Monday, February 28, 2011

$.88 Crunchwrap Supremes at Taco Bell

(nearly) FREE PIZZA ALERT.  This week only Taco Bell has the glorious Crunchwrap supreme for only $.88.  With tax, it's like $1.76.  Note that there is a limit of 2 per person.  Note that a single CWS contains like 560 calories, so you probably will be full after two of them.

My entire house went last night once I found out about this and we all bought 2 and then went into a food comatose for several hours, emerging just in time for the morning news.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


We won the CAC Championship wooo!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jurgo Radio Today, I am the Guest

lolwat.  Listen today at noon.  Will either be great or a trainwreck.  Probably the former!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transcript Fees

Transcript fees are here, woo!  Lots of people upset.  Most school charge for this sort of thing, but SMCM never used to which was kinda cool I guess.  So the new fees are in part due to the service Transcript Ordering which lets you know via email when your transcripts are sent out and such.  Transcripts now cost $5, and Transcript Ordering, which provides several services (online order tracking, 24/7 access, paperless, blah blah blah), adds another $2.50 charge.  So if you want to apply to two schools, it will cost $15 now.  Not sure why you would want to send two transcripts to one place, but you can do that too.

I asked Susan Bennet why this costs money, and this was her response (yes she writes emails in Comic Sans):

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your interest in this service.  The cost for providing transcripts is a process that several SMCM administrators have been studying and evaluating for quite some time.  The President’s cabinet gave approval for this charge over a year ago.  We decided to wait until we could offer the convenient transcript request process before initiating the transcript fee.

Although Transcript Ordering collects the $5.00 per transcript fee, these monies are forwarded to SMCM. Transcript Ordering is a non-profit organization and charges the $2.50 per address to cover their processing fees.

Transcript Ordering only provides an electronic way for individuals to request transcripts and to receive email updates of their request. When the Registrar’s Office receives the transcript requests electronically, we will in turn process the transcripts as we have done before.  That is, we still print the official transcript on official paper, seal it in an official envelope and mail it to the requested recipient.  Or, if the individual requests an unofficial transcript, we will email as a pdf, fax or mail as requested.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Take care,
Didn't really answer the question as to why there is now a $5 charge for transcripts (other than that people decided it would be a good idea).  The $2.50 fee is a third party group that takes in all of the transcript requests and sends them to the school.  Not really sure what the purpose of that is, but I don't work in the Registrar's Office so I don't know how that all works.  I'd rather not pay $2.50 and just assume that my transcript was in fact sent out.

Either way, lots of people seem upset about this/have found something to whine about.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Class of 2011 Shirts

New Class of 2011 shirts are available to order!  For 12$ you can have one of these radtastic shirts.

You may remember our other class shirts, along the lines of 'on a scale of 1 to 10, we're an 11'.  These are different obviously, and I think I like them more.

Tehehe I love jokes about STIs!  You may also remember that the class of 2008 (or maybe 2009???) used a similar joke for their shirts.  Something along the lines of 'I got my crabs at St. Mary's'.  But it's a fun joke, and pretty relevant since we had our crab feast at Jurgo's house.

I think I'll probably buy one.  They are 12$.


A tour just walked by my house and I waved out my window and a mom waved back and I was very happy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chick-Fil-A Boycott

UPDATE:  According to Debbie Davis they reduced their order by 25% yesterday (from 200 to 150) and as a result they sold out more quickly (noon instead of 1 or 2PM).  Does not seem that boycott has had a significant effect thus far.

The Chick-Fil-A Boycott is heating up like woah.  Today some dudes sat outside the Grind with signs (Cows 4 equality, etc.) and a petition.  Mike Fritsch told me not to buy any as I walked in, but really I was just getting the new copy of The Point News I (even though it's an evil newspaper full of lies and slander) so I think they were avoiding yelling at people.

Anyway, at this point we have the original boycott event on Facebook with 257 attending, and a 'Boycott the Chick-Fil-A Boycott' event right here with 113 attendees.


Well it seems like the Daily Grind will probably cave to pressure and change providers, assuming a replacement of some sort is found.  They are very open to discussing the issue with students, and I wouldn't be surprised if they stop selling it by March.

Anyway a cool thing is that the discourse has been for the most part civil (especially in the part of the organizers on both sides)

Anyways, dear readers, what do you think?  What would you want as an alternative?  My previous post had a lot of great discussion in the comments.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

King Henry VIII is like Lady Gaga

Something my professor just said...but he made a fair point to be honest.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Do yall love pizza?  Come to DPC TODAY from 3 until 9 for pizza and to learn about closing procedures and take a boring survey.  It's hosted by ResLife!

Also, last night I came home from the Door and went into the library with my box of pizza (via I had to watch a movie for class) and I felt lots of eyes staring at me.  I'm not sure if they were staring at me with judgement (via Door pizza box) or because they wanted my pizza, but the whole process was a good decision.  Atomic Cafe was a pretty interesting movie, I would recommend watching it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Darwin Days

Darwin Days is this week.  Can we really trust evolution though?  (yes duhhhh).  But the most important part of Darwin Days is Bob Paul's Evolution of Candy presentation.

First of all, lets just start with the fact that Bob Paul is a wonderful human being.  He has a great voice and I really enjoy his hair.  But his Evolution of Candy lecture is really funny and also pretty informative (kinda).  I don't really know how to describe it, but if you aren't busy at 6 you should go (I think it's in Cole Cinema???).

EDIT:  Apparently it's in SH106.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keystone Light on Sale at Cook's

This is a public service announcement to let everyone know that Cook's is currently selling Keystone Light for the amazing price of $12.99.  It hasn't been this cheap in years!  It also resulted in this:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Join the SGA!

The SGA is looking for new Senators.  We have open position in Waring Commons, Caroline, Townhouses, and for Commuters!  You probably got an email about this, and in that email is the candidate application.  You just need 50 signatures!  Or you can run a write-in campaign.

SGA is pretty cool.  Two hours a week on Tuesday nights wherein we discuss stuff and make secret plans to take over the school.  And you learn a lot about the school which is usually pretty interesting.  We also have super secret and super exclusive SGA parties that no one knows about (I don't even know about them).  Also you get to hear me talk a lot (via being Vice President)!

Anyways think about it.  There is also a sweet Dinner in the spring with delicious food.  mnnn

SMCM Admissions Video

Found an interesting SMCM Admissions video circa 2008-09 today while at work.

It's a fun video to watch with some legit production values (I think??) and shows many aspects of the college.  Also the host is pretty attractive/not annoying.  If you're my age you'll probably recognize a lot of the people in the video, but if you're younger you might only recognize the professors.  Seeing Matt Fafoutis in this was awesome.  Miss him :[.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Return of Kohler's!

Do yall remember Kohler's?  Kohler was some dude who sold pizza out of the Great Room on the weekend nights (also may have been a bit of a creep via unconfirmed rumors)!  He hired a bunch of kids to ferry the pizzas across campus and it was the greatest thing ever.  Especially the buffalo chicken pizza.  It was the best way to end a wonderful Saturday night.

Anyways, Kohler's graduated/died in '09 and so did the business.  Some clubs tried to revitalize it, but ultimately it never made much money and it was a hassle for Bon Appetit.  But this weekend Habitat for Humanity is going to be selling St. James Pizza (which I can confirm is completely delicious) for $10.50!  Only from 7-9 though which is kinda lame, but overall still cool.

Pretty coooooooool stuff (but seriously 75cent wings is absurd).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chik Fil A

Recently some people on campus have been upset at Chik Fil A because they pretty openly don't like gay people.  Personally I kinda figured this to be the case from the beginning since they aren't open on Sundays, but whatever.

Anyway, as you probably know the Daily Grind sells Chik Fil A on Thursdays and it is quite delicious.  So do you think the school should keep selling Chik Fil A in the Grind on Thursdays?  I think SDS is going to protest it.  Leave a comment!

Friday, February 4, 2011


  • Patty Mahlon, stop liking the Steelers
  • Girl in my class right now, stop wearing that Steelers knit hat
  • ugh

Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Days

Here it is.  100 days.  A lot of us came here three and a half years ago, and now there are only 100 days left until graduation.

Heard a rumor that drinks would be .75 cents, but this is definitely not true.  The above is the sign from last year btw.

See yall at the door.  I'm tryna go around 8... :D

Also, how do you feel about underclassmen going to 100 days?  Kinda feel like it should be a senior only event, but I wouldn't be upset if I saw underclassmen.  Last year I didn't go because I felt like it would be kinda weird.  Sophomore that I was driving with to classroom placement today said she wasn't because she isn't a senior.

But what do you guys think?  Leave a comment!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!

Courtesy of Ben Casto

New SMCM Main Page

May be going up today... woo

Here is the preview

Should be official today!


Last week at SGA Senator McGrath gave a passionate speech regarding donuts and Midnight Breakfast.  He titled it In Defense of Donuts.  Please enjoy.

My friends, I’m here to talk to you tonight about something very serious. There is at this very moment a war being waged against the students of this campus, a war which threatens our very identity and our integrity as an institution
Midnight Breakfast was an embarrassment. Yes, we had fun watching our friends make fools of themselves on stage. Yes, we got pancakes. But the real thing we came for, that our mouths were watering for in anticipation, was not there, and that’s donuts. If I thought pancakes and grits were that interesting I’d probably get out of bed before 2PM. I didn’t trek all the way out there in the freezing winter for some damn pancakes.

Bon Appetit claims they bought 1000 donuts.. Their staff clarified that statement—they bought donut holes. Dunkin’ Donuts calls those “munchkins” for a reason, it’s not a real donut. So let’s say you eat 3 or 4 donut holes in a sitting. That’s optimistic because with certain… chemical mitigating factors and/or lifestyle choices some people eat 6 or 7. But at 3 or 4 donut holes apiece, you’ve still only got enough to feed 250-300 students. A LOT more than that come to midnight breakfast. I got a C- in survey of mathematics freshman year and I can do the math on that one.

I’d like to take a moment to sincerely apologize for the amount of puns that are about to fill this room.

At its center this is about the dough, and that’s what’s driving me nuts.

Whether you spell them dough-nuts or do-nuts, one thing’s certain: you do nut take the donuts out of our traditional Midnight Breakfast. We trekked out through freezing weather, with the freezing rain sprinkling down and the paths frosting over. In the working world, if you have a contract and you do nut meet your customer’s expectations, you do nut get that contract renewed. You may say that my brain has turned to cream filling, but in my book it’s simple. We gave Bon Appetit the dough, so they need to nut up and give us what the hell we paid for. Bunch of holes.
Ohhhhhh goodness.  <3 u. 

SGA Meeting 2/1/2011 + Some Encounters!

Was at the SGA Meeting last night obviously, here are some highlights:
  • Stephon Dingle ate a banana
  • Kelly Smolinsky talked about changes to Room Draw (how you pick your housing for next year) and implied that Advising Day is not just for Mati Tais and Bon-Bons.  Not sure if I agree with her sentiment
  • At one point people kept saying mandate, so I started thinking about 'Man Dates' and I giggled a lot.
  • Other stuff happened blah blah blah
Also some encounters I recently had:
  • Last night at Dinner Marlena and I were hungry after a Mold Ad-Hoc Committee meeting so we went up to the great room to look for someone to swipe us in, since we both do not have meal plans. I asked a random girl to swipe us in and she did!  I do not know who she is, but thank you!  I should have asked her name maybe.
  • I was walking into Schaefer Hall today and a girl on crutches was coming out, and then she held the door open for me!  Holding the door open for people is pretty common here I think, but I have never someone who was injured hold a door open for me.  It was very kind of her!  But I think if I was in crutches I would have maybe not done this.  Not sure!
  • Roommate came home last night and said 'water' at least one hundred times.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SMCM Internet Update

The speed of the Internet will increase by Wednesday!  Tomorrow!

This is according to an email George Waggoner received from Verizon!

Humans Vs. Zombies

The game started today.  Mary McCarthy is the original zombie apparently, and has killed roughly half a dozen people.  Maybe I will update with information as the game progresses, but probably not.

I was at college park once and saw people playing this game and they were real was kinda scary.

More importantly, who is going to start Senior Assassin!