Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SGA Meeting 4/20/2010

SGA Whatup.

8:01 - Eating a sandwich!

8:09 - Almost done the sandwich!

8:14 - Done the sandwich, but we still need more people to show up.

8:17 - Student speakout. Barn dude is here and he is telling us that the barn got a matching grant for 20,000$ more dollars. Barn is gonna get restored woo!

8:19 - Professor Benjamin Click is here. He is funny :D. He is talking about the Mark Twain lecture, which is on Saturday at 7. And fucking Mo Rocca is gonna be there! Mo Rocca used to be on the Daily Show awhile ago, I miss him.

8:21 - This man is a genius. He says that we should call the ARC the MIKE now. This is a great idea hahahah.

8:22 - This lecture thing should be really awesome and funny.

8:27 - Hawk Radio budget. I love radio!

8:30 - A Programs Board thing, changing some committees and etc.

8:31 - Chris Rodkey is proposing that we buy a water trampoline for Senior Week. This is awesome as shit. It looks like this. It costs a little under 3,000$.

8:43 - Ahahah we have been debating this for awhile. I mean everyone is in favor, but we are debating whether or not to get a bigger one.

8:45 - SGA BUDGET FOR NEXT YEAR. Exciting.

8:56 - The budget passed!

9:04 - Wrapping up the meeting.

9:08 - The boat we boat for Crew got first place!

Okay meeting over


  1. Ben Click is the greatest person in the entire world.

  2. Becky White and I just screamed for 5 minutes straight in complete joy because of the water trampoline.

    <3 SGA

  3. Yeahhh crew! You should write about us more- we're greatt.

    Also, unrelated tidbit: the power just went out? But it came back on, ok.

  4. i wish ben click could carry my children



  6. i feel like the water trampoline will be similar to the blob in heavyweights.

    this is the single best thing the SGA has done.