Monday, April 29, 2013

32.15% of Students are Shitheads

Recently the SGA held a referendum to change the language of the SGA Constitution from gender-specific pronouns to gender-neutral pronouns. Any change to the Constitution must be voted on by the student body #democracy.

What are gender-neutral pronouns? These are pronouns that do not refer to any gender (duh). Traditionally people have used "he" to refer to all people (for example, "Any student that wishes to start a club may do so. He must submit his club proposal by the Sunday before the next meeting") because it's easy and because of patriarchy (probably).

Why does this matter?
  • Using the default "he" to refer to all people reinforces patriarchy
  • Some individuals do not identify with he or she pronouns and do not feel comfortable with gender-specific language in documents such as this
  • This is an easy and obvious way to make the campus more inclusive of all people

Why would someone vote against this?
I don't know. Maybe they are a transphobic sexist shithead. That is the only rationale I can think of for voting against this, as 217 St. Mary's students chose to do. This isn't just "liberal political correctness," it's something that affects people daily. Language is powerful.

This is, obviously, the Freedom of Conscience statue (AKA the Naked Man), dedicated for the 300th anniversary of Maryland. Freedom of Conscience is the ability to view and consider something from point of view of another. Maybe this change doesn't affect you. It doesn't really affect me. But it does affect some people, so try not being an asshole and recognize that fact. That's what a 'liberal arts' education is all about, broadening your horizons and experiencing the world from multiple perspectives.

If you chose to vote against this feel free to explain why in the comments.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Way too hungover for this 8AM

Last 8AM of the semester

Last 8AM of my life

No more waking up at 7:50 to get to my 8AM

No more sitting in a daze, not sure what is going on

No more professors realizing that everyone is hungover and putting on a movie for us

Instead just

Waking up at the 5:30AM-7AM range

Going to work hungover

Still have to 'get the job done' tho

Still gotta make that "scrill" ($$$)

Can't wait for my internship/entry level position/job my dadmom got me

Probably not related to my major but YOLO liberal arts~

Gonna put some SMCM memorabilia on my desk

Maybe a pennant/flag ???

Wear a SMCM sweater (crewneck) on casual fridays in the winter

~well i guess this is growing up~

remember the 90s ???

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Student Steals a Case of Monster (a drink i guess???) from the Delivery Man

According to a 'tweet' from @harmanj22 a student stole an entire case of Monster, causing the delivery man to leave a note.

Editor Note: Apparently 'Monster' is an energy drink. It appears to be a non-alcoholic version of 4Loko. Not sure what the point of it is.


I like that he signed his name CokeMan.

Also, if you are somehow able to afford St. Mary's but not caffeine, buy some caffeine pills. $5.99 for the equivalent of a hundred energy drinks.

There is no excuse for this.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Changes to the Great Room

There were a lot of changes to the Great Room decided a few months ago that I never reported on due to laziness but the most important one is that you will no longer be able to swipe in friends. This really sucks, a lot. I think this was one of the best ways to foster community on campus.

Swiping - v - The act of purchasing two meal entries into the Great Room with a single student I.D. card. Generally younger students swipe in older students (who have smaller meal plans) or visiting friends/lovers. "Hey...would you mind swiping me in? You have way more 'blocks' than you could ever use."

I know that personally I got smaller meal plans every year, and by my senior year I didn't even get a meal plan. Instead I would rely on younger folks to swipe me in. It was a great system, I get food, and they get to eat with someone old/cool/knowledgeable. I made a few friends this way, and it definitely helped me to bond with the younger members of my club sports team.

In most every society eating is a social activity (anthropology majors back me up, there is even a anthro course that is all about food), and the swipe system really helped to facilitate this. It can be hard for First Years to feel comfortable interacting with seniors, but the simple act of 'swiping' the two are suddenly on the same level, a symbiotic relationship, trading food for booze and parties.

I definitely see Bon Appetit's point of view on this. No one is supposed to actually use all those blocks. That's how they make their money. If everyone buys meal plans that exceed what they plan to eat, then they make a profit. If not, they will probably lose money.

The end of an era. I really wish I was eating in the great room right now (via making your own lunch every day sucks sometimes).

If the administration is serious about improving "community" on campus, then hopefully they will realize that this will only further divide the campus.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar opens today! Really wish I could have taken off work to be down there, I don't think I've ever actually gone to opening day but it sounds like a fun time/shitshow.

Actually the only time I've gone to Tiki Bar is sailing back home after Gov Cup. Those were easily some of the best fruity island drinks I have ever had. All were just very delicious and alcoholic.

Edit: Wow meant to post this last week but forgot?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


THERE WILL BE FREE PIZZA (St. James Pizza, which is some of the best pizza ever, especially the Buffalo Chicken [buff chix] kind) in Goodpastor 185. There is some sort of a presentation about grad school??? idk but there is free pizza

Thursday, April 11, 2013

St. Mary's Tuition Increasing ONCE AGAIN

Once again St. Mary's tuition will be increasing over the next two years, this time by 0% (for in state students only).

Wait. 0%? As in, no increase? As in tuition is staying the same? As in there is no increase for the first time in years?

This is weird, I don't know how to react. There have tuition increases every year for the past...many years. I don't really feel like looking up what those increases were (via lack of investigative journalism) but I know that c/o 2012 kids had increases every year. Tuition is about 15k according to collegeboard (SMCM says that its 12.5k...but that ignores the 'mandatory fees' which is definitely tuition) which is a lot more than I remember paying.

If memory serves I was looking at about 24k a year (including tuition, housing, board, books, etc.). Now that figure is closer to 30k. I realize the the price of things goes up over time, but that seems a bit extreme.

The bigger issue, I think, is that the Board of Trustees wanted a 4% tuition increase that will now be paid by the state for two years. What happens after that two years?

But on the other hand I'm really proud of Tom Botzman who was (probably) critical in getting this done and I'm happy that for the first time that I know of SMCM is getting a tuition freeze. I'm sure a lot of students and parents are happy right now.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Not just an honors program, but an entire honors college

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Just got off the phone with a 'real student' doing the phone a thon! Every year/throughout the year students get paid to call alumni asking for donations. You may have noticed facebook statuses along the lines of 'wow they are already asking for donations blah blah blah'. ANYWAYS gonna 'rate' this experience.

Student: She is a sophomore economics major and she really enjoyed the Great Room food this evening. I should have asked if they were serving chicken patties. She had a very 'nice' voice and was not annoying so A+++ 10/10. I would say that of all the callers I have had she was the most interesting/made me feel like I was back at St. Mary's for five minutes (Danielle Doubt you don't count since you specifically sought me out when you called me circa 2011ish).

Sales Pitch: IDK I didn't really listen, I mailed in a donation check the other day and changed the subject to more important things like this blog so rating is N/A.

The Blog: So of course I asked her if she knew about this blog and she did! So A++++ 4.0 GPA 10/10 you win, phone a thon girl. That is impressive that student(s) who began their careers at St. Mary's after I had already left still 'read/experience' this blog. Girl from phone a thon (I didn't really hear what her name was via it's spring break and I am not currently mentally capable of real phone conversations) if I ever see you I'll give you a case of boh.

SO CONSIDER PICKING UP THE PHONE WHEN 240-895-2000 calls you up asking for a donation!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SMCM Crushes

I was on twitter the other day (yo follow me @SMCMLOL i follow back~) when I noticed a new follower, @SMCMCrushes.

At first I thought it was some weird "yo tell us ur crushes and we'll match you up with someone who also has a crush on u~" but it's actually pretty entertaining. Essentially you 'anonymously' direct message your crush to the owner (who could it be!?!?) and then they tweet it out. Most are pretty funny, and only a few are legitimately creepy. Highlights:

  • "I would talk feminism and Tolkien with Marissa Muldoon for hours if I could. That marriage proposal was only mostly a joke."
  • "Too bad that bio babe Lexy McCarty is taken, her gluteus maximus is anatomically perfect."
  • "the boys basketball team"

Because I am merely a "student" I only recognized three names at most, but check it out anyway maybe? I think sort of thing is good for creating the "community" that everyone has been 'striving for' lately. Cute, harmless, and kinda funny.

Is this just the new 'send a note with "do u like me circle yes or no"' but now with the Internet? Should these people just take a shot or 2 and go confess their crushes irl ??? (answer: yes, it works at 69% of the time tbh)

Who do u have a 'crush' on? Are crushes even a thing after middle school ??? Are u gonna 'pursue' your crush during senior week (don't wait that long!!!) ???