Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving Break is now, I don't intend to update until it's over

Also I got checked for lice, and I dot not have lice. Woooo

Monday, November 24, 2008

Head Lice: Reloaded

Head Lice continue to plague our fair campus

Two days after the original email, another was sent out. Everyone should vacuum their rooms a lot. Also don't fumigate your rooms. I don't know how you would fumigate your room but don't do it.

From what I have heard, the outbreak started in Queen Anne. So don't try to get with any QA girls because they may have headlice and condoms don't protect against headlice.

Everyone please stay safe and remember that headlice are terrorism and that we don't negotiate with terrorists.

I am getting checked for headlice tomorrow at 9:30AM. I think it is worth waking up early to make sure that I am not infected with terrorism. Also if I do have headlice I will resign from my Senatorial post.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Head Lice

Head lice are invading St. Marys!

Earlier this evening the campus community received an email from Joanne Goldwater stating that there has been an outbreak of...head lice.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to protect ourselves. Next time you think about hooking up with that dashing young St. Mary's student, think to yourself, could he/she have head lice? You see, head lice are often spread through pillows, and people that are hooking up often share pillows. Head lice are essentially STDs, except that a condom won't protect you.

What you should do it have your partner sit in front of you, and then begin examining their head for lice. If they question you, merely tell them that it is an ancient Chinese form of head massage, used by Confucius. They will believe you, and you can protect yourself from lice. If they do in fact have lice, proceed to shave off all of their hair so that the lice have no wear to live.

Folks, head lice are terrorism, and we need to stop terrorism. When I ran for Prince George Senator, I promised to stop terrorism. And head lice are just another example of terrorism that I will personally destroy.

That said, I am going to the health center tomorrow to get checked for lice. Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Overheard @ St. Marys

Like most colleges, SMCM has its own overheard website.

But it hasn't updated in half a year, which is somewhat depressing. I recently overheard Iben Ricket saying she was going to update the site over Winter Break, which would be exciting. Hopefully this will happen.

An excellent entry:
Near the Crescents, after leave an exam, a person makes a phone call.

"Hey Dad... yeah, I need the for your famous margaritas..."

I really like this one, it's just very cute and I love the relationship between the parent and child. It really makes me smile.


Dear Readers,

I, Senator Benjes, am looking for staff for the only blog about St. Mary's (that isn't horrible)

I'm mostly looking for photographers. I don't own a camera because I lost it at Colleen Vaughan's house over the summer. I recently realized that including photos makes everything much nicer.

But writers are cool too. Or just ideas about what to write about.

If interested please email this application to

Do you go to SMCM?:
Have we ever met?:

Okay that is all. Good luck.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Raccoon Alert

Today I was walking out of the Daily Grind and looked to my right and saw...


It was so goddam cute, I love raccoons! it kept getting closer and I kept backing up because raccoons are cute but scary due to rabies. Then after awhile it stood up on its hind legs and waved to me. I was so happy.

In conclusion,
Raccoons :3

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Got a box of like 200 condoms to give out. They are Trojan for her pleasure. I have found that unlike Lifestyles these don't suck. I have already given out most of them, people seem excited about condoms. It's part of the Great American Condom Campaign. They give out one million condoms every year. Exciting!

SGA Meeting 11/18


8:05 - Oh snap we are starting early tonight! I am in fact present for tonight's meeting, much like the other meetings.

8:08 - Oooo Mary Walters is here to talk about the English Club. She is so nice! Mary is trying to resurrect the English club, exciting!

8:09 - Student Investment Group Amendment. They are debating it. I don't really follow because I stopped caring about the SIG after I found out it was about investing. Lamesauce.

8:17 - Oh goodness we all started clapping and I am not sure why. I think Jeremy Pevner thanked Nathan for all his hard work, and then Jesse did the same thing. How cute :]

8:18 - Officer reports, goodness the meeting is almost over already!

8:22 - Matt Fafoutis told us all to be thankful. Senator Van Parys and I hugged each other. It was cute. :]

8:52 - Meeting Adjourned


Registration Extension

Oh goodness St. Mary's, not enough classes for the First Years :[

So registration has been extended, and more 100 and 200 level classes are being added. If I was a first year and couldn't even register for 12 credits I would probably be going crazy. Personally I wish they just left online registration open for a month or two because it's nice having the option of going back and changing classes around.

I wonder if the issue is too many First Years. The triple of lax bros next door were sad over their lack of being able to get into classes. I was thinking about consoling them, but then I decided to play Mario Kart instead.

Mario Kart :3

I still need to try switching from Frisbee Golf to Lifeguarding, because I got an error last time.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Integrated Pest Management

Just got an email about an Integrated Pest Management Meeting, Wednesday at 2:45 on the Campus Center Lawn. This sounds really exciting but I can't go due to class.

In the email they mention two animals that they are going to introduce: Purple Marten, and Bat houses.

I emailed Kevin Mercer about Purple Martens, because I had no idea what they were. According to him they are "a type of bird that eats lot of (pest) bugs that could cause damage to our landscape on campus". He didn't even tell me what they look like! So I decided to google image the bird. Apparently they are purple in the sense that a Raven is purple, that you have to look at like ten of them to see one that is actually purple.
It's kinda cute I guess.

Okay but more importantly, BAT HOUSES. Why do they think this is a good idea? It's common knowledge that Bats are vampires and will turn people into vampires. And Wesley Snipes is out in California, so I don't know how Blade is going to save us from vampires. We already had several zombies infestations on this campus, and I believe that an outbreak of vampirism would decimate the campus.

And it's going to be multiple bat houses, which means multiple rival vampire clans, who will fight each other on campus. This is bad because it will be like having gang fights and terf wars, except that the gangs will be vampires and it will be at night when we are sleeping.

In conclusion, I intend to protest this whole bat house thing. And with the protest rules being revoked, I can do it without filling out paperwork woo!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Dance Show and Dance Party

I ended up going to see the Dance Show again Friday night because my friend had an extra ticket. I think my favorites were before and after the intermission, with "Question" choreographed by Catherine Meringolo, and Marshall Betz's "Boys vs. Girls". Question was the dance with all the street clothes dancers, and the song contained a lot of real world noises. The song itself was very experimental and I was excited to see it in a dance performance. Boys vs. Girls was a fun and upbeat pairs dance, the kind of dance everyone can appreciate and get into. Overall I was really impressed with the Dance Show as a whole.

After Saturday's show the Dance Club hosted a dance party in DPC. I went over with some friends around 10:30 and no one was there. We danced for one song and then ran away until 11 or so when people actually showed up. I think it was pretty fun, but I wasn't a big fan of the music. I don't think there was enough variety, and far too few of those songs that everyone recognizes. I still really enjoyed it though.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dance Show

I went to the Dance Show last night, and it was spectacular.

I don't really have much to say about it, but I would recommend everyone go see it if possible. Definitely one of the highlights of the semester.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SGA Committees

I met with my two SGA committees recently, Publicity and Grounds.

Grounds is headed by Nathan Bossie. I like him because he always looks like he is about to laugh when he talks. Nathan is a pretty great guy, even if he seems to be a bit obsessed with SGA. We're planning to walk around with Administrators and survey the entire campus. Should be fun and awkward.

Publicity is run by Iben Ricket. I enjoyed this meeting more as I was offered alcohol, as opposed to the cake at the Ground meeting, but being a Premiere Student Leader I did not accept. Our big thing was planning the boards that are around the Campus Center (including the new one underneath the Library Arch), and figuring out what to give away. In the past SGA has given out coozies and cups, but we are looking to expand, possibly into discs.

Woo exciting!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SGA Meeting 11/11

SGA Meeting wooo! Today is Sunny's birthday, and she is our President. I made her several cards!

8:09 - Meeting started

8:17 - SOAN club is trying to break up, as in they want a separate Anthropology club. Pevner is drilling them and I am glad because they did not think this whole thing through very well. They want to have Anthro club and SOAN, instead of trying to have anthro and sociology. They really need all the club leaders here to decide what happens when they split. Either way it's pretty annoying and boring.

8:32 - Okay now we are debating anonymous vs. transparent voting. I like the debate but it's also Sunny's 21st and she needs to go have her first shot at the Door.

8:37 - Anthropology is now a club!

8:38 - Judo club! This kid is really awkward and nervous, I feel awkward for him. I think they are requesting too much money but I don't really know. Okay it passed!!! woooooo

8:49 - Just passed a resolution to thank Rescue Squads and Public Safety. Woo.

8:59 - Chris Rodkey is bringing up a bill to make a print computer in the Library. You can only use the computer for a few minutes and it's really just to print out stuff. Cool idea. It just passed.

9:08 - I think Jeremy Pevner just hurt himself. I looked over and he was making pain faces. I feel sorry for him :[

9:13 - Things are wrappin up, almost over. Soon we will have a cake for Sunny!

9:25 - We motioned to sing happy birthday

Ghost Ride Guam

I found this video on youtube a year ago. It's about two years old. It's some guys ghost Guam

Pure Beauty

I remember as a Freshman walking outside of Prince George and seeing Tyler Aldrich and some others ghost riding his truck.

I should hope the ghost ride never dies

Edit: Holy shit I just realized Tom King was in this. Tom King was one of the owners of Maggie 8 last year. I have mixed feelings on Maggie 8, but it was always full of drinks so that is a positive I guess.

Mr. Dave Harris

I just got two calls to my room phone asking for "Mr. Dave Harris" (or maybe Paris?)

The first time I said wrong number, and the guy on the line said "thanks". Who says thanks after dialing the wrong number?

Then someone else called and I just said no and hung up.

My extension is x4506 so if you are trying to call Dave please stop calling me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

MACUHO Conference

MACUHO is an acronym for something that has to do with Residence Life programs in the area. I went to Penn State with Krystal Dains, Julia Shatto, Terri Matthews, and Katie Schultz. It was fairly exciting because we all got 44$ to spend on food. Highlights include:

Seeing a Wendy's Sign "Wow this chicken sandwich are full of taste"

And discovering how horrible Pennsylvannia is. But Penn State is pretty wonderful.

So it was a conference full of RAs from nearby colleges. I missed SMCM :[

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Circle K Meeting

I went to another Circle K meeting. This time I brought 5$ for dues, which gets you a shirt. So if you are looking for yet another SMCM shirt which you will undoubtedly donate to the local Goodwill upon graduation, look no further.

It quickly became obvious to me why Circle K won club of the month; they are incredibly organized and balance a half dozen service projects every month. Kelli Hill and the rest of the officers put in a ridiculous amount of work. They do a lot of volunteering with local kids, generally middle schoolers. It's definitely the feel good club of the year.

We had been collecting money for Unicef, and raised 92.56$ wooo!

They need like 10 more people to bring 5$ for a shirt and membership to become a legit club (as in recognized by Kiwanis International) so I would really recommend joining.