Friday, April 18, 2014

Natty Boh Hunt Game

Some comp sci majors (nerds) made a fun android game as a part of their SMP.

If you want to play you'll need an android tablet or a PC that can emulate an android device. You can check out their progress on their blog and download the game on dropbox.

Here are the basics:
  • You are a student hunting for bohs
  • You can only hold 5 bohs, so eventually you need to drink some
  • When you drink boh the screen turns. My head still hurts but it was a cool feature
  • You can find food and water to remedy the drunkenness
  • Watch out for skunks and other students who will steal your beer
I'm really impressed with what these guys created! 

My high score is 2500.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Annapolis Legislative Reception

Wow the Annapolis Legislative Reception! One of the BEST Alumni Events (other than Alumni Weekend, Hawktoberfest, Orioles game). I am a big fan of this event. Last year I met some cool 'senators,' a real life Leslie Knope, and even saw a Mom get her daughter a job. I'm pretty sure that is networking???

First there was Senator Roy Dyson. I was getting a Heineken (s/o to beer my dad likes) when he came in, and immediately came over to join me. We shook hands and I told him a pretty dumb joke and long story short I don't see myself as very good at networking. Later on he gave a speech (pictured below~)

Wow look @ that great posture

So then James P Muldoon (dude who built the River Center with his bare hands and owns the boat DONNYBROOK came over to drink wine with us. He seemed very interested in us but we were pretty focused on getting more free crabcakes.

Man look at that sweet red tie and suit that probably exceeds my paycheck. Yo let us take a closer look at that watch~

WOW EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT A SMALL SECTION OF JAMES P MULDOON'S WATCH huh not really sure what kind of a watch it is but I'm assuming it is one of those Burger King Jurassic Park watches circa 1994

Also he is SO FANCY that he has his initials stitched onto his shirt. Not really sure what the purpose behind this is. Maybe rich dudes have sweet Roman-style orgies and afterwards they want to make sure they put the correct clothes back on ???

Sorry for the blurry image but it says "JPM" which could also stand for JURASSIC PARK MOVIE. It all makes sense now...

And lastly we have a beautiful image of tru love

Larry MacCurtain proposing to someone!!! Wish u the best bb!!!

JUST KIDDING ONE EXTRA PHOTO a great shot of Michelle DiMenna strugglin'

u go girl~!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SGA 4/8

8:19 -- Longtime friend of the blog Chip Jackson is here.
8:20 --  Chip Jackson is talking about the tuition decrease. “Bad news” hahahahaa JK.
8:21 -- Out of state tuition will be flat.
8:23 -- New admissions guy Gary Sherman is talking now.
8:24 -- Financial aid will not be decreased as a result of the tuition decrease. All fianancial aid will remain the same.
8:25 -- Tuition decrease was sponsored by Del John Bohanan and Senator Richard Madeleno. Bohanan is the best looking member of the Maryland General Assembly imo and his campaigns generally involve some sort of Natty Boh reference.
8:26 -- There’s no truth that the budget has taken money from the arts and given it to the sciences (via these signs… I saw a comment on Facebook that was an art project and not intentioned to be a factual statement???)
(taken from Elmo Garcia's Facebook)
8:30 -- There are 200 deposited students for the class of 2018 (feel old?? of course you do). This is 59% more than at this time last year.
8:32 -- Joanne Bongwater is here. Talking about renovations.
8:34 -- JAG needs help choosing the colors of the dorms.
8:34 -- They’re expanding the lobbies to make them more inviting.
8:35 -- QA and Dorch are getting air conditioning and all the dorms are getting wifi. “yay”
8:41 -- the dorm bathrooms are getting cubbies. I always thought it was nice and cute when I visited colleges and the bathrooms had these.
8:44 -- Evan forgot the list of the candidates for “Faculty Student Life Award”.
8:45 -- Andrew Wilhelm is working on getting the list.
8:46 -- We tabled a bill to move SGA elections to January or February.. idk why.
8:50  -- Anuli is talking about a bill to change the Programs Board positions, getting rid of the lectures chair, adding a social media chair etc.
8:51 -- Anuli: “as much as it looks like we flawless but”
8:52 -- By-laws amendment passes.
8:53 -- Clay Daneker is getting people to sign his SGA candidate thing in SGA. I feel like there’s something wrong with this but I signed it anyways.
8:53 -- Mary Claire is talking about the budget.
8:59 -- Is this even real money
9:01 -- Budget passed.
9:04 -- Now we’re voting on the faculty-student life award.
9:10 -- Everyone’s just talking about what they know about these professors. Prof Bryd makes his own yogurt and sauerkraut.
9:16 -- We’re struggling with counting.
9:19 -- Anuli is giving the “Shelby Perkins Award” to someone other than Shelby Perkins.
9:20 -- Fashion Report -- “life because I’m still alive (via senior assassins)” and also overalls
9:22 -- Anuli tried to start a clap.
9:26 -- They are no contested elections. Kate Brennan is running for re-election with Jake Wohl. Yi: “Sorry, it’s… not competitive”. Remember democracy???
9:28 -- Andrew Wilhelm has nothing to report.
9:30 -- Luke Land is converting the soft serve resolution into a bill.
9:31 -- Burrito mile is this weekend. Evan will be participating.

Tuition to be Reduced by 8.6%

Wait, seriously? Tuition is going down? By 8.6%?

This is crazy awesome news. The rate reduction only affects in-state students, which I guess sucks for out of state students but it makes sense considering the money is coming from the MD General Assembly.

All of this is due to Chip Jackson, I'm pretty sure. Also Senator Roy Dyson. Roy Dyson is a pretty good senator because he immediately made a beeline towards the bar when he came to the legislative reception. Longtime readers will know of my undying love for Chip Jackson, even though sometimes he thinks my name is Ben.

Look at that handsome devil w/interim prezzy Newbould (also Chip Jackson is there).

Hopefully this signals increased support from the state government. One reason that tuition has gone up at many colleges is because the state support has not increased as quickly as inflation (or at least I am pretty sure this is true ???)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Mary's College is a top sailing school

Amazing technique, really love the way they don't let challenges like "sand" get in their way, they (Nike) just do it

That's what the liberal arts is all about, confronting challenges, like sand, head on

SGA 4/1

8:24 -- Sports guy talked. Taylor Schaefer asked him about an app that people anonymously say mean things on.
8:26 -- New Interim Public Safety Director is here.
8:29 -- Public Safety guy is talking about the search for the new director.. tbh this seems like waste of energy considering we get one every year.
8:37 -- Andrew Wilhelm wrote a student bill of rights? Andrew Wilhelm is telling a story about a guy who thought that if your RA catches you drinking and you get the RA to drink the drink, it doesn’t count.
8:39 -- This Bill of Rights cherry picks rights… from to the Point, the ResLife contract  and other places.
8:40 -- Andrew Wilhelm said J-Board… uh, obviously it’s C-Board now.
8:41 -- Evan is disregarding parliamentary procedure ‘uh, whatever, that’s fine’.
8:43 -- Shelby Perkins was written up twice her freshman year.
8:43 -- The Bill of Rights will be given out during orientation.
8:44 -- Passed.
8:45 -- JJ Walker got stabbed next to the crab fondue (via senior assassins)
8:45 -- JJ Walker is talking about a heat pump proposal for GSMRF
8:46 -- GSMRF - “it’s a learning experience”
8:47 -- JJ Walker is explaining what a heat pump is
8:48 -- the heat pumps on the greens are 8 levels behind since they haven’t been replaced since the ‘90s. Remember the 90’s.
8:49 -- This is going to cost $246,820. It’ll pay itself back in 11 years.
8:57 -- Approved.
8:57 -- We’re finally getting to the important issues -- soft serve ice cream resolution.
8:58 -- Egg custard is less caloric than hard ice cream, but not necessarily healthier.
8:59 -- Soft serve ice cream machines cost 20,000.
9:00 -- Resolution passes.
9:04 -- Anuli forgot about the fashion report.
9:05 -- Fashion Report: disguises (via senior assassins)
9:05 -- Victoria Cain has a cold.
9:06 -- Take the climate survey.
9:08 -- Applications for SGA positions are available.
9:11 -- 50 Days went well because “we didn’t kill anything”
9:15 -- SEAC is doing divestment from fossil fuels. Login to your SMCM google account and sign the petition here.
9:17 -- Evan says this was an awesome meeting. We spent $246,000.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Found Calvert Hall's Crest

The PANIC is over as the stolen crest of Calvert Hall (not the high school, roll dons roll) has been found. Apparently the criminal used a shrink ray, and then put it on a train at the B&O (more like BO heheheh) railroad museum in Baltimore.

Friday, February 28, 2014

SMCM Makes Headlines with Salary Cap Proposal

The past few years (and let us not forget the sit-ins circa 2006) many students and faculty have fought for a "living wage," a wage that someone can actually live on. Even in St. Mary's County, where the cost of living is relatively low, it's incredibly difficult to get by on minimum wage. The proposal, as outlined on their website, is to raise minimum salary above the federal poverty level for a family of four. This comes to about $30,000, which is significantly higher than the current minimum of $24,500 for college staff members.

Recently the 10:1 ratio proposal has made the headlines all across the nation, from the Washington Post to dozens of small college newspapers that are considerably better than The Point News. At our current minimum of $24,500 salary for staff members, this would place the president's salary at $245,000 ($80,000 less than the current salary). Currently the SMCM presidential salary is well below the average for college presidents, but of course SMCM is a small, public college, so that makes sense.

Hey yall keep in mind the only reason the current presidential salary is so high is because Maggie wanted to leave circa 2009, but the college couldn't find a good replacement so they upped her salary to make her stay and extra year before Urgo came on board~
And then they never lowered the salary back down to a reasonable rate. Check out the records in the library for more info~
 However about a week ago the proposal was defeated by the Faculty Senate 9-8. The meetings are closed, and even the SGA VP, who sits in on the meetings, was definitely asked to leave when discussion of this hot topic issue came up.

We do not know for sure why the proposal was defeated by the Faculty Senate. The proposals may have had some impact on faculty salary as well (???) or maybe they just do not want change? My inclination is that there are probably a few aspects of the proposal that did not sit well with the faculty (where can we see the proposal they voted on ???) but overall they may have been in favor of the idea. Having sat in on these meetings, they are definitely very interesting. I do not even know how to describe the meetings properly, but sitting in a room with two dozen highly intelligent and successful people is not only intimidating, but gives you the sense that they must
a. know what they are doing
b. have some House of Cards level backdealing going on
c. hopefully have the best interests of the college at heart

I hope to see the proposal passed in some form within the next year.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PANIC: SGA President Hates Government Transparency

Recently, Dear Readers, the preeminent SMCM blog has resumed liveblogging the SGA meetings, but now via twitter @SMCMLOL (previously the last liveblogged meeting was in 2012, and the first was in 2008).

But it seems that the current president (hey lets do a quick history lesson of SGA presidents: 07 - keith buzby, 08 - sunny, 09 - justin perry, 10 - ken benjes, 11 - mark snyder, 12 - ???, 13 - katherine brennan) is not fond of these live tweets. She recently sent an email out to the SGA body regarding her views.

Hello all!

I just wanted to remind you guys of a couple things for SGA, it's just basic stuff to keep in mind. 

Just remember to be respectful in Senate and be paying attention and if we could keep side chatter to a minimum that would be awesome.  Last night there was way too much of that and it leads to time being wasted.  
Next thing is about social media, you're in Senate for a reason so if you don't want to be in it don't be wasting your own time on Facebook.  Also whoever is in charge of the SMCMLOL twitter could you please just stop that would be great.  
We only have a couple more months so lets just hang in there.  

Thanks everybody! If you guys have questions about things just let me know. 

  • "Side Chatter" what r u, a teacher ???
  • The only "time wasted," is the time you ain't wasted (Proverbs 27:17)
  • "could you please just stop that would be great" 
could you please just stop that would be great
could you please just stop
please just stop
just stop

Kate doesn't give a reason to stop. Why does Kate want the live tweeting to stop? Does she not want the student body to know what is going on? Does she not want 507 followers to know what is going on in the Senate? Does she hate government transparency? Is she literally a fascist ???

I mean I can see how it could be a "distraction" but w/e that's the nature of SGA at a small school. I once dated a girl who was the secretary of the UMD SGA. They had political parties, everyone had BlackBerrys, and it was very serious. There was no room for bills banning emails with all capital letter subjects.The SMCM SGA accomplishes a lot. Club funding, gender neutral housing, geothermal heating for the new river center, service trips to Nicaragua, and many other things. Live tweets take the SGA away from something that a student may visit and think of once in their entire career into something that they can connect to, become interested in, and ultimately gain some understanding of. Weekly constituent emails aren't enough (if they even get sent out).

Information is never the enemy. And any liberal arts student should realize that.

These technologies can make life easier, can let us touch people we might not otherwise. These things can profoundly influence life. I'm not downplaying that.  -- Steve Jobs