Monday, April 12, 2010

SGA Elections

Hey so Marlena and I are running for President and Vice President of the SGA. Vote tomorrow on Blackboard. We have a lot of experience and would be cool leaders. Also we'll probably throw a party if we win, and drink alone in a closet together if we lose.

We are running against Colleen O'Neil and Hillary Powell, who are also pretty solid candidates, and honestly if they win I think they will do a fine job.

But srsly vote for us.


  1. vote in the referendum too!!!

  2. i honestly can't decide how i feel about you running for whatever it is you're running for. i mean, i just don't know. i think it's going to come down to the last minute for this voter.

  3. um, other candidates are not good, they have 0 sga experience, right?

  4. Just because they don't have experience doesn't mean they aren't good. I mean experience is a really big deal obviously, but potentially not a dealbreaker.

    I mean if one of them had SGA experience then I think it would be a non-issue, but since neither do it is something to consider.