Monday, August 30, 2010

Pitcher and Pizza

Who all is heading to PnP tonight?  See yalls there.

Solo Cups

Seems like, according to what RAs said during Townhouse meeting, that Solo Cups are a free pass for outdoor drinking.  What they told us was that they can't 'check solo cups or really know what's in them' which kinda reminds me of like, brown bagged 40s in Baltimore.  I think it's probably more than just a Baltimore thing, but I feel like it is a large part of like, Baltimore culture/heritage?  It's definitely something I'm proud of.

Anyways, maybe this is something they are telling us to be chill and allow us to drink on our patios on the townhouses, and they hope that we don't exploit it and just drink anywhere?  Is this official policy?  Just real confusing because...seems weird I guess?  Can we brown bag our alcohol?

I guess what I'm saying is that the way they told us of this policy that 'Well we don't know what is in it, so we can't do anything' is really vague, and I would prefer that they just say something like...use an unmarked container and we can't say anything.  Are clear glasses okay, or do the containers need to be opaque?

Am I just looking too deeply into this?  Probably.  Regardless, roommate bought a 250 pack of solo cups.  <3 u roommates.

Welcome Back

Welcome back yall.  Excited to 'learn' this semester.

Yall ready for some legitimate journalism???


Friday, August 27, 2010


Yall should register or leave comments with names...anonymous is boring.  But if you don't want to, I understand.

President's Happy Hour

In light of the recent announcement of the 'President's Open Hour', Dr. Jurgo has also revealed that he will be hosting a weekly 'President's Happy Hour' at the Door.

From 5-6 on Tuesdays Dr. Jurgo will host the happy hour at the Green Door, featuring a variety of Faulkner inspired drinks (since he loves Faulkner obviously).  Mint Juleps, Jack Daniels, and Southern Moonshine (note:  links explain Faulkner's penchant for the drinks).

As a result of this, SafeRide will now begin running on Tuesdays to accomodate the President's decision.

President's Open Hour

Tuesdays from 1-2 come by the Daily Grind to chill with President Jurgo.

This is real cool, feel like a real improvement from the last President who was abroad w/wine most of the time.  Also, I actually saw Jurgo going to the last basketball game, which was real cool.  I even took a photo with my camera phone.
Really proud of this photo, as he was walking by as I took it, so kinda got lucky that it turn out okay.  PS he's the dude with the hat, not the pretty lady (HELLO COLLEEN VAUGHN!).

Anyways, this is a really cool thing, and the kind of thing that lot of college presidents do (UMD guy, who just got replaced, went to dinner with students/invited them to eat with him at the on campus restaurant Adele's).

gooo Jurgo

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yall, do you have lego from your 'childhood'?  You should give/sell/trade it to me.  Luv lego, so as you are packing please consider adding it to my collection as several already have, like Danny Patrick Thomas Ruthenberg-Marshall.


Do yall like 'pizza'?  Just ate some myself.  An anonymous (Julia) first year just texted me saying that there is gonna be a 'Campus Center Night' on Saturday pizza.  The event is from 9:30 until midnight.  Dunno if we are allowed there, being old and such, but hopefully we can also get some pizza.  Probably not.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skunk PANIC!

Recently there was a sick skunk that was disposed of on campus.  I think this means they 'killed it' via shooting it or something, not really sure how you 'dispose' of something living.

Anyways, it would appear that it sprayed skunk spray/poop all around Warring Commons (another reason WC is a horrible horrible place [not really] and that no one should live there) which is pretty lame.

Either way, wonder why skunks are so prevalent on campus.  Theories

  • Secret government program
  • Jurgo/Maggie O brought them
  • Optimal skunk environment
  • SEAC is raising them for ecoterrorism purposes
  • [insert your own theory via leaving a comment yall]
ps:  google image searching 'skunk' results in a fucking lot of pictures of some weird looking plant, not sure what it is, maybe some sort of invasive weed?
Anyone know what this nonsense is???

<3 u all

Monday, August 23, 2010

Packing for School

I mean, watching Hot Rod and pretending to pack

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Recently a pair of twenty-five and forty-five pound dumbbells were stolen from the Fitness Center.  Who could have stolen them???  Today I will try to solve this mystery.

These weights are pretty heavy, therefore it was someone strong.  Football players are very strong, therefore I believe that a football player stole the equipment.  Granted, we don't have a football team (at the moment) but I still believe this is the best theory.

In addition, how did something like this happen?  How did someone smuggle out all these weights?  Did the fitness center supervisor (student who sits at that tall chair looking bored/checking out burly dudes) allow this to happen?  Can we trust Michael P O'Brien ARC employees?

Recently Claire Solinsky, and ARC employee, stated that this was 'not her fault', however I do know that Claire also takes many labs and has drank 'Rikaloff'.

Can we trust people who play take 'hard lab courses' and drink the Rikaloff?  Can we trust Tom Seahawk (via participating in the latter and arguably more difficult activity)???  What is more difficult, Rikaloff or orgo lab?

All I'm saying is that dumbbells were never stolen under the Maggie administration, can we really trust Joe Urgo (who I will now refer to as Jurgo)???

DID FAULKNER SCHOLAR DR. JOSEPH URGO STEAL THESE DUMBBELLS (via getting 'mad ripped' to impress/intimidate students and professors)?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Monicca Gil

Who is this person, is she real, been friending everyone like crazy!/profile.php?id=100001423793817

Is she real?



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help Kait Hines

Kait Hines sent some people a message about working on the school website, and she has a quick survey.  If you would like to complete it go ahead and leave your response in the comments.  Also I've included my answer.

1. What has been your favorite housing at St. Mary's and why? (you can include a favorite memory as a reason for any of these if you'd like)

I've never lived in Dorchester, but what a magical place

2. Where is the best place to study on campus?

I think library

3. What's the best academic building?

4. What's your favorite spot on campus?

Benches overlooking water near garden of remembrance

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Governor's Cup

Gov Cup woo.  Who is headed down?  I have to work, but my dad is racing again this year, in our wonderful sailboat that was not at all made for racing (I love our boat and I love that Dad races it).

Anyway, keep a lookout for my Dad.  He has a ponytail and glasses and is surprisingly attractive for 60 (maybe I'm biased).

This is a photo of him.  Please say hello to him for me.