Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling Saturated Branches

This is a really cool term/descriptor and I want to continue using it after this PANIC situation.

Goodpastor Alarms: PANIC!!

Goodpastor Alarms keep going off due to water pressure issues.  PANIC.  Not an actual emergency but it is annoying.




Dunno if yall can see but we are currently in that white 'catastrophic' area.




Some of you might be thinking "tropical storms are bitches, I want a legit ass hurricane, why do I have to PANIC???"  If this is you then you are a dumbface because this TROPICAL STORM is going to destroy us all.  I don't think you realize that according to YOUR PETS ARE GOING TO BE TOTALLY UNCOMFORTABLE.
There is going to be a lot of rain.  If you are a wicked witch from the West (siiiiiiiiiide) PANIC!  Just look at all this rain
Sheeeeeeeeit how are we going to survive?  

Some recommendations for Survival:
  • Don't drink the water (via that Dave Matthews Band song)
  • Go to the grind and buy everything, and hoard stuff
  • Don't go to class (jk yall should go to class)
  • Don't wear white shoes to the gym (via Kristina Schiller)
  • ???
Hope yall survive via not dying.  Hope the river does not flood QA.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bamboo Boat Race

I want to be on someone's team, someone invite me to be on their team.  I just want to mostly watch and pretend to be a part of the team.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


In class, been coughing a lot...worried that I am getting 'sick'.  Has science invented a cure for the common cold yet???

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rick Loheed uses Comic Sans

Look at his signature, Comic Sans!  Really don't like the comic sans font very much is all.

Oh yeah also Bamboo boat race.  Dunno how I feel about the change since it breaks with tradition.  Kinda cool how they are using bamboo from like the school though I guess.

SGA Meeting 9/21/2010

Woah this is late.  Cool meeting overall.  Some random notes that Katie Caffey jotted down:

Lots of new senators, class exec board people here
student speak out: QA lights are out. Can’t see skunks, etc
Developing a climate action plan, REC purchases – lisa + luke
People’s cell phones are blowin up.
Mark just texted me. He officially withdrew from senatorship L
Luke is having trouble with the presentation. Ken’s working on it
Climate control is huge draw on energy, turning power on/off uses a lot of energy, too
Kyle bring up good point about climate-efficient, double-pane windows, or lack of them. Funding issue
Cut water consumption by a third, electricity by 16%
RECs becoming a lot cheaper
Executive appointments
Special carryover fund: $98,000
Composting buckets just passed! Woot
ken just walked out, becky got confused.  [Editor's Note:  I was peeing]
Ken is back  [Editor's Note:  I was done peeing]
Bylaws passed, becky: “YESSSS!”
Now we are amending the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXs
Omg what’s going on
Alex walls has a question.
By-law Amendment passed!
Ken just told the club to “defend itself” haha
Voting on “students for a democratic society” club  [this club passed]
We got a big grant for the sciences
Sga pays for tvs circa ’93. We used to charge $1/student in the dorms. 

Ken Notes:  I had some legislation about buying composting buckets for students, and that passed.  Now have 20 composting buckets to distribute!

Joanne Goldwater somehow managed to find documentation that the SGA in 93' bought the TVs for the common rooms.  This is pretty amazing/funny.  I can't imagine like, what it took to find that information.  Anywayz as a result SGA is looking into buying new TVs for dorms with broken TVs, like QA.  

Also, lots of mold in the Townhouses, Kyle McGrath feels that the filters are not the proper size.

Crabs in the Great Room

After some intense investigative journalism (via going to the Bon Appetit Menu page and searching for 'crab') it would appear that tomorrow the Great Room will be serving crabs!  Probably at lunch, maybe also at dinner.  Personally I'm all crabbed out (via there are still a dozen sitting in my fridge and all my fingers have small cuts on them) but this should be exciting news for many of you.

Great Room generally does this once a semester, and the day that they do it is often mysterious (I think).

When I was a young child I wanted to have a pet crab.  I remember once we bought some live crabs to steam later that evening, and I spent the afternoon following one of the crabs around my yard (via using a stick to get him out of the crab pot).  It was a grand affair, and I miss Chadwick to this day (Chadwick is the obvious name for any crab, but some prefer Charles [these people are incorrect]).

Vampire Weekend

Okay so, I went to Merriweather last Saturday (like the 20th or w/e) and they have screens on the pavilion that you can text messages to.  Someone texted the messages 'Tom Seahawk I see you' and 'Tom Seahawk give me 5$ for a tshirt'.  This freaked me out hard.  Was it one of yall readers???  Zach Eser said it was some freshmen girls (dunno how he figured this out, maybe really he did it all along...)

Anywayz, who dunnit

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lady Gaga

Working on getting music for the Crab Feast tomorrow, got an email wherein Jurgo requested that Lady Gaga be played.  <3 u prez.

Really luv Gaga too.  Mom and I bonded over our love of her on the ride down to school last month.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Passports on Campus

If only there was a post office nearby where we could do the same thing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Marc Hume

Saw Marc Hume on campus earlier today.  wtf

Saturday, September 18, 2010



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holy Fuck at Coffeehouse

Holy Fuck is going to be at CoffeeHouse tonight.   Awesome!  They are a pretty legit band and kinda expensive, but according to inside sources we got them on the cheap since they were already in the area.

Pretty cool electronic band.  They are rad.  Not much else to say.

Mowing the Lawn

I would like to thank the grounds crew for mowing the lawn this morning at 8AM, because I forgot to set my alarm and I would have missed my 8AM otherwise.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SGA Meeting 9/14/2010

Some highlights

Chief Santiago came, what a cute man, he seems real chill.  Tryna talk with students about stuff.  He defended his title of Chief.  Initially I thought it was kinda silly/lame, but he has a good reason for it, I mean he really earned it.


umm....I forget????

Alex Walls acted sillyMor

Becky White said something funny

Jes Harvey said Holy F*** instead of Holy Fuck.  To be honest, I really hate when people feel like they cannot say fuck.  Like, if they have a reason that is based on morals or religion, I guess that is okay, but we are all adults and should be able to deal with the word 'fuck'.  More importantly, HOLY FUCK IS COMING!!!

It was a good meeting.  Bayless gave her 'I am not texting, I am telling people important things' speech which was cool.  Feel like that was inspired by this blog maybe, can't even remember, it was year ago.

It was a good meeting, will discuss more later maybe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you like Pizza?  Do you like the idea of going to school for the rest of your life?  Head to the Grad School event at Glendenning Annex tomorrow at noon for pizza and knowledge about graduate school!

Campus Fire Safety Month

September is Campus Fire Safety Month!  My idol, Polly Miller, will be in the campus center with information all week.  You can also sign up for fire-extinguisher training.  She also mentioned something about getting hosed down by firemen...this sounds exciting/erotic.  Glorious.

Really though yall, try not to cause any fires that could result in stuff burning down.

Mountain Dew

Someone in my 8AM is drinking mountain dew.  I find this weird I think.  I guess it does have caffeine though.

This post brought to you by the PEPSICO corporation

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Class of 2011 Crab Feast

Crab Feast!  30$ at Jurgo's house.  Benefit's the Class of 2011, which still needs to raise a lot of money.  Was thinking about not going because it's a bit more expensive than in years past, but Dad said he would buy my ticket (via all the parents got letters about this).  Real cool that the President is hosting this at his house.  Hope he has pets we can play with.  Wonder if we get to use his bathroom.  Kinda want to invite him to my house (via Harrington 3) for family dinner.  Menu would be something like

  • Chili (oh my god, roommate Mike Tornabene made Chili the other night, so good) and rice, with tortillas if desired
  • A light pasta side
  • Some greenery (aka bag of salad and celery added in)
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Carlo Rossi Wine (only the finest)

Bridge Inspection

This happened awhile ago, but it would have been cool if the school had told us that the bridge at Solomons was being inspected during move-in day so that we could have avoided that hour of traffic.

EDIT:  apparently the government down here is bad at informing people about these bridge inspections, according to a commenter.  Very possible.  In Baltimore County they are real good about notifying people about stuff like this, but could be different down here.  Either way I was upset/it was kinda cool because I got to walk around on the bridge.


Found out about a week ago that Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall has a twin.  Think his name is Max.  He is the one on the left, Danny is on the right.  Girl in the middle is an unknown, possibly a third mysterious twin (triplet).

Anyway, as everyone knows in every twinship there is...and evil twin.  Kinda trying to figure out which of these is the evil twin.  On the one hand Max seems to be into plays and computery stuff, while Danny is into the outdoors.

Danny also quotes Gandhi (EDIT:  I had spelled Gandhi incorrectly previously because I am an ignorant slut) a lot on his facebook.  Feel like Ghandi is a pretty chill dude via starvation for a cause, so this means that his brother Max must be the evil twin.

Kinda glad that we got the 'good' twin, otherwise our Student Trustee would be evil.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A blurb

Saw this little flow of conscious that a student wrote earlier this morning.  Gonna repost it because it's kinda cute/great.
im pretty sure i always rode safe ride home from the door by myself. halloween is known as the greatest night of the year. people from college park and townies and everyone elise meets that she invites comes down. its a bunch of people running around a square in costumes but it fucking rules. there are drinks at every house that may be why. on may first the seniors ride bikes naked through campus and jump in to the river. and to fool the cops they do it twice. theres a student worked farm, a vegetarian food co-op, and if you think your bike is stolen someone probably just borrowed it because youll probably find it on the other side of campus the next week. frisbees are annoyingly flying everywhere, people through their shoes in a tree after they have sex, theres the dorch porch, the point, the docks, the greens, the door. books the shady porn store which ive only ever gone to and read the fake comics in front because i always forget my id. books that i never open for class and class held outside. on the water. I MISS YOU. theres so much more.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In case people didn't figure it out, Paul P was tryna make Hallowgreens Friday because his class has a field trip Saturday night.  Obv that didn't go over well with everyone else.  Pretty sure ResLife/School planned for it to be Saturday from the beginning, like they usually do.

Anyways, summary is that it's Saturday like always.  See yall then.

Towed Vehicles

Would kinda suck to get vehicle towed I think.  Gotta walk 4-30 miles to the 'car graveyard' and then pay money (not flex) to get it back.  Looks like a Beetle got towed today, kinda depressing.  Feel like Beetles are epitome of 'cute' cars, guess even they aren't safe from towing.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SGA Meeting 10/7/2010

1st official meeting of the semester.

Katie Caffey is writing this and not Ken...le sigh

It's 8pm. Let's get this meeting started. sgalol

Ken is wearing a cool hat from "Don's"

The new parliamentarian looks kind of like Louis.

8:03 - Ken just called this meeting to order, so early!!
Roll call
The new secretary is doing a really good job reading all the names.
There are no class presidents here.
MARK SNYDER ISN'T HERE. I was going to skype him in for student speak out but he’s not online.

8:05 - Kyle thinks the townhouse senators have their shit together because they are all here. He is right. (ps WC needs 2 or 3 more senators, so you should run!)

8:06 - Becky white just walked in. Alex Walls: "late as usual!"

8:06 - I just motioned to amend the agenda to include the guest speaker, Lisa and Luke, because Ken told me to before the meeting, and I thought it was a good idea.

8:07 - Minutes just passed
No students are here to speak out.

8:07 - Luke and Lisa are guest speaking about sustainable energy and GSMRLF.
The PP is a corrupt file, and Ken can't open it:( Luke is going to wing it without notes

8:11 – Ken just opened the PowerPoint! He’s my hero! Luke dissed Macs, but then he took it back I think.
Interesting facts about energy consumption,

8:13 - Gordy (WC Senator) just walked in

8:17 – Ken is going to try to get the graphs to show up on the PowerPoint

8:19 – Lisa is describing the Green St. Mary’s Revolving Loan Fund (GSMRLF), which works on renewable energy projects around campus. It was established last year, so this is its first year. It’s really exciting
8:22 - Ken just fixed the PowerPoint again. Now we can see all the images/graphs. He's such a good VP!
8:24 – potential GSMRLF projects: solar trash compactors, motion-sensing lighting, solar street lights, etc. really cool ideas

8:28 – Good job Lisa and Luke! applaud

8:28 – officer reports

8:30 – ken is talking. It’s too bad he can’t blog and talk at the same time. I’m going to miss his blogging skills. Now he’s talking about committees. All committees need non- SGA members so please consider joining one or more of these committees:
(ps there’s no parking committee anymore, RIP. apparently there’s no technology committee either)
Apps will be out soon for these committees.
644 students showed up at the Nest. Whoa! Biggest Nest event yet.

8:34 - Student open-mike at 8pm for coffee house this week

8:35 – Ken and Danny just had a nice polite exchange. such gentlemen. Now danny is talking about meadows’ and ticks.
Danny: “If you guys didn’t know, there are ticks in meadows”
Kyle: “What’s a tick?”

June 2012: Ann Arundel demolition to begin
Student trustee website There’s a blog too but Danny was talking too fast

8:38 – reports reports reports, exciting!

8:40 – ken just messed up saying the parliamentarian’s name

8:40 – ken was told to do a re-do. He spoke really slow but I think he got it right

8:42 – senator reports now

8:42 – Alex said he doesn’t have a report, but he’s still talking. Love you, Alex Walls.

8:43 – Ken is standing in front of the projector shielding his eyes from the light. He should have brought sunglasses

8:45 – Ken is talking

8:46 – Meeting adjourned. See ya’ll next week. Hope this didn’t suck too much. I miss kenlol.
This is Katie, btw.

Goodpaster Bathrooms

No longer smell like piss


Pretty sure this kid in Astronomy just thought that the star was named after the movie...

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Director of Public Safety

There is a new Director of Public Safety yalls.  New dude seems into talking to the students (via the open hour Fridays from 12:30-1:30) as opposed to just yelling at us (via Brooks).  Is Brooks still around?  I think he sent out an email the other day, so maybe he is.

Dude's name is Chris Santiago.  Santiago is a real cool name, liking this dude already.  Feel like I should also give him a catchy name, like Jurgo (legit heard someone call him this, but it might have been because I had said it like a hot minute before).  Maybe Santy?  Gives impression that he is jolly and also hands out gifts (in the form of alcohol citations).  Kinda could be construed as a derogatory/disrespectful name though.  OH WELL!

Anyway, hope he is cool and all that jazz.


halp someone resize that image up there

EDIT:  fixed kinda, thanks Margo!



Pretty sure Earl is gonna destroy the campus.  PANIC!  Some antifearmongers have been saying that this hurricane will miss us, but I have been discussing this with a lot of the meteorology majors and they seem to believe that we are all going to get Hurricaned.

Last time there was a Hurricane I put on that Scorpions song 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' on repeat and then left my room.  It still still my top played on because of that.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Haven't posted anything really since school started, been busy, maybe will stop being lazy soon.

Maybe will find....replacement soon.....