Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SGA Meeting 4/13/2010

8:00 - Becky just gave me some nuts! I love her salty nuts!

8:03 - Hot French guy is here again.

8:12 - Finally starting.

8:15 - Student Speakout! Aaron French is here. Talking about the farm. They are planting stuff like squash! I am ambivalent about squash. They are starting off by planting a half-acre plot to provide food to Bon Appetit. I hate farmers but this is a cool idea.

8:19 - Math for social justice class is here, saying that they want a bussing thing into town. I don't understand why the public transportation isn't enough.

8:22 - Guest speakers, the French guy and Shane Hall. Talking about St. Mary's Climate Action Plan. Boring! Gonna watch the Orioles game. They are up by 1! Yay!

8:24 - French guy reminds me of the black dude from Gilmore Girls. He was the best. I think his name was Michel.

8:25 - Most of our carbon footprint comes from Electricity, something like 55%.

8:29 - This is confusing! Not really but it is a very complicated issue. But it seems like the school is in the process of identifying where we can lower our carbon footprint, and then create a strategy around that information to then lower our carbon footprint. So it's cool that the school is doing this and such. There are a lot of ways to reach carbon neutrality it seems.

8:35 - 100% carbon neutral - Bulldoze SMCM and plant trees over the school's grave. Lols.

8:38 - Goal for 2012 - Reduce energy by 15% via motion sensors, boiler replacements, solar water heaters, window replacements, etc.

8:39 - Other goals for 2020, but seriously that is a decade away and I don't really care that much.

8:40 - "Cosmic Pizza"

8:42 - Oh my god it is already 8:42, this is taking too long.

8:48 - Why didn't I do homework before SGA ugh.

8:51 - Putting on glasses so I can go to sleep (not really though).

8:52 - Some people just left.

8:53 - French dude is saying this sort of thing will attract students. I don't really think energy and carbon footprints was something I considered when looking at colleges, but maybe it's something that students feel is important when choosing a college. I think I chose SMCM because it was public and a small liberal arts college.

8:56 - Kelly Smolinsky is here to talk about Gender Neutral Housing. Forgot that I was sponsoring this legislation, awesome! Marlena is showing us a powerpoint, it is really well done. Guilford has gender neutral housing, <3>

8:59 - This would only affect North Campus, which I think is a good idea. My guess is that not a lot of people are going to take this opportunity, but I'm really glad that we are going to have it. Makes us look way cooler.

9:08 - I want ice cream. Gonna get a burrito after SGA I think.

9:09 - Oh my god Orioles are up by 3! Will they finally win tonight?

9:12 - I don't know if I would want a female roommate, feel like my collection of misogynist posters may offend her (I don't actually have any misogynist posters. I have a poster of some French alcohol with a shadowy figure. It's really cool/artsy).

9:13 - Brendan Larrabee just said something stupid. Just like every week ( <3>

9:17 - I am thirsty, gonna get some water.

9:21 - How did it take me four minutes to get water?

9:25 - Why are people voting against this, either way it passed.

9:27 - My resolution banning all capital letter emails. This is a lot of fun. Hahah it is getting tabled. This is the fucking funniest shit, can't even describe it.

9:30 - Fuck you Larrabee, fuck your amendment to my resolution.

9:31 - It did not pass :[

9:32 - Jean Kim is introducing a new club, the Food Club.

9:33 - Gonna go cry myself to sleep over my resolution failing.

9:34 - Still depressed over my resolution failing. I think only Becky White supported it.

9:40 - Just stole some of Brendan Larrabee's candy.

9:42 - Still bitter over resolution failing.


9:49 - Food Club did not pass.

9:52 - Point News budget, it passed.

9:53 - Bill about spending 35,000$ to make the Guam Fields usable for field sports. SMUT, Women's Ultimate, softball, soccer, rugby, woman's rugby all use fields, and there just isn't enough room. And the Guam Fields are pretty dangerous/really shitty.

9:59 - Seven senators here have played on SMUT. Feel like that is going to help this pass.

10:04 - But it is really fucking expensive.

10:23 - After a lot of discussion it passed! Club sports!

10:27 - Legislation to give Caroline a new microwave. It passed.

10:32 - Justin Perry just said 'Piggybacking'.

10:33 - Thank you Debbie for telling people to stop saying stupid stuff.

10:39 - Meeting almost over. About to go home and eat a burrito to ease the pain of my resolution not passing. (not actually upset over this btw). May drink myself to sleep.

10:40 - "I'm aight" - Mark Snyder



  1. I can't believe your resolution didn't pass! It was the most amazing thing said all meeting. Next time you should add banning multiple punctuation marks as well. Those emails are just ridiculously annoying and make the people sending them look dumb. Also, I was sad that they skipped the hawk radio budget; I was sitting there forever for nothing... :(

  2. 1. more on hot french guy next week plz/pics plz
    2. <3 debbie
    3. dammit o's :(

  3. It was brought to my attention that I sent the Upper Deck survey in an all student email with no title. Awesome.

  4. 1. your resolution should have passed
    2. dear god, stop saying gender neutral housing, unless you're planning to house eunuchs. It's co-ed housing, there are no genderless people involved.

  5. Hey Maddy, our Publicity Director never submitted your budget. I sent her a panicked email this afternoon when I noticed it wasn't on the agenda but she never got back to me and, obviously, wasn't at the meeting.

    Also, boo to the O's. Do they even have a bullpen though?

  6. Ken Benjes and I are no longer friends because he hates farmers. Fuck that.

  7. Yeah I dunno why Hawk Radio budget didn't come up, oh well.

    French guy only comes once a semester at most :[

    Good job Matt

    It actually is eunuch housing. Really though, gender neutral means that the gender doesn't matter, it doesn't imply genderlessness. Co-ed is really what we already have, since people can live together, but not in the same rooms. I dunno.

    Don't hate Justin!

    I'm sorry I just really dislike farmers for numerous reasons! I like farming games though, like Harvest Moon. I feel hypocritical.

  8. <3 aaron french. <3 ken crying.

  9. Wait, is gender neutral housing only happening 2012? This is so cool!

    Also Matt, I took your survey even though it didn't have a title (mostly because I actually read all student emails when I know who the people who they're from).

  10. So what, starting next year we can room with whoever the hell we want to?


  11. Won't be starting next year. I feel like there already is so much fucking.

  12. What how can you hate farmers they are the best.
    Haha Guilford, what will those crazy Quakers think of next?

  13. Farmers
    1. Potato famine. Irish farmers only planted potatoes and then they all died!
    2. Dust Bowl
    3. Whenever commodity prices went down, farmers just produced more!
    4. Farmers suck at unionizing
    5. Sharecropping/slavery

    None of these are very good reasons to be honest, but I still dislike farmers.

  14. Rest assured there will be no slaves on the campus farm...
    But since yall gave all the money to the guam fields, is there any left for the farm?

    also, hell yeah to the gender neutral housing!

  15. I included Guilford on the PPT because I am a Quaker :D

    And Quakers love sex.

  16. Thanks for the update on that one Marlena :P

    Also, what is Guilford?

  17. Guilford is a Quaker College in Carolina, I don't remember which, but I hear it's a real cool place. With hippies.

  18. Okay, so farm. I played there today and it was fun and good and I highly recommend it. Weekdays at 430 I think?

  19. Where is the farm btw? I wanna see it! Farms are great :D

  20. guilford!!! quakers!!!!!!

  21. right off rosecroft rd and rt 5. on your right if you go like 50 ft past rosecroft!
    come on sunday to plant stuff!