Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Farewell to Tom Botzman

Tom Botzman has accepted a position as the 13th (wow unlucky) President of Misericordia College University.

I refuse to believe that is a real college. It was founded by The Sisters of Mercy. This reminds me of a local high school, Mercy High, which had a fun little song associated with it

Mery High
Mercy Low
Mercy Girls
Know how to Blow

Tom Botzman was by far my favorite administrator. He was very intelligent, knew what he was doing, and just felt 'real'. He really marketed himself as 'hey I go to Annapolis and make sure we get money' which is probably true, so hopefully a replacement can do that.

He also showed up to SGA meetings at least once a year/semester to explain complicated things to Honors College students, which was great of him. Very visible.

And most importantly, he is such a cutie~