Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowgreens Proof Your House!

Fellow Greens Residents!!  Good chance a lot of people will be checking out your house, so take time to get it ready.

  • Clean up!  No one likes messy houses
  • Remove breakables/valuables!  No one likes stuff getting broken/taken
  • Get a mop!  Probably gonna end up with a muddy floor, which leads to
  • Remove rugs/place more rugs!  Rugs will get muddy, but maybe better than floor getting muddy??
  • Buy alcohol (for distribution to older people!)
    • I think my house is doing that thing where you get a 30pack and a handle and country time lemonade mix and THROW IT ALL TOGETHER and it somehow doesn't taste horrible.
    • I wanted to mix Rikki and food coloring but everyone else thought that this was a horrible horrible idea
      • They are probably correct
  • Buy candy (for distribution to young people!)
  • Decorate!  Kinda want to put gravestones on the portico
  • Kinda thinking of locking back door + doors to rooms
  • Clean up the outside the next day!
Wonder who invented Hallowgreens...someone provide details

Ahh memories.  I remember my first Hallowgreens.  Here is a cool video from 2006 Hallowgreens which has a Pyramid, which I think was also made in 2007?  I'm pretty sure I saw one during my first Hallowgreens.  I dressed up as The Dude from Lebowski.  I think it was one of my first times on the Greens, and I was overwhelmed, it was just absurd and great.  Miss being a clueless first year sometimes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Couch Creatures

The school often uses this image of the Couch Creatures in promotional stuff, but kinda annoyed that the group hasn't existed for a few years (I don't think it's been a thing since I've been here).  I mean, people take blankets to games and sit on the track, but I haven't seen a huge gathering with couches and 'couch creatures' shirts ever, other than this photo (photo being the one in the upper right, you probably saw it at some point during the admissions process).

Or maybe I'm wrong, can anyone confirm deny?  I've only been to about a dozen games on the Varsity Field so I could be wrong.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twilight this Weekend

Twilight this weekend, exciting.  Really diggin the poster Programs Board made for it.

Also Ally Moore pointed out that it was signed

"Sponsored by Programs Board and Team Edward"

I lolled a lot.  But then I was upset because


What are yall thinking about being for Hallowgreens?

I was thinking of being a Western Villain/trainrobber (via curly diabolical mustache).

Gonna have

  • Top hat
  • Fancy Dress attire
  • Cigars
  • Bag with money sign on it
  • Rope (for tying biddies to train tracks!)
  • Monocle (if I can figure out how to smelt sand into glass)
  • A GUN
Should be a fun costume I think.  Thoughts?  What are yall gonna be?

Rock the Hizzbot

My teacher just said this

No one understands

<3 u Katy Arnett

Public Safety Clery Report

Public Safety recently released their annual Clery report, which I don't know much about other than that it has lots of cool statistics.  Interesting excerpt from the part of the report that discussed Public Safety policies.
"The Director of Public Safety regularly reviews police logs and reports from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office to monitor off-campus student behavior and refers those reports to both the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Conduct."
Interesting, thoughts?
Incidents can also be reported via a confidential “Silent Witness” web form.”  They used via, which makes me happy.
Interesting data from the report:
No homicide, yay!
Liquor law violations are going down.  2007 – 179, 2008 – 122, 2009 – 102.  Clearly my class (which came here in 2007) was the best/most caught drinkers.

Public Safety Clery Report

Public Safety recently released their annual Clery report, which I don't know much about other than that it has lots of cool statistics.  Interesting excerpt from the part of the report that discussed Public Safety policies.
"The Director of Public Safety regularly reviews police logs and reports from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office to monitor off-campus student behavior and refers those reports to both the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Conduct."
Interesting, thoughts?
Incidents can also be reported via a confidential “Silent Witness” web form.”  They used via, which makes me happy.
Interesting data from the report:
No homicide, yay!
Liquor law violations are going down.  2007 – 179, 2008 – 122, 2009 – 102.  Clearly my class (which came here in 2007) was the best/most caught drinkers.


Student 1:  Can we go over #15 professor?

Professor:  Yes, later.

Student 2:  How about #15?

Everyone:  you dummy someone just asked

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cory Young Update

He is currently sporting a mohawk.  It is pretty sweet looking.

That is all.

SGA Meeting 10/19/2010

SGA Meeting last Tuesday.  Fun stuff.

Beginning of the meeting Alex Walls was eating a banana which was very alluring (via phallic objects)

Dean Bayless said via at one point which made me happy

Becky White said 'full frontal' at one point which was great

Alex Walls also said piggybacking at one point, which he hasn't done in a long time.  Long time readers will know that Alex Walls says piggybacking a lot at meetings.  Hopefully he will more often.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lecture: O’Malley & Ehrlich ROUND TWO

Went to the Thursday lecture titled “The O'Malley/Ehrlich Rematch and Maryland Political History” given by Professor Ted Sheckels.  Really great lecture, talked about the political history of Maryland over the past few decades (which he was involved with at various points) and the patterns that have emerged in Maryland politics.  Talked about how Mikulski is ‘Our Barb’ (via her name is Barbara) and everyone loves her and is really representative of Maryland (via still living in highlandtown and being a hon) which is why she always gets reelected.
Anyways back to the election, his main analysis was that it’ll come down to whoever can win Baltimore County, and to a lesser extent Harford and northern Anne Arrundel.  I like his analysis since I am from the great Baltimore County.  It’s a weird place because it definitely is very politically divided throughout the county in different areas (via people tear down O’Malley signs where I live [le sigh] but are all over the northern areas of the county). 

Sheckels was a real cool guy, wish he taught here.  Really cool that he’s actually an English professor, but just worked on a lot of campaigns in the 70s and is into Maryland politics.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Internet Speed Increase Delayed, RAGE!


Ughhhh Verizon, you sluts, why must you do this to us.  Is this how the conversation went?

"herp derp, hello smcm, it appears that we forgot to install those trunk lines(wtf are these) that we told you were ready half a year ago!  sry bro.  u mad?"
This is just dumb.  

Okay so I use 'The Google' to figure out what a trunk line is.  It would appear, from my understanding, that there was supposed to be a line going from Collie Park to Lexington, the (tree) trunk line, which would branch out (via how trees branch out) to us an other dudes.  But Verizon forgot/didn't install said tree.

I just want to be able to download youtubes/musics/pornographies/articles for class/kittens inspired by kittens/movies more quicklies.


Professor is writing a Googol on the board right now...not really sure why (ps it's like 1 and then 100 zeroes)

Class of 2011 Crab Feast

Went to the crab feast, fun times. I set up the music for the event, which was fun and exciting, people told me they really enjoyed the music. Dr. Urgo’s house was real cool and a really nice piece of property. He has a pier, but no boat yet. Feel like he should get a submarine and submarine his way onto campus secretly. He could dock it in St. John’s Pond and then pop out of nowhere. Seems like a pretty solid idea to me.

Anyways, the crabs were great, and the whole thing was really well organized. The cleanup was cool too, and even Jurgo helped which I thought was really cool, like that he doesn’t see himself as being above throwing trash away and such. Just real chill. I went home with some extra crabs and spent a few hours picking them and then made crab cakes! They turned out quite well, I was very impressed with myself.

Ken’s crab cake recipe!
• Some crab meat
• Toast a slice of bread and turn it into bread crumbs
• Some mustard
• Some Mayo
• Some parsley
• Old Bay!
• An egg

Mix these up in a bowl with your hands, then form into some patties. Fry in olive oil until golden brown. Dry off the grease with some paper towels. Enjoy! Crab cakes always taste really good chilled.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PANIC! Ghosts in the Library

Heard rumors the other day as you may remember (via reading old bloggery posts) that I heard rumors of a….ghost in the library.  Turns out these rumors are full of truth!

I commissioned Dave Corderman and (Hurricane) Katrina Rigby to capture a photo of this mysterious entity, and they were very successful.  It appears that the ghost is saying “!OOB”.  Not really sure what OOB means, maybe it is some foreign ghost language.  Also of note are two bats above the ghost…not sure how I feel about bats in the library, feel like they are not very conducive for studying.  Hopefully library staff can train these bats to return books after they have been checked out, that would be kinda cool.
PS has anyone seen the discus man?  Seems like he disappeared as soon as this ghost appeared…maybe the ghost killed discuss man?  Can ghosts kill?  Should we…PANIC!?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PANIC Sewage Spill

The water treatment building at the end of the Greens (near the KUDZU [more PANIC on that later] plants) exploded (or possibly just sprung a leak) leaking out 50,000 gallons of RAW SEWAGE.

As a result the waterfront is kinda closed to all recreational use, since touching the water could result in

  • Becoming a Teenage (or young adult) Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Zombification
  • Illness
  • Superpowers
  • Becoming a mutant (via X-Men)
  • Becoming a mutant (via other kinds of mutants)
  • Infertility
  • Death
  • PANICing
Errbody should probably avoid the water for awhile.

Saw this as someone's status update this morning, but couldn't find any info via googling.  I was wondering what those trucks that were around on Monday were though, but now I know I guess.

Glad this happened when it was cold out and not 'hang out in the water weather'.

Happy Feet

A girl in class has a penguin from Happy Feet as her computer background.  I approve.

Facebook Group Chat

So someone on SMUT discovered facebook group chat last night, and it is amazing.  Reminds me of middle school AIM chat rooms.  Someone should make one for SMCM and just invite everyone and it would be absurd/great/horrible.

For uninitiated, it creates a group chat with lots of people.  Dunno what the limit is.  Kinda interesting though.


Okay it's not pizza but rather metal water bottles.  Tomorrow there will be a screening of the film TAPPED (which is about water bottles and tap water and tapping out during wrestling matches) wherein the first 100 dudes will be given..................A METAL WATER BOTTLE.
The movie is at 8PM on Wednesday 10/20 in Cole Cinema.

h8u plastic water bottles.  I squeeze and you collapse on yourself...what a weakling...feel like I need a manly (via gendernorms) metal water bottle that won't collapse under the 'pressure'

Monday, October 18, 2010

Frankie Muniz

Programs Board got to meet Frankie Muniz.  Fucking jealous.

Cory Young

Finally met him this past weekend, it was glorious.  He thought I would be taller.  Le sigh, felt bad to disappoint him (via being 5'6").

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Someone just told me they thought our Internet was fast.  Felt I needed to share this nonsense.


I was walking to a car on Friday to go to Chipotle (via burritos) and some dudes in an SUV (via shitty gas mileage) asked me for help, and then as I turned they mooned me.  Well just the dude in the back, the other guy and the driver did not.

His Buttocks was very pale, as they often are, and thankfully not hairy (via I don't like hairy buttz)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Midnight Soccer

Dunno if yall can see this, but it's an email conversation with the dude that sends out midnight soccer emails.  He said he was sorry for sending out so many, and apparently he is!  Just wanted to double check.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Female Orgasm

Went to the Female Orgasm presentation thing (dunno what to call it really).  Dunno if I learned much but I think it set out really positive vibes about sexuality and bodies, I had a great time.  Also yelled 'oh yeah' at one point (via the people on stage asked if the audience liked orgasms or somesuch) but did not realize I was so loud and promptly ducked to avoid the wave of stares.

Also it was really packed, like I had to stand the whole time, which wasn't a big deal but kinda wish we had larger venues on campus for those sorts of things.  But the acoustics were great so w/e.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faculty Senate

Dude here at Faculty Senate looks like Dr. House but not quite attractive.  Which, is totally fine because this dude is a professor and not an actor.  Short hair, glasses, thick mustache and stubblely face.

Maybe Hugh Laurie is a professor here.


Apparently there is a GHOST in the library.  The discus man has been dressed up as a ghost.  Can someone take a photo of him for me, I will buy you a gord from the Daily Grind.

I realize that it is impossible to take photos of ghosts, but since this is a fake ghost it may work.

Speaking of ghosts, did anyone play ghost in the graveyard as a kid?  Feel like that would be a real fun game to play on the greens.

Rules:  One kid runs away and hides as the ghost.  The other kids stay at based and count from 1 oclock to midnight.  Then they go look for the ghost.  When someone spots the ghost they yell PANIC GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD then run away to base as the ghost tries to get someone.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Really Really Free Market

Do yall like 'free' stuff?  On October 20th there will be a Free Market on the Campus Center Patio!

Before that though, you need to start donating stuff that you don't want (like books, clothes, dildoes, xboxes, etc) to the free market.  There should be Blue Boxes (via they are blue) in your laundry room where you can drop this stuff off.  It's a good way to get rid of stuff you don't want anymore!

After people have donated stuff to the free market, show up at the Campus Center Patio on the 20th during lunch to get free stuff!  Woah cool.

Also there will be music put on by Hawk Radio, and Bike Shop should be there doing cool stuff.

Think I might donate some shirts that I have but don't want anymore.

Kinda prefer this to other free markets (via capitalism).  So show up yalls.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



4 Cups

Some kid here in the library has 4 cups of coffee.  Wat.

He is never gonna sleep (via caffeine)

UPDATE:  Some girl just asked the kid for his sweater because she was cold.  He declined because he had nothing on underneath.  Also the girl was wearing a really light tanktop. Dunno what she was thinking going into the library w/o full winter gear on, it's always freezing in here.

Monday, October 11, 2010


There is a large wooden boat in the water right now, like gigantic.  It is outside the river center, parked (via anchors) in the water a quarter mile from shore.  Dunno what its deal is, feel like it is gonna invade though.

Talked to Paul Sauchelli about it, he said something about it being a bunch of Jews trying to show that Jewish tribes can live together.  Don't really understand via don't know much about Jews/tribes.  Kinda worried that they are gonna invade though.

UPDATE:  Caitlin Cromer has some information about it
innnnn reality this was actually a replica of small leisure ship from the late 1800's, the peacemaker.
Fascinating.  Luv leisure ships because they are less likely to invade.  Also here is a high quality photo

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mold Intruder

Koko wrote this. To the tune of 'bedroom intruder'

well OBVIOUSLY we have a mold problem on the greens
it’s climbing in your air vents
and snatchin yo air lungs up
tryna make you sick
so y’all need ta hide ya
hide ya
and hide ya
cause it’s gettin everything out there

You don’t have to give us sickness
We’re lookin for you

So you can go and spread that,
go and spead that
go and spread that, fun-gi
fun, fun, fungi

We got your mushrooms
You done left residue and all
You are so dumb
you are really dumb—for real

Thursday, October 7, 2010


PANIC. THERE ARE 5 WEEKENDS THIS MONTH. ACCORDING TO RELIABLE SOURCES (VIA ALLISON TETA) THERE ARE 5 WEEKENDS THIS MONTH, APPARENTLY THIS ONLY HAPPENS ONCE EVERY 800 YEARS. Dunno if I believe that...I cannot 'belize' it (via puns also my roommate went there over the summer and we make this joke a lot).

miss u all

Goodie P Fire Alarms going off

Getting ready to go to the door, hear the Goodie P alarms going off...wonder what is up, maybe another Mercury spill (via Nick Bruno). Wonder what the dealio is bros.

Glad townhouse fire alarms never go off...dunno if we even have a switch really...glad we dont.

Writing this from Heather Johnston's her...want to marry her one day

College Website Survey

Whatup yalls.  Do you like Surveys?  Check out this 'totally rad' survey about our school website that Web Services made.

I am an intern with Web Services, so that's why I'm plugging this survey (also boss asked me to and it is a good idea to do what they say).  It was sent out in an email earlier today, so if you already completed it please don't again.  Try to leave some constructive criticism, it only takes a few minutes and will be really useful for improving the website (which we really do spend a lot of time discussing and brainstorming about).

ps the survey is open to all students, faculty, staff, and mold.


Do yall like pizza...and GARBAGE???  Habitat for Humanity is hosting a screening of GARBAGE WARRIOR a movie about some hippie who make houses out of...garbage!

As you can see, it is PERTINENT (via the quote at the top of the poster)!!!

Woah check out this hippie
Take a shower!!??

Wish I could take a shower (via my bathroom is currently missing all of it's tiles/floor due to mold/mushrooms...le sigh)

Event is hosted by...habitat for humanity!  They love people!!!


Don't yall.  Also, in regards to that email, you are supposed to use 'hanged' instead of hung (via grammar).

Also, really liked those emails, felt that they were well thought-out and necessary.


Don't yall.  Also, in regards to that email, you are supposed to use 'hanged' instead of hung (via grammar).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SGA Meeting 10/5/10

SGA Meeting!  Some highlights

  • Jurgo came to talk to us!  He brought up issues like campus pub, Aemthyst initiative (dunno how to spell it, don't care), and the size of the college
    • Is the college size right now too big, too small, or just right??
    • How do yall feel about changing drinking age to 18
  • Also brought up this idea of 'dry orientation' wherein everyone signs a pledge to not drink during the first weekend of Orientation.  Interesting idea, what do yall think of it?  Feel like it takes a lot of pressure/fear away from first years who don't know much about drinking, but also feel like I want to hang and drink with friends the first day back, most of whom I haven't seen in months.
  • Alex Walls said 'Debbie Downer' and how he doesn't want to be one
  • Kyle McGrath said 'the gorilla in the room' instead of 'the elephant in the room' and we all corrected him and kinda laughed at him.  Although '800 pound gorilla in the room' is a phrase, it has a different context/meaning (via wikipediaing it)
  • Oh also said that, in regards to paying for stuff at a campus pub, there would probably not a be a 'drinking plan' (via meal plans) which made a me lol a lot.  Actually a drinking plan would be sweet via can limit it to only let you purchase so much.
  • Also I yelled at senators a lot for speaking out of turn.  Feel like I am training a puppy to not pee on the ground (andrew reighart being one of the main puppies)


Lot of yall (especially on the Greens) have probably heard about the mold epidemic.  Mold be sporing everybody up in here (via that bedroom intruder autotune youtube sensation).  Mold invaded Boone 4 and forced them all to move out (dunno where to, maybe they are living under a bridge like a troll, or hopefully just crashing on a friend's couch) and maintenance/other dudes have been working on it nonstop for days.

These townhouses were constructed in 1992 as I recall, kinda lame that they are succumbing to MOLD.  Low bid contracting FTW.

Also just heard that Maggie 8/7 (the one on top) with Ally Moore has mold.  Probably some other places have mold.  Was anyone else freaked out by that lady wearing the mask coming into everyone's home like....should I also be wearing a mask (via protection)???

Hope I don't have to move out, it is getting cold and I would not have much time to construct a log cabin/hobbit hole in North Woods.

Some of the mold appears to have been caused by shoddy HVAC construction practices, but I don't know much about HVAC to be honest, just kinda looked like that via pipes that did not reach holes, but rather leaked onto the floor of the HVAC closet.

Will mold turn us into zombies?  Kinda hope not, enjoy eating burritos and not people.

Guess mold isn't all bad though, via making beer and cheese, two glorious inventions.


Monday, October 4, 2010


Just wanted to recommend that everyone try Sam Adams Octoberfest while it's still available (via only for the rest of the month or so I think).  It's easily one of their best brews and just really great and oh my god I love the fall


INTERNSHIPS.  PIZZA.  PRESENTATIONS.  Only one of these three things are great (pizza duh) but you can get all three tomorrow in the Glendening Annex at NOON.  CDC talking about internships.

Friend Mark Snyder currently has an internship, he seems to enjoy it (via sitting in an office all day).  I have on of those on-campus internships and it is pretty cool (via also sitting in an office but not all day).

Have a class at noon...might leave for a few minutes to get a pizza...should I walk back into class w/pizza, inspiring jealousy and fear (maybe?) in the hearts of my classmates?

Cell Phones and Driving...a PSA

Just so yall know, starting October 1st (as in several days ago) it is illegal in MD (where most readers are currently residing) to use a cell phone to either text or talk or play games etc [EDIT:  WHILE DRIVING].

The whole driving thing was in the main title, but I forgot to include it in the actual paragraph...I am a dumb

Bamboo Boat Race RESULTS

Did yall see the bamboo boat race?  I didn't :/, was playing ultimate vs alums (via they beat us 15-13 le sigh).

Some 'professors' won this year, math dudes like Dave Kung and another one.  Feel like they cheated via understanding concepts such a 'buoyancy' and 'geometry'.  Real surprised Nut didn't win this year, kinda sad about that tbh.

One team was named 'binary solo' I think that is a reference to some popular culture, maybe a movie or comic, dunno.  David's team was No Doutt, which I don't get.  Like I get the No Doubt reference, but what is a Doutt?  Maybe I am just dumbs.

EDIT:  Binary Solo is from that show 'conchords that fly w/kiwis'

Woah Nate Hesse, real original w/ 'windsurfing club'.

Hahah okay but Sam Eckert's 'Bambooty' made me laugh.

I think David Johnson came in second place, and apparently came in first in every race except the last heat. Kinda lame but w/e, he still got a big fake cheque.

Thanks to Loheed for sending me the list of participants!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yall may have noticed 'advertisements' on the bloggery blog.  Been there awhile, but Googley ads only pay out after you have accrued 100$ in revenue
Dunno how well yall can read the image above but it says '100$ in revenue'

Woahhz, thanks yall for reading (via getting me money)