Friday, April 29, 2011


I'd like to thank all the professors that have helped me to become the student/person that I am today, including

  • Katy Arnett (via the most beautiful woman [okay but also an amazing professor])
  • Chuck Holden (via 12 credits of classes)
  • Tom Barrett (via my advisor and always telling me/yelling at me that I should/can do better)
  • Chris Adams (via a smart goddess)
  • Charlie Musgrove (via so awkwardly great and a good club advisor)
  • Angela Johnson (via helped to increase my understanding of SES students and helped me remember why I wanted a Education Minor)
  • Linda Hall (via a southern belle)
  • Ken Cohen (via great discussions and similar names)
  • Jinqu Fu (via Chinese was so hard but you were so forgiving)
  • Chuck Adler (via I don't remember this class)
  • Peter Sickle (via making me realize polysci wasn't the major for me)
  • Hua (via making me hate visiting professors and biology...who assigns 'Bio for Dummies'?)
  • Bill Roberts (via I read two Kurt Vonnegut books during your class)
And others whose names I forgot, whose existence I temporarily forgot about, etc.  You've all, as a whole, has a significant impact on my life which I doubt I'll forget about anytime soon.


Hey congrats to everyone that completed their SMP!  Proud of you guys.  I didn't do one, but I have written several lengthy papers for 400 level classes, that if combined would probably be the length of an SMP?  Really though such an endeavor takes a lot of effort and I'm proud of yall.

Be sure to check out their presentations!

Last Class

Sitting in my last class of undergrad, tearing up a bit :[

Thursday, April 28, 2011



Psych Raffle Winners

4 Goddam years of filling out surveys and I never won a prize.  H8u science majors.

PANIC! Severe Thunder Storm WARNING

This is the sort of all student email that should be in all capital letters, not those ones about the pub and such.  Anyway, THUNDER STORMS!  Your lives may be in imminent danger.  I like 'thunder roars...stay indoors!'

Anyways storms are pretty fun but hopefully no one dies or gets electrocuted, cause that would be sucks-ville.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mark Twain Lecture this Friday!

This Friday is the Mark Twain Lecture!  Last year was a really awesome event, and this one should be also awesome.  Come to the Michael P. O'Brien Athletics and Recreation Center at 8 to see senior black correspondent Larry Wilmore (via the Daily Show) talk about Twain!

Oh wow what a cool video that is up right above this text!  Behold the future, wherein I can put a video on my bloggerin thing.  Anyway Larry Wilmore is a funny dude.  Probably not as funny as Mark Twain but w/e, he is alive and Twain isn't so he wins in that regard.

Anyways yall should check it out.  You might get to see this celebrity IRL in SOMD at SMCM OMGWTFBBQ.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Cappella Emails

I have to make a confession.  I hate A Cappella.  I don't hate people that sing it, but I kinda hate A Cappella unless they are singing the pokemon themesong or something.  I don't even know why, I think I just don't like singing.  When I listen to music I can't really understand the words, so I kinda just listen to the general sounds.  Anyway,

you may have to click the image to really see it, but someone made the decision that two emails regarding this must be sent out at the same time.

Actually this didn't really annoy me, I thought it was really funny tbh.  <3 u student clubs.  yall are very talented and I wish you all the best of luck in Monty 25 this weekend!

Boh Hunt photo

Step 1:  Steal photo the President of the school posted
Step 2:  Repost said photo
Step 3:  ???
Step 4:  Profit

Donate your unwanted items

Yall, do you have clothes, food, books, couches, dildos, etc. that you no longer want after this semester?  Donate them!  There are boxes around campus in the laundry rooms where you can place stuff, and they are color coded

  • blue:  food
  • purple:  clothes
  • green:  school supplies
  • red:  pornography
So if you have stuff you don't want, you know where to leave it!

There will also be a Free Market on May 4th.  woahz

Additionally check out this link which is a craigslist type thing with listings of stuff that people no longer want, like couches.  Email if you want to list something.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Natty Boh Hunt!

The Natty Boh Hunt was this past saturday!  I hope everyone had a good time.  I hid a dozen beers (including two in my first year residence, I'm looking at your PG 116!).  I thought it was a lot more fun hiding beers than looking for them, but I hope all you underclassmen had a great time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SGA Meeting 4/19/2011 Recap

Cool meeting, went on for 2.5 hours and I was pretty sleepy by the end.
  • Today I decided to say ‘present’ instead of ‘here’ during the Roll Call
  • I would like to thank Senator Reighart for passing out the name tags during the meeting
  • Student Speakout
    • Joanna Purich
      • Talking about why we should not raise student fees, led to a long discussion. Senator Chandwaney asked if it was rude to ask her to stop talking, to which we all responded, yes that is rude, please allow her to continue talking.
    • Girl who works at Chick Fil A kinda defending the group via they give out scholarships and such.  
      • Cool to see someone who opposed banning Chick Fil A showing up to voice an unpopular opinion
    • A group of 8 kids saying why we should sever ties with Chick Fil A
      • They mentioned something like ‘putting down human beings, just like you and me’ but I am actually a robot, so I take offense to this comment, assuming that I am a puny human
  • On facebook Lisa Neu said that I was ‘best chair ever’ (via chairing the SGA meetings)
  • Thinking about writing a resolution thanking the class of 2011 exec board for getting 1$ beers at the pub on the 28th of April
  • That bill regarding increasing the time for walking between classes is back up since Senator Chandwaney is here today.  
    • Senator Reighart pointed out that this will affect ‘feeding times’ via we are all farm animals
    • Did not pass
  • Relay for Life Club!  They have done it for two years now and it’s been super successful and cool, so this is a good idea.  
    • I totally knew that Treasurer Smith wanted to say something so I called on him before he raised his hand
    • Yo the two girls presenting this club constitution have cool ass shoes.  Gold Cleopatra sandals and Sperrys.  
      • One of them taught a Zuma class (that weird work out thing that I do not understand) which made me giggle
    • This club passed
  • I want to write a resolution that says ‘Kelly Schroeder is pretty cool’
  • Next is a resolution in support of publicizing bias-based harassment
    • Some kids have been targeted on campus for race, sexual identity, and other things, all of which sucks
    • Senator McGrath admitted that he is a windbag
    • This passed
  • A Bylaws Amendment to put the Club Coordinator on Finance Board.  The reasoning is the Finance Board does funding stuff with clubs, so this would give the Club Coordinator a lot more understanding of what clubs are asking for.
    • Senator White just said ‘freshman’...tisk tisk
    • This passed
  • A Resolution urging the school to sever ties with Chick Fil A
    • So delicious but so homophobic, sigh
    • President Santangelo would in fact not support a resolution forcing people who eat Chick Fil A to go to camps.  I love camp, but I don’t think he was talking about fun camps.
    • Senator Chandwaney said that Starbucks does nothing wrong.  He is incorrect though I feel via Starbucks being anti-union, don’t use fair-trade coffee, also they are hella expensive.
    • President O’Neil just said ‘damn’...SGA is getting into bad language!
    • This passed after much debate
Coooool SGA meeting wooo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Student Fees Increase

So as yall may know the SGA is tryna increase student fees by $25, from $235 to $260.  I remember when I was a young first year and I didn't know what student fees were I thought they were bullshit.  But they contribute to a bunch of things, including terrorist organizations like The Point News.

Anyway, we're tryna raise them because they have not been raised since 2003 for the purpose of increasing the SGA budget.  They have been raised twice in the past few years for green initiatives that students felt were worth paying more money for.  But since 2003, the operating budget of the SGA has remained the same, despite inflation and other new costs.  These things include:

  • New clubs!  Several new clubs are created every year, and some are hella expensive like Crew and club sports via tournament fees, and other clubs like FUSE like to host cool events and have speakers.
  • Inflation!  Stuff goes up in price over time like
    • Media tech and club sports trainer salaries/fees
    • Movie screening fees
    • Gas prices
    • Prices of goods that clubs buy via SGA funds
    • Costs to bring in speakers
    • etc.
  • Campus farm and bike shop are two things that the SGA is helping to fund, two organizations that students have shown that they feel are important to the campus.
  • Bribing people!
  • The thousands of dollars that Marlena and I funnel from the SGA budget every month, which we spend on hookers and cocaine!
    • This stuff is hella expensive which is a large contributing factor to the student fee increase.
Anyway, please comment with thoughts or responses, and if you have further questions please come to the SGA meeting tonight at 8 in Schaefer 106 where you will be able to ask questions and such.

Also if you want to see the SGA budget it's on the SGA website.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Class of 2013 Shirts

The class of 2013 (inferior to class of 2011 obv.) is selling T-Shirts with Dr. Urgo on them.  They look like this.

These look pretty rad!  The yellow is kinda weird though, it reminds me of both pee and 1970s nostalgia, two things which I dislike.  Also he should have a hat maybe via hats are great.

They cost $13 dollars which is an unlucky number so possibly you should avoid buying these.  But if you don't believe in LUCK then you can probably buy one via Joe Santangelo.  Email him.

Also, not really sure what 'el presidente' means.  I think it may be in a foreign language but I cannot read it so I believe this may cause the shirt to have limited appeal.

I also imagine that if I found this in a thrift store and didn't understand the context I would think it was teh greatest thing ever.

World Carnival

Sad :[ .  World Carnival is one of my favorite events.  Was looking forward to watching quidditch and not understanding what was going on in this game.  And inflatable stuff.  Inflatables are supposed to be used next semester for welcome back weekend...they should probably use them this weekend instead because that would be more fun for me.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

The History Club will be showing Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on 4/20.  Laughing so hard right now.

LQ Eatery

Have yall been to the Lewis Quad Eatery/Pub.  They serve food there!  And sometimes alcohol!  My friends and I were worried about the prices of alcohol, but it's not that bad

  • Corona (kinda ew) 1.75
  • Heineken (I like this beer because Ken is in the name) 2.50
  • Various Sam Adams's 3.00
  • Wine 3.00 (Note that a cup of wine is a small cup.  Also apparently the 'glass of wine a day' rule does not apply to pint glasses, but rather only wine glasses')
All the stuff comes from bottles (woo) but they pour it into cups (lame).  There is also food
  • Nachos 3.00 and they are delicious
  • Nachos with meat 4.50 if you are into that
  • Burrito 6.00 these were okay but I'd rather get more nachos

Last week they had a survey.  I liked 8th Wonder and The Pub.  Someone last week made a fake edit to the SMCM wikipedia regarding the pub and called it The Sloppy Oyster which made my roommates and myself laugh a lot.

Anyway every thursday (including today) there will be alcohol.  Hopefully professors will show up to discuss academic topics/buy us boooze.  

Not much else to say, except that they really need to dim those lights.  Also there is free popcorn.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SGA Meeting 4/12/2011 Recap

Short meeting!

  • There was a resolution to increase the time between classes from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.  The idea is that this would increase civility because people would have more time to talk to each other.  We decided to table this resolution because the person who created it did not show up to the SGA meeting.  I found this quite annoying at the time, but now I think it’s kinda funny/stupid.
  • Senator Walls used the term ‘Gypped’ which I found offensive because it is a derogatory term towards the Gypsies.  It would be like saying “I got Jewed on this deal”.  How can a future Student Trustee use such offensive language?
  • Senator McGrath informed us that someone pooped in a DPC laundry machine.
  • Senator McGrath also rescued a baby duck because he is a god.
  • Said baby duck was apparently adorable.

Santiago Replaced, Rumor Mill Begins!

Yes!  Finally an event worthy of rumor mongering.  As yall saw in the email, Chief Santiago has been replaced by some other dude (A Sheriff!).  But no one (that I know) knows why!  Mysteriousssss


  • First we have the rumor that Dean Bayless is Umbridge (via Harry Potter).  This is a dumb rumor because it is mean and obviously she does not have magical powers and this is not Harry Potter land.  This sort of stuff just contributes to incivility on campus and it kinda immature.  
  • Next, there is the rumor that Santiago was a reptilian.  Reptilians are reported to live in the core of the Earth and control the world via conspiracy theories.  Maybe he was one of them and it got found out!?!?!  More information here
  • A somewhat more reasonable rumor, we have an anonymous commentator on some terrorist website saying the following:  rumor has it there was some shady stuff going on at the staff level that students weren’t aware of. there were some serious issues at PS and there needed to be some changes made – he needed to go.  Oooo fascinating! 
    • Not really sure what kind of shady stuff could be going on though.  Forging overtime?  Selling seized goods/drugs?  PROSTITUTION RING???
  • Bribes???
Anyways, it's clear that he was replaced and didn't leave of his own volition, but we haven't been told why, and who knows if we will.  It's a shame since he was so open and interested in student opinion.

UPDATE:  Just re-read the email and realized that currently Dean Bayless is the Director of Public Safety which is funny.  Not in a haha way but just kinda silly maybe.  Mostly it amuses me I think.  But that would be cool to have on your resume.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Animal House

So I was looking over the agenda for the Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting and I noticed that one of the buildings was called 'Animal House'

It's the small bathroom behind St. Mary's Hall.  Who named this, ahahah, glorious.

SMCM Spirit Week 2011

Spirit Week starts today!  I kinda dig spirit week via it reminds me of high school.  miss u high school.  miss u long, untamed hair.

First is mix and match day.  I don't really understand this day.  I'm pretty sure my clothes generally clash (via I like obnoxious colors) and this day is really just dedicated towards making people look weird.

Tuesday is tie dye day.  I don't have any tie dye clothes because I'm not a hippie/person who finds tie dye aesthetically pleasing.

Wednesday is pajama day.  I don't really understand what pajamas are to be honest.  I usually wear boxers to bed (or nothing via nudity).

Thursday is Beach Day which is an excellent day due to it forcing people to wear bathing suits (which I enjoy doing and it will be socially acceptable to wear a bathing suit to class) and because there will be food down at the Waterfront from 3-6.  Food for free!

Friday is the Powderpuff game, which also means that there is no specified clothing that we are supposed to be wearing for this day which I find upsetting.  Spirit week is great because it makes it much easier to plan out your wardrobe for the week.  There should be a blue day where we all wear all blue and look silly.  Or maybe a metal T-shirt day.  I don't own any metal T-shirts but I am pretty sure Matt Smith has enough for the whole school.

Kinda surprised there is no class T-Shirt day, seeing as this day gives people more reason to buy class T shirts.

Lastly, I want to see Solomon the Seahawk more often.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SGA Meeting 4/5/2011 Recap

Cool long meeting of the SGA.  Linda Wallace came to talk about Plan B.  You can get Plan B, at cost (soon) in the health center on mondays and tuesdays.  Which is great if you have an accident Sunday night.  But not great if it's on Pint Night.

JAG and Chip Jackson came to talk about the Pub and its inability to serve alcohol.  As you've probably seen in emails, it'll be open Friday and the next three thursdays.  They also still need a new name that isn't "The LQ Eatery."  Also apparently people have been trying to bring in handles of liquor and 30 packs...this is kinda stupid but also really funny that someone would try that.  Like I can see sneaking in a beer or a mixed drink, but those other things are large and hard to hide objects...

Anyway this brings up an interesting discussion of drunkenness at the eatery.  One of the appeals of the late night food option, as it was advertised was us, was a means of providing a safer alternative of obtaining warm food than driving to Sheetz drunk.  But, at the meeting on Tuesday (and in Bayless's email recently) there was discussion of not being inebriated at this venue.  I think there's a difference between showing up to the Pub drunk (which is not it's purpose) and showing up just to the eatery drunk, when you want food but don't want to risk drunk driving.  But this was just my view of how it played out, so feel free to discuss this in the comments.  Obviously, no one should be bringing drinks into the LQ Eatery ever, or acting obnoxious in there.

Then some blah blah blah boring legislation.  Clubs can't send all student emails anymore.  Student fees are going to go up by $25.  SGA wants people to walk with majors (I don't really though).  Budgets for clubs next Fall got passed.

Most importantly, Senator McGrath gave his report in a southern drawl ala True Grit.  ‎"As the Sam & Dave song goes, 'If you've got the lovin', I've got the time. Sub 'student fee meeting' for 'lovin'' here." - Kyle McGrath

Overall a good meeting!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take Back the Night

I went to Take Back the Night a few hours ago.  It was a great event!  They had a large sampler of chips in small bags, as well as several different cookies, both of which were delicious.  The bottles of water were also good.

The speaker was a lady whose name I forgot.  Let me go look it up.  Liz Seccuro.  She was real cool.  Afterwards there was a speakout of Survivors, which was really depressing/powerful.  I can't imagine the courage it took for these women to speak out like that, it was really inspiring.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Senior Assassins

Senior Assassins is in full swing, and I finally died.  So I made this comic based of the rageface meme.

Friday, April 1, 2011

President Wallace Loh Inauguration coming up


Bieber and Cher to Headline Art Attack this year

SGA President Steve Glickman Accused of Stealing Candy from Babies

After all the news about SGA President Steve Glickman handing out premier basketball seats to fellow SGA members, it appears that he has begun stealing candy from babies.

Urgo looks into starting campus grow-op

I've received word that Dr. Urgo is investigating ways the the campus can convert the green house into a weed production facility.

This is not a funny April Fool's joke, actually.  Just go to the point news for funny stuff.