Sunday, January 31, 2010



And by panic I mean enjoy this wondrous snow day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I hate living in LQ sometimes. Fire alarms when it snows sucks.


Its snowing right now, would going to Cooks be a good or a bad idea?


If I never post again, I died doing what I love

Thursday, January 28, 2010

World Carnival Band

I think I am pro-Cool Kids
  • Rapperz
  • Pretty
  • Blipsters
  • Reminds me of when Run DMC came
  • Good for dancing/drank
  • ???
I also like Margot and the Nuclear so and sos but I think Cool Kids would be the funnest band

World Carnival Band

Game Show Network


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baltimore Hall

I was sitting in Baltimore Hall sifting through Radio applications and someone just said that they loved my blog as they were leaving. I don't know who it was though. So comment and tell me who you were because I'm guessing you are going to read this.


International Club will have pizza tomorrow night at 8:15 in the LQ rec room. Exciting!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SGA Meeting 1/26/10

First SGA Meeting of 2010. Charles is here really early, like before 7:50 which is when I got here.

7:50 - I took a shower before the meeting and shaved and my chin is now very smoooooooth

7:54 - Lisa Neu is wearing sweatpants. Someone has given up on life! Just kidding, I loooooove Lisa

7:58 - Becky White and I are having a serious discussion about Farmville

8:02 - Meeting has begun

8:04 - I really don't like LOST maybe one day I'll watch the whole thing and actually enjoy it instead

8:05 - Student speakout, there are like 4 of them! First is annoyed that business office didn't send out any notifications besides "check your email" regarding tuition. Pretty legit complaint I think. I'm pretty sure my tuition was late or something because of this/I just assumed parents would take care of it or something. But I think this issue won't happen again, they are seemingly working on this problem and such.

8:12 - Katie Shultz is here. She is a Prince George RA. Talking about Haiti. She is proposing a dance marathon, where people pay you to dance and then that money goes to Haiti or somesuch. I like dancing, generally only when alcohol is involved or it's the Dance Show.

8:17 - Number 3 is my roommate Mike Tornabene. He is sad that the LQ kitchen is always closed at 2.

8:20 - Meeting is kinda over now, just going through reports and such.

8:25 - Madden Tournament on Sunday. There will be free wings so I think I will show up. I love some goddam wings.

8:27 - They are still looking for a President for the school and it is going well it seems.

8:28 - Debbie asked me not to publish this part so I am redacting it. I think it's kinda silly to ask us not to talk about something that was openly discussed at an open SGA meeting, but it's her call. It has to do with Presidential Search, and it's going to piss a lot of people off.

8:42 - Debbie is getting hammered by questions, I hope she doesn't take it personally because some people seem to be getting angry, we have talked about this now redacted issue for a half an hour now.

8:50 - I really miss Senator Clements and his cookies as I am really hungry right now.

8:58 - RedBox is not coming to campus :[

9:00 - Holy shit apparently there is an Air Hockey table in the Campus Center now. Fuck yes.

9:05 - Oh my goodness I am sleepy

9:?? - Meeting over

FREE PIZZA ALERT Chemistry/Radio Edition

Wednesday January 27th so much goddam pizza

WC 24 - Chemistry Club. Pretend that you think hydrogen bonds are interesting and you may just get...a slice of pizza. 8PM

Campus Center Club Room - Hawk Radio. I'll actually be at this one trying to convince people that radio is still relevant and fun. With pizza! 9:15.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I just saw this GIANT ANACONDA in the pond next to Route 5. I think it is having GIANT ANACONDA babies and they are going to attack the campus. PANIC! This probably the rare GIANT WHITE ANACONDA. It reminds me about that movie with the anacondas, I think it was called Anaconda.

I would advise everyone to PANIC and begin purchasing anti-anaconda spray.

Note: The anaconda is the white tube thing, I am pretty sure this is what anacondas look like but I am unfortunately not a certified snakeologist.

I may take more photos of this ANACONDA nest before we are all eaten...alive.

Lot C Closed; PANIC

Lot C will be closed the 27th from 6AM to 6PM. BEGIN TO PANIC.

When you park in lot A instead of lot C please CONTINUE TO PANIC.

There just hasn't been enough to panic about on this campus lately.

Farmers Market

Canceled until further notice! I blame this on the Obama administration, as the Farmers Market was always open during the Bush years.

Hahah not really, but I do wonder why it is closed right now, I hope it's nothing bad or whatever.


I hate rain

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cook's T Shirts

I didn't realize this until I went last night, but Cook's is selling their T Shirts for 5$ each. I think I got the last medium, and it seemed like all was left were XLs, but try your luck!

This also explains why I suddenly saw I sizable portion of the campus wearing the shirts within the past week.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was walking back to my room Friday night around the midnight hour and I saw an ambulance taking a kid away. Alcohol poisoning is depressing and sad and :[

Ways to avoid alcohol poisoning:
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Drink water before bed
  • Do not take shots of everclear
  • Jungle Juice is delicious but deceptively strong
Also apparently there was a fire alarm last night in LQ but I did not hear it at all and slept through it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Are you looking to get some TEA FOR DRINKING?! At 5:30 head to the Glendenning Atrium to learn about the SEA (student education assoc.) and all about the education minor, and drink tea!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Is wednesday the day that everyone decides to send out facebook invites for parties for the upcoming weekend? Or is it just people that I know

Man & Dog at Coffeehouse

I don't know what this musical guy is like but he is from Baltimore which is cool. Feb. 4th at the Grind. Looking at their myspace pictures, it seems like there are 4 dudes in this band, which makes their band name MISLEADING.
"I heard you guys playing on the street in Williamsburg, and you really have some lovely tunes! So, hello!" - Someone commenting on their Myspace
Playing on the streets! How exciting. Like real street bums! I think these guy will be cool, they are bearded and have a harmonica (probably four, let's be honest), and a really big guitar, which I think may be called a Cello.

They also have discgolf listed under their influences. I hope they come here and we can play frisbee golf with them. This is my new goal for February.

Click for the facebook event

UPDATE: People are saying that they are a real cool band, radical

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Pictured here is Jessy. Today in class we were all introducing ourselves with our name, year, and major.

"I'm Jessy, I'm a Junior, and I'm an English major like everyone else here"

Then it was my turn

"I'm Ken, a Junior, and I'm not an English major"

Actually this is a lot less funny then I remember it being. Sigh

SMCM Bike Shop Mechanics (administrative)

I was on facebook and saw a friend join this. It looks like the bike shop is trying to get more organized and become cooler. Awesomeness.

UPDATE: Andrew says "We have an admin group for the mechanics to organize and plan as well as a fan group. "


"Update your blog more" - Adam Wisneski

School has begunnnn

Hey so school has begun again, I have class in 20 minutes. I'll probably start bloggerizing again

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sometimes I use AbeBooks to buy my textbooks (but usually or, and whenever I get emails from them they always go into SMCM Spam folder. Is this a giant conspiracy concocted by the book store to prevent competition?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Madden Tournament

Apparently there is going to be a Madden tournament in the Upper Deck on the 29th. I don't know much about Madden. I played it once while waiting in the Orthodontist's office like a decade ago, and quickly realized that I know very little about football. It sounds like a cool idea though I guess.

Also they are going to have Wiis there so maybe they will have Mario Kart. I like Mario Kart a lot. My favorite Mario Karts in order are
  • N64
  • Wii
  • Gamecube
  • SNES
:D Mario Kart

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey if anyone that reads this has Lego that they don't want, you should give/sell it to me or something.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1 Week

One more week until school resumes. Le sigh.

Friday, January 8, 2010


It's been snowing a lot and I hope it snows when we are back at school at some point so that
  1. school could get cancelled, which is kinda lame because with some classes, each one is pretty important, but on the other hand nothing is as exciting as a snow day
  2. snow ball fights
  3. sledding
  4. building snow forts

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Lebowski

I like the movie film The Big Lebowski a lot. I dressed up as the Dude for Hallowgreens freshman year even. This is the Big Lebowski written in Shakespearian format, it's really beautiful and wonderful and well worth spending hours reading it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Citizen Coors

I am going through the list of books I need for next semester, and I found out that one is called Citizen Coors. It's about Beer. Next semester looks awesome.