Monday, January 30, 2012

Gum Tree

I was browsing the twitterverse the other day (@SMCMLOL) and noticed some rumblings about a 'gum tree'  I wasn't really sure what a gum tree was so I did some INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM on the subject and some GONZO JOURNALISM via taking photos of this elusive tree.

I scoured my sources as to where I could find this tree.  After tweeting a few of my followers they left me with one clue:  the path to the Campus Center.  I slowly made my way towards the pond, it was a cold day.  Suddenly I looked to my left, and there it was.

A colorful tree, with fucking gum on it.  Why the hell is there a tree with gum on it?  This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of.  But apparently it's thing in Philadelphia, and now it's a thing here via cultural appropriation.  The Philly Gum Tree was a tree on South Street in Philly that had gum on it.  Then in 2008 it got cut down for some reason.  I think that pretty much sums it up.

Oh man look at all that gum!  So, I am judging this attempt at a tradition, but I bet that when people started throwing shoes up in the Shoe Tree in the year (whenever that happened) people probably thought it was dumb.  And to be honest I still think this is dumb because it is littering and I don't like littering, but whatever.  But it's kinda cool and different, and I guess I can't fault someone for trying something new.

Also I don't like gum and literally don't understand the appeal of gum.  Why not just eat food.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PANIC: Leaf Fires Attacking Campus


Does anyone know if leaf/brush fires are sustainable? Do leaf fires make for a "green" campus???

My gut reaction was that leaf fires are pretty shitty for the environment, so I did some Googling (via Bing) to gather some research (via putting my liberal arts degree to good use).

Also, the cellphone picture that I took makes the fire look kinda small, but in actuality it was pretty huge.

So, leaf fires used to be pretty common throughout the United States of 'Merica, but today most counties and states ban the practice.  St. Mary's County obviously has not banned leaf fires, via being St. Mary's county.

Anyways, according to the Wisconsin (cheese) Department of Natural Resources, the burning of leaves produces a lot of fine bits of dust and soot that can cause lung problems.  The carbon monoxide released from the burning of leaves can also lead to other health problems.  According to the EPA the burning of leaves produces a lot of air pollutants that can rival the pollution produced by a factory.  Leaves can also be used as mulch or compost instead of burning them.

Monday, January 23, 2012

William Williams

This dude's name is seriously William Williams. 

NOTE:  Click the image to see it larger.

Wonder why is parents named him William Williams.  Are they professional trolls? 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Hands in Pockets!

Some of yall may remember one of my more memorable posts Circa 2k10 about dudes who put their hands in girls' dresses while dancing with them.  It was probably one of the most popular posts of April 2k10.  ANYWAYS as an addendum to 'hands in dress pockets' we now have 'hands in butt pockets'.

These two bros, I believe, have been dating/boning for over a year now (basically engaged in college-years, which are like dog-years) so it is a pretty acceptable behavior, he wasn't putting his hand into some rando butt pocket (which would be weird and lacking consent).

There are a lot of pros but the 'hands in butt pockets' technique:
  • Get to touch a 'butt'
  • Convenient place to put your hands
  • Secretly shows affection for yer partner while in a public setting
  • Sends a message of 'look bros, this is my partner, yall can tell via my hand is touchin her butt'
  • Get to touch a "butt"
How do yall feel about the whole 'hands in butt pocket' technique???
Is this just an attempt to relive the glory years of 2010 Bloggin via referencing the past???

Friday, January 20, 2012

An Ode to Maggie O'Brien

Miss u sometimes Maggie O.  Miss ur chill ~nonexistant~ vibes.  Kinda miss those days when seeing the President was a rare event that few got to experience.  Now any bro can chill with the Prez at his open hours, or do something dumb like invite Leslie and he over for dinner in their townhouse.

Missu wine producing prez.  Miss ur wine that apparently was not very good and given out to underage students on the reg.  Most of all, miss u RPG (EDIT: Apparently "it's a large flashlight with a scope made from spare plumbing equipment you dolt" [SUPER-EDIT: It's definitely something military related]) holding prez (see below).

Where is the wine and guns Urgo???  Can we really trust a President that doesn't have wine and guns???  Isn't the liberal arts education/Faulkner all about wine and guns???

Wonder what she is up to now?  I think she is chillin over in Oxford via heading the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  I remember this annoyed some facultybros, not sure what the current situation is though.

Apparently everyone was into her for the first half of her being here (via honeymoon syndrome).  Also she really changed the ~vibes~ of the school into being more srs and academic (apparently) which is cool I guess.  Also she was a really good fundraiser, which is probs why she was never around.

I think ultimately, (13) thirteen years is too long for any prez to be around.  Maybe there should be a limit of like a decade or so.  People get burnt out, stop caring as much, etc.  But I dunno.

missu bb.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wagon Wheel

It's no secret that a lot of SMCM students are obsessed with the Old Crow Medicine Show Wagon Wheel.  But why???  When did this obsession begin?  Can any alumni shed some light on how long people have had major boners for this song???

Not sure where this sign is actually located, but I stole it from someone's tumblr.  Do yall think that we should have a 'wagon wheel dr' so that students can repeatedly steal it (via students stealing that scarecrow on route 5, RIP scarebro).

I guess Wagon Wheelies has a lot of common themes like 'going South' (via most students are from the North [via goddam Yankees]) and wanting to get 'it on' with a girlie (via sex). 

If yall check out Spotify there is a really sweet playlist of a bunch of Wagon Wheel covers that you can find here if yall are into that.

Do yall ever like to play this song to end the night/signal everyone to leave ur house???

Is hitchhiking 'cool' anymore?  Once I left my bicycle at the Green Door and kinda wanted to hitchhike my way there (via 2-3 miles) but ended up walking instead out of fear.

Maybe we all just wanted 2 get rocked like a waggony wheel???

Is Wagon Wheel our fight song via lack of football teams???

EDIT:  Also, that post a week or so about about cigarette buttz was supposed to have an image attached but it failed.  It was a picture of a cigarette butt holder on campus that was overflowing.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

World Carnival Band Selection 2012

Looks like there is a list for the 2012 World Carnival Bands!  Do yall want to read my opinions of each of these bands???  If so continue reading \/ \/ \/

1. Biz Markie - He is on Yo Gabba Gabba which is cool and that song about a girl having just a friend but that friend was not actually just a friend.  He seems chill.
2. Raekwon - ???
3. RJD2 - RJD2 has a really great song (which is linked <----) that I have really liked for a long time, but never made the leap towards listening to any of his other stuff.  Not sure if he would be fun to dance to, can anyone confirm his dancability???
4. Holy F**k - I was really surprised/confused/excited when they came for CoffeeHouse a few semesters ago (college is all one blur) so I would not mind seeing them again
5. Ra Ra Riot - I tried to get into this band because they seemed similar to other bands that I was into but they never really impressed me
6. Chairlift - Probably a 'alt ski rock' band
7. Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - I think my roommate liked this band, they are probably 'hip'
8. Chester French - ???
9. Lights - I think this is a popular danceable band that I would support
10. Two Door Cinema Club - Some people like this group IDK
11. Electric Six - Electric sex???
12. Breathe Carolina - I have never listened to this band but I once shared a bed with someone who was obsessed with them, so there's that
13. Radiohead - I can't believe Radiohead is an option!!!

Wow cool. I should probably start writing for Pitchfork.  Last two years have been disappointing (via weather and short acts so maybe this year will be cooler (idc I don't think I'll be around yall).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do yall want to buy shirts that say this???

Monday, January 2, 2012

Athlete of the Week: EB

EB was a legit soccer player for the SMCM soccer team of women for nearly two years.  She played right forward bench, a very demanding position.  Pictured below is EB in the prime of her playing ability.

She is on the right, with her signature side pony tail.

Yall, should 'athlete' of the week become a regular feature, or is to too mainstream/lamestream/shitty???

Winter Bloggerin

I was about to write about how I haven't blogged in ages, but apparently I blogged on Christmas via my phone had posts that never went through the WIRELESS AIRWAVES until Christmas.

ANYWAY how are yall doin??? Not rly sure what to blog about via lack of things going on.  Drove through the SMCM the other day and did not see anyone, where are yall?  missu bros.

Via the google adsense apparently yall are still visiting the blog which is rad.

ANYWAY leave a comment with
  1. Your favorite xxxmass/other holidays that I don't want to misspell and then have to look up gift that you received
  2. What I should 'blog' about via I don't know
  3. Who is your favorite 'my little pony'???