continue sipping away at tea.

200th Post

According to blogspot this is the 200th post. Thank you to all the supporters, haters, and people who take this way too fucking seriously. I would have quit without all of you.

Foot Bridge Repairs

Derek Thornton sent out an email awhile ago about repairs to the Route 5 footbridge. Any ultimate or rugby player probably knows how annoying this footbridge is, because there is very little room between the fast cars and yourself due to the narrowness of the bridge. Hopefully they widened the bridge a bit!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Board of Trusttes #1

This is a new segment on SMCMLOLBLOG, where I will be profiling and rating the members of our Board of Trustees. First up is James P. Muldoon!

Holy shitdicks, I am pretty sure he is Willie Nelson or something. What a cutie!

Looks like
he is a fan of contributing money to political campaigns. Ew he chose Hilary over Obama, what a lameo. I am pretty sure this is him. He likes to give Steny Hoyer money, and he is also on the Board of Trustees. I hope they are BFFs and play golf together!

Muldoon is often referred to as a "Business man", but I think he is the CEO of Metcor specifically. It's some nerdy computer training company or something. It might be a general consulting firm for corporations. More lameness.

He's also on the Board of Directors for WashingtonFirstBank, where it states that Metcor is
"Mr. Muldoon, is the CEO of METCOR, Washington, D.C., which identifies, develops and captures federal business for high technology firms. Mr. Muldoon is also the Chairman of the Board of Learning Systems International, a wholly owned subsidiary of METCOR, a training materials development, documentation and training delivery company. In addition, Mr. Muldoon is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St. Mary's College of Maryland and since 1998 Mr. Muldoon has been Chairman of the U.S. Coast Guard's National Boating Safety Advisory Council. Mr. Muldoon was the President of the United States Sailing Association from 1997 to 2000, and serves as a member of numerous project and governance boards related to other charitable and community organizations."

Oh shit he was President of the United States Sailing Association. A redeeming quality!

Ok I am giving Muldoon a "B" for having a job that does not seem horribly evil, and looking very cute.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

SMCM Meetup at Orioles Game

So I was browsing friend's events for parties to crash, and I came upon an event organized by the class of 2013. They are planning to meetup at the Orioles game this sunday. I think that this is pretty weird because none of them have met yet. And there are 41 confirmed guests with another 49 maybes.

Every year the new class gets more and more connected via facebook before the semester even starts. I don't know if this is good or bad. I think it's mostly just weird.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Short Term Work Available

Do you want to spend two days stuffing envelopes full of MSA results to St. Mary's County Parents for minimum wage? Look no further than that email you got a week ago!

This sounds really lame, but I guess if you don't have class and are bored or really broke it might not be a bad idea.

Does anyone know anyone who signed up for this?