Sunday, February 28, 2010


May have enjoyed that more than Hallowgreens in some respects. Mostly due to lack of rain.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Gonna be cooking next year I imagine, living in Townhouse and all. Want to learn to cook for myself better to prepare for real world and such. Gonna list some meals that would be relatively easy to cook I suppose. Just thinking outloud. Comments/suggestions appreciated.
  • Spaghetti/various pastas
  • Chicken breasts - easy to cook but more expensive than just buying a chicken probably
  • Salad
  • Potatoes - cut up and put in stove over frying pan or something w/vegetables
  • Peanut butter sandwiches :D
  • Baked squash things
  • Stuffed peppers - I think these would be a lot of fun to make
  • Tacos too, maybe chicken tacos as they would be healthier?
Update: Someone commented with this link with some guidelines regarding cooking. There are a lot of great websites with college cooking tips, I should probably look at those.

Also somehow I forgot to include Rice on the list up there. Rice is so cheap and filling, so wondrous.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

'Dance Your Shoes off' Email Change

So this was the wording of the original 'Dance Your Shoes off for Haiti' email, which I thought was cool/different because I'm pretty sure a good portion of the people at the Nest have been drinking, so it's interesting that they would acknowledge it.

But then it got changed to this

Taylore sent out both emails, so I wonder who told her to make the change.

Mean Girls Status Day

This is my favorite fake holiday. I went with

"I gave him everything! I was half a virgin when I met him."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Basketball Student Section

Found this on the Facebook a few hours ago. Amir Reda ( plays soccer, probably econish major, nice guy ) talking about Student Section at Seahawk basketball games. Interesting read, my comments below it.

Recently I have been approached by several members of our faculty, most notably Dean Bayless, to try to curve what the student section says at basketball games. Two chants they are concerned about, the "You Suck" chant and, believe it or not the "Safety School" chant. I'm tired of this. This is an e-mail I just sent to our Dean just to make you aware of the current situation.

Dean Bayless,

Remembering our conversation last night I decided to look up reasons why the women's shot clock was shorter than the men's. Some of the answers I deemed you might like included: "women can think quicker," and my personal favorite "men are slow pokes." However, I think the official answer comes down to "The women don't have a 10 second backcourt violation like the men do. It kinda still forces the women to get the ball up the court quick because they have 5 less seconds, but they can hold it in the backcourt longer then 10 seconds if they wish." There you have it, I stand corrected, speed of play has nothing to do with it.

On a more serious note, I ran into Shawne McCoy while in the ARC today. He made me aware of a conversation you had with him earlier this morning on the subject of our student section. According to him, he was told to make sure I understood the conversation about cheering and that the message did not go through one ear and out the other. To be more blunt then last night, while I do hear you, I do not understand you. Chanting "You Suck" or even "Safety School" is hardly profanity. That would be certain four letter words that can be heard from the student sections of games that are broadcast on ESPN. Those students get away with capital crimes compared to the nickel and dime stuff we do.

Honestly, if you deemed it absolutely necessary to curve our First Amendment right to speech and really did not want us to support the team the way we do then you know I would be on board 100 percent. That's probably why you came to me rather than anyone else that participates in our goofy way of showing school spirit. However, the problem will be convincing everyone one else involved. While I can tell people not to say this or that, these people are young adults and will make decisions accordingly. Whether this means getting thrown out of a basketball game, or writing an article in the Point News as to why the words Safety and School cannot be said in the same sentence, I don't know.

Concluding, I think you do a wonderful job of being accessible to students, and this relationship between student and faculty is one of the main reasons why I chose this school. Another selling point to me was the school spirit possessed in those that attend our institution. There are potentially two home games left. Don't let something as minor as this be a problem now.

Amir Reda

So I think it's probably the Dean's position to have to deal with things like this, which is probably annoying. I don't think addressing a single student regarding these sorts of cheers is the right way to do it, because like Amir said he doesn't have any control over the other fans.

That said, 'You suck' and 'Safety School' ( I've yelled this when seeing schools like MIT play Ultimate Frisbee) pale in comparison to stuff like 'Fuck Duke' at UMD games, so I guess I don't really see the issue.

Really though, the Basketball season is almost over, so whatever. Good luck Women's Team!

Dr. Urgo is a fan

Of St. Mary's woo


Messed around with some color and font stuff on the blog. You might notice, but you might not. Might try to add some sort of nav bar on the left w/boring stuff. Just feel like it is very narrow, lots of white space on the right and left. Thoughts or opinions? Also have a tentative logo, may implement it tonight. Probably violates school copyrights.

NS&M Colloquium Email

"Predicting the future is a dangerous business: despite the confident assertions of past science fiction writers, we don't have colonies in space, shootouts with laser guns, or human clones. "

Someone never went to a lazer tag birthday party...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SGA MEETING 2/23/2010

SGA Meeting, exciting.

Update: Sorry for forgetting to post this last night, got distracted.

8:15 - Ciji Tildwell is here to talk about stuff as our guest speaker. She is an area coordinator focused on serving international students. She is wondering who we think should be considered an International student. I don't really get it. It's regarding students who came from abroad to go here for four years, as opposed to exchange program students.

8:18 - "How can I coax students to become mentors for international students?" - Ciji. Duhhh, alcohol.

8:25 - Now she is just asking us questions about our thoughts on international students and stuff, I don't think this is the point of having a guest speaker. Going back to farmville.

8:27 - Thank you Mark Snyder for showing up so that we got quorum (need a certain number of senators to start the meeting).

8:30 - I like when Alex Walls says 'piggybacking'. I like piggy back rides a lot (giving them obv).

8:31 - Debbie just said 'piggybacking'. I hope someone else says it tonight.

8:36 - Katie Schultz is here to talk about stuff via student speakout. Talking about 'Dance your Shoes off', raising money for Haiti. It's going to be this Friday...somewhere. Maybe in DPC via The Nest.

8:41 - New club, Jiu Jitsu. It's like wrestling or something. Japanese wrestling maybe. Mike Young keeps giggling and I don't really know why, but it's making me giggle.

8:43 - Why is everyone laughing at Alex Walls :[

8:46 - Asked him to perform a Jiu Jitsu move. Got to go up and he showed me a cool Jiu Jitsu move that was very similar to missionary position. I got to lay on the floor and he moved into missionary topping position, and then I defended myself via locking his army behind his back. It was pretty cool. And the club got passed.

8:56 - Finance Board bylaw to fund 100% of referees. More sports should just be like Ultimate Frisbee and not have referees.

8:57 - Boring Finance Board bylaw, blah blah blah.

8:59 - Aww it's Kelly Schroeder's Birthday. Singing happy birthday as I type this.

9:18 - Calvert girl is wondering where the common room furniture is going. Duh, people's rooms.

9:?? Meeting over

Films for the Semester

Jan 22-24: Michael Jacksons This Is It

Jan 29-31: Zombieland

Feb 5-7: Where the Wild Things Are

Feb 12-14: Precious

Feb 19-21: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Feb 26-28: Princess and the Frog

Mar 5-7: New Moon

Mar 26-28: Sherlock Holmes

Apr 2-4: Youth In Revolt

Apr 9-11: Nine

Apr 16-18: Invictus

Apr 23-25: Book of Eli

Apr 30-May 2: TBD

This the list of films for this semester to be played in Cole Cinema. Got the list from Matt Foerster.

Excited for New Moon and Youth in Revolt. Also I heard TDB was really good and will prob get best picture next year at the Oscars.

Update: Apparently TBD is not a movie, but instead we will be voting on it. Avatar, Dear John, Legion. Everyone vote for Dear John.

New Student Trustee

I went to the Student Trustee open forum like a week ago and forgot to write about it. There was a lot of awesome pizza and I probably shortened my life by several hours based of all the pizza I ate. At one point Mike Young said that he would be okay with giving Public Safety guns, which really freaked me out, along with some other people in the forum. But he had a lot of good ideas about increasing safety on campus via AED devices. Caroline was cool but really timid, and already very involved with environmentalism things. Maurielle was pretty cool and seemed like she would represent the average student really well.

Anyway, candidates were Mike Young, Caroline Selle, and Maurielle Stewart. Maurielle ended up winning/being selected, which I was happy about since she was my favorite. Why haven't they sent out an email about this yet?


I think everyone would agree that this blog is pretty awesome (by everyone I mean my mom and five other people), but it's really lacking a logo. I wish it had a logo. Someone should make a logo for this, something simple. I would probably pay you in love/alcohol/5$. 5$ to someone who makes a sweet logo for this thing.

Point News got a new logo and I am jealous. Should hire their logo-maker.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Down with the Sickness

Sick again. Alcohol once again fails to cure my sickness. When will I learn? Went to health center, got back of meds. They had cough drops w/honey in the middle. Trying them right now.

Trip Report: Halls Naturals 'Harvest Peach' Throat Lozenge. I really dislike the taste of artificial peach. Oh my god these have menthol in them, no wonder they are so wonderful. Have not coughed yet.

Edit: coughed like two minutes after typing the above.

UPDATE: Just finished the candy thing. There was a glob of honey in the middle, it was so glorious. This is the best candy ever.

Health center lady was really nice. They gave me not-Robitussin, but I couldn't figure out how much to put it in because it said 2 teaspoons instead of using a real measurement like ounces. Hopefully I did not overdose.

New President = Dr. Urgo

What a cool name for our President. Seems like a cool dude, from another liberal arts college. It's finally over.

Looking at his resume, dude is obsessed with Faulkner. What a smart dude.

Gigantic image of him here. Someone needs to make a giant poster of him via this image. Gonna steal some one cards for pay for print to do this.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New President is Conan Obrien

Heard rumor that new president is a man. Conan is out of a job, so maybe he is our new President.



Writing a short paper about a book called Gender and Jim Crow and just realized the author's name is Glenda Gilmore. She's a Gilmore...girl. I love that show.


The previous post about the UMW president, she's probably not our new president. But continue to spread rumors and PANIC

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is this our New President?

Could this be our new president? Via University of Mary Washington Press Release, she has stepped down from her position. Same day ours accepted.

Very possible. She is pretty hot, so I am in favor of her, even if she is ghostly pale.

She was President at UMW for two years, so it's good that she has previous experience, but I wonder why she is leaving after only two years.

I would recommend that everyone PANIC and spread rumors.

UPDATE: "I actually saw a UMW minibus leaving campus this morning. " - Frank

Game over folks, this is totally our new President.

Also, Dibs.

College President Chosen!

According to this facebook wall to wall, a new President has been chosen. The Board of Trustees met this morning at 11AM, so it's definitely possible that they indeed picked someone. In addition, Laura and Dave are on the Point News staff, and therefore pretty knowledgeable about the goings ons of campus.

This is pretty good news if it's true. I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm 80% sure this is factual and such, but I could always be wrong. PANIC?

EDIT: According to the Point News it's official. Radical. I think some of them were there, glad to hear that the Point News is able to wake up early enough for these meetings when I'm not.

As expected, he's from some other college. I hope it's a cool one. Actually I'm just assuming/writing that it's a he, it could totally be a girl obviously.

Point News Write-up Below. Someone should have taken photos!

"At the beginning of the Board of Trustees meeting on Saturday, Feb. 20, Board Chairman James P. Muldoon announced that "We have extended an offer" to the selected presidential candidate. By the middle of the meeting, the Board received news that that the candidate had, in fact, accepted. The candidate appears to be coming from another college. Muldoon said that on Monday, the candidate would notify his or her campus of the decision, and then would come forward to the St. Mary's Community.

"This is a great week for St. Mary's College," Muldoon said."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Consecutive Classses

Just realized I don't think I've ever had consecutive classes, like having an 8am and then a 9:20

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reusable To-Go Boxes

What do you guys think about these? You take one, and have to return it before you can get another/if you don't return it you get a hold put on your account/you get charged.

I am trying to garner (maybe gather is a more appropriate/correct word?) support for these things to show to Bon Appetit so that they implement them. Radical.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WGSX House

WGSX House seems to be desperate for applicants, based on all the status updates I've seen. They have 16 spots but not enough applicants. It's a great way for underclassmen to get on North Campus, and you probably get credit. Apps due tonight at midnight, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got extended.

New SMCM Ride Board

There is a new Ride Board facebook group, created by Katie McDermott. It's a facebook group, and you can join it here. So far there are a lot of people looking for rides, and a few offering rides. I was able to successfully find a ride to Cook's, so I like it a lot.

Katie made the group primarily to help her find rides to her main squeeze, who lives in New Jersey or something.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SGA Meeting 2/16/10

SGA Meeting

8:10 - Haven't started yet

8:18 - Haven't started yet

8:23 - Starting

8:27 - Chris Rodkey has a bill about oysters and supporting the Governor's bill to create oyster sanctuaries. Oysters are awesome and should be protected some.

8:30 - Resolution thanking SafeRide. Awesome.

8:36 - 6,000$ish dollars for Programs Board to do stuff. Nest, Coffeehouse, and Special Events. Exciting.

8:37 - Hahah Becky White just got called Alexander Walls.

8:40 - Bill to stop clubs from selling stuff and then using that money. Instead the money would go back to the SGA. Dance club does this a lot. Passed.

8:48 - Bill that Finance Board will cover 75% of tournament fees or reg. fees for clubs and such. This has been the standard for the past few years so it's pretty obv.

8:49 - Talking to Sam Rockler on aim, she wanted me to say this. She has a radio show Tuesdays at 6PM, probably with hip stuff, it's pretty cool. She paid me to write this btw.

8:54 - Lots of debating going on. Wish it was masturbating and not debating.

9:13 - blah blah blah

9:17 - Make the 50% for hotel fees standard. Mike Young doesn't like this.

9:24 - debate blah blah blah

9:30 - Alex Walls annoys me

9:33 - So confused as to what I am voting on, but it passed

9:39 - My butt is very itchy at the moment

9:44 - Talking about Renewable Energy Credits. We should probably spend that money on Lego

10:05 - Calvert microwave has cockroaches. I love Calvert so much

10:07 - Lisa Davidson thanked me for showing SGA how to use Gmail to email their constituents

10:?? done


I was on facebook in the library instead of finishing homework, and under friend suggestions it said 'Lauren Jacoby'. I clicked on her profile, and then looked up and realized she was sitting across from me. It was crazy.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Yo readerz...

Mike Tornabene and I are looking for two people to live with us on the Greens. Guys or girls. Requirements:

  • Have some credits. Mike has 80 and I have 105. There's some minimum I don't remember what it is, but have that amount.
  • Be cool
gogogogo we are serious

Water Pipe Broken

How many times do they need to send out this email, I think it's been at least five times at this point.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Readers, will you be my Valentine?

Blessing The Boats (at St. Marys)

may the tide
that is entering even now
the lip of our understanding
carry you out
beyond the face of fear
may you kiss
the wind then turn from it
certain that it will
love your back may you
open your eyes to water
water waving forever
and may you in your innocence
sail through this to that

-Lucille Clifton

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Looking for a place to take your hot date tomorrow, and score free food? Look no further than the STUDENT TRUSTEE CANDIDATE FORUM. They will have pizza and be discussing the candidates for the new student trustee. You can ask them questions and voice your opinions, and get free pizza. Maybe even....fall in love? (not likely)


I wandered into the SafeRide office late last night and was talking to Danny about random stuff. A girl in the back said something like "I've heard of Tom Seahawk, but I've never met him." I then proceeded to loudly informer her that I was in fact Tom Seahawk. SafeRide office is one of my favorite places to visit.

Pictured is a SafeRide Supervisor, Matt Foerster, eating a cat.

Lucille Clifton

Saw on Jeremy Pevner's facebook status that she may have died. Looking at google news, she cancelled a Feb. 22nd appearance, so it's possible I suppose.

If this is true then it's really depressing. She was the Poet Laureate for our state for awhile, and has been a distinguished professor here for like two decades.

Her poem, The Blessing of the Boats, is on the wall outside the Great Room. She was a really nice old lady, and I got to see her speak here in 2008, and it was really really wonderful.

UPDATE: Larry Vote confirmed it. :[

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SafeRide Cancelled

Woah, so SafeRide sent out an email this afternoon saying that they'd be running, and at 7:30 they cancel it? What happens to the people who already left, or more importantly, those who left without checking their email after 7:30? They're probably counting on SafeRide, and with so many cars already snowed in, it might be hard for them to find a DD when they realize SafeRide isn't running.

I guess they have their reasons for canceling, but I hope no one is put in a bad situation because of this. And I guess it's only a two-ish mile walk back, but it is pretty cold outside. I'm just glad I didn't go tonight.

Man & Dog at Coffeehouse

The musical group known as Man & Dog came to coffeehouse last week, and it was pretty cool.

Ugh I had this awesome post about this but then it got deleted so I am going to do this in bullet form because I am upset that it did not save
  • Great show, favorite coffeehouse band
  • They recognized me from seeing my blog or something, and we talked about frisbee golf
  • Saw them after the show at LQ 16 and they were cool
  • Got some pictures of them from Stephen Warner
Cool dudes, hope they come again and play frisbee golf with me

Also first post not about snow in awhile, woot

Wednesday, February 10, 2010




School Closings

So Public schools around here are closed through Friday

I don't think we'll have school tomorrow, but I guess it's hard to tell. Real question is whether we'll have school Friday, which I think there is a good chance of.

National Museum of Dentistry

"Just saw on the news that the National Museum of Dentistry is closed, so don't bother heading out, if you had planned to do so." - Mom

Love you mom!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I miss you Chuck Holden. One day we will have class together.

This will be my third snow day in a row. Running low on Ramen and Keystone. Someone drive me to the respective stores where I can purchase these stat!

Also, PANIC. I was walking back and slipped a lot.

Monday, February 8, 2010

School Tomorrow, PANIC

There is school tomorrow! PANIC!

Update: People really seem to hate Chip Jackson for sending out those emails, but he's really nice/cool. Also pretty.

Image via. koko O.

Update: My class for tomorrow got cancelled. Maybe other professors are doing this as well?

Sunday, February 7, 2010



School Tomorrow???

The big question on everyone's mind (other than Super Bowl) is if we'll have school tomorrow. Current status as of 2PM:

  • St. Marys County Public Schools are closed tomorrow
  • Roads still somewhat icy
  • Paths pretty icy
  • "Peter Black:
    I spoke with my friends in Physical Plant, and they say there's no way we can have school tomorrow. But please don't start the rumor mill, because this is not yet official."
  • This happened last week and school was closed on Monday
I think it's hard to tell at this point, especially in terms of what the parking lots and paths on campus will look like after the sun goes down.

Also please don't attempt to bother Public Safety about whether or not school will be closed, they have better things to do probably.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Building Collapse PANIC

According to this article the snow caused a building to collapse. What if this started happening here! Thanks to Debbie for putting the article as her status.

So please begin to PANIC over the possibility of our buildings collapsing.

Friday, February 5, 2010


We are all literally going to die

  • 2 Cases of Keystone
  • 6 bowls of Shrimp ramen
  • Cereal
  • Lot of oatmeal
  • Snow
  • Handle of Rikaloff
Supplies Consumed Already
  • All the wine :[
  • 1 ramen shrimp bowl

Classes over at noon

All of my classes are before noon. It's okay though because I don't really like missing class.

Also some kid in my class is writing Star Wars fanfiction instead of taking notes. But I guess I am bloggering instead of taking notes, so who am I to judge?

Someone (Andrew Bounds) literally came in a half an hour late for a one hour class. Awesome.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tricia Realbuto showed me this sweetass site

I am predicting.... 69 inches of snow in St. Mary's

We are all going to die. Please make sure to stock up on food and alcohol before any snow arrives because driving in the snow can be very dangerous. Also remember that you will need extra food and alcohol due to the Super Bowl.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exclusive: Possible World Carnival Band

I got an email from some SMCM alumns in a band called Drop Electric asking me who to contact to play at World Carnival. I listened to some of their songs and they seemed pretty chill and enjoyable. So in the event that they actually end up playing at World Carnival, you heard it here first. lol

Speaking of World Carnival, I am really excited.

Polar Bear Splash

The 5th Annual Polar Bear Splash will be February 18th at 4PM. I am glad that they are requiring shoes after all the cut feet and blood from last year. Proceeds go to Haiti!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



SGA Meeting 2/2/2010

Groundhog Day wooo. I watched it today, it's still really awesome.

8:07 - Haven't started yet. Not a lot of people here, probably because of Lost premiere

8:13 - Finally starting. The projector is not working :[

8:15 - Music Lover's Club, the new name of Crazy Pianos. Cool. "Support network for people who like music" - lol support network.

8:16 - Passed! No one voted against it

8:19 - White Room Club. I have been to White Room events and they're pretty cool.

8:25 - It passed

8:26 - Wollof Club, something about Gambia. It is a tribe there. This sounds pretty cool, but I wonder what kind of stuff they'll do. Wollof is also a language, so they will practice that and reminisce about the Gambia and drink Gambia tea. Gambia.

8:27 - Senator Winship has a good point, about incorporating it into the International club.

8:30 - It's snowing!

8:33 - It passed!

8:35 - Voted on Presidential Search committee people things, I don't know how to explain it exactly, but I nominated this man Zach Etsch and Becky White laughed at me. I think he'll do a good job

8:36 - Inventory policy legislation. Makes clubs accountable for all the stuff that they have (inventory) so that they don't request the same stuff over and over. So this is a really cool idea I think.

8:43 - Passed

8:46 - Club sharing policy. It's about getting clubs to share items that the SGA has bought, so that we don't buy stuff like Rubik's Cubes for several different clubs. Cool idea, but I wonder how often it will be used. It's a good policy though for sure.

8:57 - blah blah blah

9:00 - It passed, 18-4.

9:01 - Lisa Neu just said something about food committee. That is my thing, I hope this is something good that she wants to talk about.

9:03 - Debbie said that she isn't talking for 40 minutes this time, woot. <3.>

9:06 - Anna Winship just got Presidential Search and Student Trustee search mixed up...

9:07 - Debbie acknowledged the lack of GSN and said that I told her this, and that the Student Trustee Search Forum would be the closest game show experience due to lack of GSN. I miss GSN so much :[

9:10 - 100,000$ in Special Carryover. Cool.

9:11 - I am really hungry

9:27 - Alex Walls I am happy that there is now heat in your bathroom and I totally care.

9:33 - Meeting over

wed feb 10 8 pm shaefer 106 - student trustee search forum, go to it


Woah February! Today is Groundhog Day, so I am watching Groundhog Day. It is also Black History month, which is awesome.

Thursday is 100 Days at the door. I was thinking about going, but when it's my turn next year I'd probably be pretty annoyed if I saw kids there who weren't Seniors. What is everyone's opinion on this?

UPDATE: What do you, dear readers, think of this facebook celeb look-alike business? Who do I look like?
EDIT: Freshman year myself and Freshman year Bumble/Mike Ennis look incredibly similar, he is kinda famous.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ashlee Simpson

This girl, Rosa Trembour ( I think I met her during new students day??? ) has rated every song from Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography. Going through people's iTunes is my new hobby.

This dedication to Ashlee Simpson is astounding.

Edit: She also has the artist Danger, who is probably my favorite electronic artist, so she is redeemed or something.