Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the Library without a shirt

Sitting in the library study room with friends not wearing a shirt because it is ungodly hot in here. A girl just walked by and definitely started slowing down. Is this legal?

EDIT: One of these people was Allison Teta!

Monks Gang War

Via the Point News

"According to a source in the grounds crew who lives near Monks, local police have been telling residents to avoid that area because of the possibility of a drive-by shooting in the area tonight."

Class Registration

Think I'm going to take
ESL across the curriculum
Gender in History
Roman Empire

Thoughts? Anyone else taking any of these?

Take Back the Night

Today (thursday!) is the annual Take Back the Night event, which has been going on throughout the world since the late 1800s. The idea of the event is to protest violence against women, especially during the night. If you want to attend, show up at the River Center at 8. I think they will have some people talk, and maybe walk around in the dark some. Don't really know but it should be pretty cool. Maybe kinda emotional as well.

I guess being a guy at St. Mary's I don't really worry about walking around during the night, but I think this is a really great event and really important and cool. Maybe they will even have food.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giant Spider PANIC

I was walking by the path and I saw a very large spider web. This can me only one thing: GIANT SPIDERS! PANIC! Spiders are really scary and I hate them and I am worried that this possible GIANT SPIDER will attack us all in our sleep/crawl into our mouths (boy scout urban legend that horrified me).

What do yall think made this giant spider web?
  • Normal spider
  • Spiderman
  • Spaderman
  • Art Major
  • Senior fulfilling art req
I think it was a spaderman

EDIT: According to comments Becca Clement made it, who is a senior. Called it!

SGA Meeting 3/30/2010

8:05 - Still looking for a place to have the meeting.

8:07 - Stole Lisa Neu's gavel.

8:13 - Gave gavel back to an angry Lisa Neu.

8:21 - GSMRF - Green St. Mary's Revolving Fund.

8:22 - Justin said climax and I laughed.

8:23 - The goal is to fight our energy consumption and decrease our carbon footprint.

8:24 - Only a few other school do this, most aren't small liberal arts colleges (Harvard has a huge one!). The idea is to invest in green energy, and then we would get money back from the energy savings. Also it makes the school look cooler!

8:30 - Brendan Larrabee just left. Ass.

8:31 - Perry wants to start the fund with 80,000$. Ahh this is so complicated! How wonderful! To keep the fund growing, 10% of SIG (Student investment group) dividends will go into it (prob like 1,000$ a year I figure), allocate 10,000$ of yearly operating budget on this, increase student fees by 5$. Radical.

8:36 - Green ideas! Green trash compactor (sends a message letting people know when it needs to be emptied), motion-sensing lights, solar street lights, rain barrels, reusable to-go boxes, etc.

8:38 - Fund should be self-sufficient within 6 to 7 years. Ahh I'll be so old!

8:48 - Chris Rodkey: blah blah blah I have a question? Justin Perry: Well if you read the email I sent out...

8:50 - Just voted on something. There's like five different parts of legislation for the GSMRF but I'm only kinda paying attention because I'd rather just vote on it all at once.

8:51 - Feel free to leave comments asking questions, this whole thing is complicated but really important/cool.

9:09 - "This isn't crazy magic coming out of nowhere, it's been proven to work" - Mark Snyder on how much we should raise student fees by (I want 10).

9:18 - Debating stuff. Should probably pregame SGA in the future.

9:19 - Totally knew Tony Quick was going to say 'pussyfoot'.

9:27 - *cries* I have to make a decision and vote and not abstain - Chris Rodkey

9:31 - More voting

9:32 - Alex Walls is proposing a new committee called the 'Environmental Protection Committee'. Cool. Committee would talk about environmental stuff or whatever, kinda boring but cool because environmental issues are really important and not covered by any of the other committees.

9:35 - Woah there was a typo in this amendment, can we really trust something with typos?

9:41 - Alex Walls just lost his 'train' of thought. Can we really trust his proposal? Considering abstaining to annoy him.

9:44 - Someone just piggybacked something. I fucking love piggybacking.

9:45 - Alex just had a 'trainwreck' in his mind. What is with his train obsession?

9:46 - Why don't you guys understand that there is no limit to how many people are on a committee, I have like a dozen people on food services committee. It makes meetings a lot more fun.

9:52 - Dean Bayless just said piggybacking.

9:54 - I literally have no idea what we are debating right now.

9:56 - Lost quorum, gonna table stuff. Oh and the Environmental committee passed.

9:59 - Movie this weekend in Youth in Revolt. Hope Cera can nail the role of awkward teenager.

10:00 - Dean Bayless implying we have weak girly arms. I don't disagree with her.

10:01 - Candidates for next years exec board. Marlena and myself for prez and vice, Matt smith for treasurer, Bryan miller for campus programming. Other people are running against us but these are the cool dudes yall should vote for.

10:03 - Just invited 600 people to the natty boh hunt event. Lols.

10:04 - Spirit Week. Some cool ideas. Penny wars is dumb because by college you realize a small amount of change can easily buy a 40oz.

10:08 - Meeting over!

Monday, March 29, 2010

CJ the Mascot

CJ, the SMCM mascot! Found this on the college's archive of photos. There's a lot of cool stuff there. Forgot the website though. Fun way to procrastinate. I don't really like how blue the costume is, but the head is kinda funny. I think the new one is a lot less aggressive which I like. I wonder if CJ is the name of the mascot or the kid there? Feel like Solomon is a pretty good name, but it has a pretty religious connotation which has pros and cons I guess. People think we're a Catholic school a lot, and Solomon just perpetuates that idea. But on the other hand, it's kinda like Solomon's island which is nearby.

Also um I think the photo was from like 1993? Maybe 87? Can't remember.


The SMCM LOL BLOG has a twitter for some reason. It's

I try to update it as I post new entries, but I forget often enough that it's not 100% accurate.

Bald Eagle on Campus

Been seeing a 'bald' eagle on campus lately. Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand bald eagles like to fight seagulls (long term readers may know how much I fucking hate seagulls with every fibre of my being) and they are pretty and they are an American icon. But on the other hand there are really no negatives to this so I don't know why I wrote it like there would be a negative. Not gonna erase it. Fuck editing.

Saw it Friday morning around 7:30 on the way to class circling LQ. As an LQ senator, if this bald eagle tries to attack us I will destroy it and its terrorism. Some SMUT friends said they saw it on North Fields, and another friend said she saw it attacking a seagull (woot).

What do yall think about 'bald' eagles
  • Do they represent the very ethos of St. Mary's?
  • What is an ethos?
  • Do bald eagles get drunk?
  • Would you rather our national bird be the bald eagle or the delicious turkey via Ben Franklin
  • Was Ben Franklin our greatest President due to his alcoholism and not actually being a President but getting to be on the 100$ bill?
EDIT: surprised I didn't write this as a 'PANIC' article.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Formal

Spring Formal. I walked by and they were playing Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show which was cool. I walked through later and grabbed some sandwich and that was amazing.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Sorry I haven't been updating much lately, I got the new pokemon game and have been doing a lot of homework.

  • Saw a helicopter land in Guam field last week during a lacrosse game
  • Saw a firetruck in the WC parking lot spraying water everywhere
  • Saw a firetruck pull into the PG circle which was weird
  • Saw lots of nutrias/the river rats

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Relay for Life

Gonna be there helping to play music. Saturday 6-midnight. Come give cancer people money.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who are these people

Two people sent me friend requests last week. They are Hannah Beckman and Kelli Anne Pittman.

Should I know these people/have I met them and forgotten/are they cool. Someone help me with this dilema stat.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SGA Meeting 3/23/2010

SGA Meeting. I bought the new pokemon game today so I probably won't be paying much attention. I picked Cyndaquil! He is level 9! If anyone else is playing this then we should battle.

8:07 - Meeting has....begun.

8:09 - Sentret just leveled up to 7.

8:10 - Some boring legislation. If senior class spends over budget more than 4,000$ then the SGA gets to approve any other funding or somesuch.

8:14 - It passed.

8:16 - Gonna be a lot of debate on this. Talon Grant for the Barn that is somewhere around here and near Chancellor's Point. He is asking for 20,000$, which he said sounds like a lot, which it is a lot. I don't really understand it, so hopefully people will ask good questions that he can answer and expand on to show why it's so important.

8:20 - I don't feel like students would want to use it very much since it's pretty far away and people usually don't feel like walking. But I could be wrong.

8:31 - I guess it's a cool way to spend money on something that will be around for awhile.

8:32 - I guess I don't think it's the best use of student money, like, would students really use it?

8:34 - 10 minute walk from campus center, kinda far away. Ughhhh I don't know how to decide : [

8:35 - Could we have barn parties in it???
Update: Texted some senators asking them to ask this question. lulz.

8:38 - Doesn't have electricity, but Historic has a generator. Makes hosting stuff their difficult. Also no restrooms.

8:42 - Woah apparently some slavs were buried next to the barn. Long time readers will know how much hate I hold for the slavic people.

8:43 - I don't actually hate slavs btw.

8:45 - David Chase said something to me via facebook, how much internet could we buy for 20k? Ahhh I wish we had faster Internet. Could download so much porn, I mean, Disney movies and homework assignments/articles.

8:46 - Motion to change the amount from 20,000 to 10,000.

8:47 - Sola may or may not have said that it would be a good place to smoke weed.

8:49 - Mike Young, the pragmatist strikes again.

8:53 - More discussion, more people wanting to fund 20,000.

8:54 - Senator next to me is watching Modern Warfare 2 videos on youtube.

8:58 - So thirsty.

9:01 - "It's pretty huge" - Farm dude in reference to the size of the barn. Hope he was actually talking about his penis.

9:09 - Robb Kircher is reading movie reviews.

9:10 - Fuck you Mark Snyder no one gives a fuck about your goddam New England piece of shit town. j/k you bring up a good point. Seriously though stop saying you are from New England, we get it already.

9:17 - Mark stop talking. <3

9:18 - Right now voting, I'm voting against changing it to 10,000.

9:30 - How is it already 9:30. I knew this would happen. h8 u debate.

9:37 - Just got some water, feeling refreshed, feeling authentic.

9:39 - Talon Grant just passed.

9:41 - Justin Perry just called me out in his wanting me to run for President. I feel like Presidents should not get stupidly drunk every weekend, which is why Marlena is a great choice.


9:49 - Lisa Davidson just compared Health Care Reform and the Barn. Lol.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Ahhh how is it already the 22nd? I spent a solid 5 minutes freaking out over this last night. Also it's spring, woo! Someone told me it is going to snow. If it snows I will probably try to ignore it and attempt to lay out in the sun/snow. If I die, I leave all my worldly possessions to Dean Bayless.

Also this happened a bit ago at 9:12AM

"Ken, meet me in my room in two hours with a handle of riki and we can start recreating last week"

miss u spring break

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Internet Outage

Dunno any details really, lost mine for about an hour or so. Then I got it back but suitemates hadn't. Sucks for people who waited til last minute to do me.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am in Georgia at the ultimate tournament known as High Tide. Chillin with Mark Snyder and Hannah Brown. This is greatness. Here is a photo of us.

See yall soon

Friday, March 12, 2010


Spring Break. Wooo. What are yall doin?

I'm headed down to Georgia to drink and play ultimate. Also tan. I love tanning so much.

Have fun everyone and be safe! Prob won't update for awhile.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i luv u coffee :D

In the library finishing a paper. Becky White won't shut up.
Email from Larry Vote:

Dear Campus Community:

On Saturday February 20, 2010 the Athletics and Recreation Center was officially named the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center. When referring to the ARC in emails, newsletters, web site postings, announcements, flyers, and all other forms of correspondence, please remember to refer to the ARC by its new official title. For those of you who have already been doing this, I thank you.

Larry Vote,

Acting President/Provost

Not likely. Saying 'The ARC' is just a lot easier. But I guess it makes sense to refer to it as such in emails and the like. I wonder when someone is going to buy/sponsor our library. I hope it's Sheetz. Then we can say stuff like 'yo I'm heading to Sheetz to study'.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SGA MEeting 3/9/10

SGA woo. Just got housing assignment, Harrington 3. Awesome. H2 is Tyne Lowe, H7 is Kate Swiggett. Jealous of Kate! H1 is Brooke Wilson. Oh my fucking god Harrington 4 is Brian Van Parys. yesssss

8:04 - Hungry. Kinda want coffee. Don't even like coffee that much.

8:10 - Yelling 'fight' randomly to see if anyone notices or something.

8:17 - Just started. Don't have enough people yet. Lame.

8:18 - Student speakout. Something about multicultural event. Still super happy over everyone who is living in Harrington. Not really paying attention

8:22 - New Senator inductions. Cool.

8:24 - Emergency fund appeals

8:27 - Chris Rodkey wants 2,000 to spend on a boat. Total is 26,000 and they've done a good job raising money. The 2,000 is on top of the 8,000 they requested earlier this semester. So a total of 10,000.

8:35 - Dunno how I feel about this. I don't really see the issue with giving them 2,000 when they've done a lot, but whatever. I am pro this.

8:40 - Debbie is impressed that Crew is getting an outside donor. I feel like on SMUT we often get outside donors, generally it's booze though and not thousands of dollars.

8:43 - Alex Walls and some others voted against it, but it passed woo.

8:49 - Just forgot to vote on something. Ah well.

8:54 - Some bill got passed that I introduced, was boring

8:55 - Justin Perry just said 'rejiggering' <3

8:56 - Oh my god Jeff Levy is here, I haven't seen this kid since Freshman year. Sweet.

9:01 - Don't feed Agatstein nuts unless if you want him to die.

9:02 - SafeRide won't be running to off-campus parties. It was brought up for discussion at somepoint somewhere, but nope. Gonna continue riding bike home from hill house drunk I suppose.

9:05 - Alex Walls is 'bouncing' off what Justin said earlier. I liked it more when he 'piggybacked'.

Meeting over



Monday, March 8, 2010


By now you've probably seen the sea monster hanging out in St. John's Pond. It started Friday morning when a bunch of posters were placed all over campus (primarily on the path from Monty up to AA), and then on saturday the first piece appeared. Today the second piece appeared!

Check out the footprints. Hmmm
Thinking it's probably an art installation piece, which is really cool.

Took some pics, figured I would put them up here.

Excited for the last part!

Campus Center Lounge

In one of the campus center lounges alone, the one with fireplace and air hockey. Some old people just walked in. They are speaking a different language. Maybe French? Kinda German sounding. I think they just said 'yoga'.

Never really experienced people speaking a different language very often in my life to be honest. Went to the DC/National Zoo over Winter Break and there were a lot of people speaking different languages, which was really cool.

They seem very nice.


Matt Foerster and I are trying to figure out who nominated him up to #4. I hope it's an SGA conspiracy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cool Kids

Hearing rumors that Cool Kids will be the band for World Carnival. woot

Update: Who is pushing the shitty button, Cool Kids are a pretty good group, and will result in a lot of fun dancing.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey good job basketball team, I am proud. I just wish we got to riot afterwards : [

Does St. Mary's county have SWAT/riot control stuff? Probably. Maybe they have a lot of it and like to train in preparation for the apocalypse.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tom Botzman

Sitting in Baltimore Hall computer lab and Tom Botzman just walked by. Swoon. He's the VP for Business and Finance, and he's a really nice/funny guy. Also cute.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Went to health center, seems I have Bronchitis. Got a prescription for AN INHALER. You don't know how excited I am about this, I've always wanted to have/use and inhaler. I mean it would probably suck to have asthma and have to use it on the reg, but I'm glad I get to finally experience this I guess.

Also got some medicine wooo

Edit: Looking for ride to fill said prescription

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me doing Jiu Jitsu at an SGA Meeting

At last week's SGA meeting I got a Jiu Jitsu demonstration via asking the new Jiu Jitsu club leader to demonstrate. Didn't know I would end up in missionary position. Matt Foerster finally sent me a picture of the event (I swear half the SGA had their camphones out).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SGA Meeting 3/2/2010

SGA Meeting woo

8:03 - Chris Rodkey showed me his new piercing. I've been thinking about getting one, and I like his method of 'being really drunk during it'. May have to heed his advice.

8:07 - Advice from Anna, get really drunk if you ever need to remove stitches by yourself.

8:12 - Talking about how we call freshmen 'first years'. Jennifer Conard-Black (forgot how to spell her name) just made me realize that 'men' is in freshmen. Pretty good reason to use first year, as well as the stigma of freshman. Issue is that Athletics generally (always) uses freshman instead of first year, so SGA is sponsoring a resolution to say 'we support the initiative (that was started over a decade ago) to use the term first year. If you do a quick search of, you'll find freshman all over the website, both on athletics and even on admissions. So we really need to reaffirm this initiative/college policy.

8:20 - Matt Foerster told me that we should say 'human up' instead of 'man up'. Agreed.

8:23 - Alex Walls just said piggybacking again. Take a drink.

8:30 - Tony Quick isn't convinced about the gendered words thing.

8:31 - Alex Bertrand just let us all know she is in fact a woman, excellent.

8:32 - Getting thirsty.

8:35 - Passed the resolution affirming our support of the use of the term 'first year'. RADICAL.

8:36 - New Club - St. Mary's Medievalists. It's connected to a larger, national group known as the Society for Creative Anachronisms, which I think is cool because it makes the group more legitimate I feel.

8:40 - Becky asked if they are going to Renaissance Fest, and the girl was like no. I laughed.

8:43 - Wonder who the two that voted against the club are. I can probably guess. Either way, it passed.

8:50 - Shoutout. Cool radio show Tuesdays at 6. This is a paid shoutout. If you want a paid shoutout, please contact me. This radio show is hosted by two non-ugly girls who play cool music/The Hold Steady.

8:56 - So many typos with Louis Ritzinger's Funding Bylaw, must have been drunk.


9:08 - Need SafeBoat for Tiki Bar opening.

9:10 - Alex Walls just killed a bug.

9:13 - Meeting is over.


Nazis invading SMCM. PANIC!


Fuck yeahhhhh

Monday, March 1, 2010

LQ Runoff Election

LQ has an open slot for senatorizing, Maddie Jackson v. Frank McGough. I tried to vote for myself again but there was no write-in option.

I was talking to Louis Ritzinger, the guy who sets up the elections, and he said I won the election from a week or two ago. Excellent. Didn't really win obviously since I've already been elected.

Vote Frank, he is jolly.


March is upon us. 70 days until graduation. Maybe less. Beware of the Ides of March.