Friday, December 25, 2009

He has returned

Much like Jesus, Ryan Whiteis has returned to Maryland. Many juniors and some sophomores probably remember this man. He will be around for a weekish.


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas everyone. I liked that one year when Christmas and Chanukah were the same day. Thanks for reading.

Also I watched A Christmas Story 27 times. More than last year but not much of an improvement, I really need to step it up for Senior year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Grades are up. Gotta access smartnet though. Julia Andrade Rocha reminded me of this trick a few days ago. Just head to

And log in. The username will be your ID, and the password will be something weird, like the password you use for blackboard/an old password. Not sure exactly. But the gradess get put up in real time. At this point they'll probably all be up.

Smartnet is still around (from what I've heard) because teachers really liked it/didn't want to learn a new system and demanded that they still get to use it. Which I think is kinda lame, but I'm glad the school listened to them. I don't really prefer smartnet or portal, but at least portal is prettier.

How did you guys do?

UPDATE: Sasha Goluskin told me that I saved Christmas by telling her how to do this. Yay!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Handed in last paper a few hours ago. I actually finished it the night before, which I have never done before. I was proud of myself. Have a great break everyone. I'll probably update a few times over the break when I'm bored.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm in the Library

Putting a Santa hat on the discus man is probably the coolest thing I have seen in the library. Speaking of the library, I am in it right now. I am writing my last paper of the semester, and I still have twenty -four hours. At 9 pages that means I only need to write one third of a page per hour. This leaves a lot of time to procrastinate which is good.

The other image is a clue as to where I am. The first person to find me will get something from the Grind for free. You will also receive eternal glory.

Edit: No one has come to visit me yet. Also the girl near me just smelled her scarf for some reason.

New Hobby

I have a new hobby. I tried to come up with a clever name for it, but instead I decided to call it Go into the library during finals and bother as many people as you can. It's not as insidious or horrible as it sounds. I just go into the library and walk around looking for people I know and talk to them for a minute, distracting them from whatever it is they are working on. It's a good study break. My current record is five, but I am planning to break that today hopefully.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Ladies at NC15 told me that there was Chlorine in the water as I was studying for anthropology. Some guy sent out an email about it. Apparently people in Prince George, Caroline, and Dorch (and maybe others?) have been reporting that their water smells/tastes like chlorine. I think we are all going to die, so begin PANICKING.

Also note that Keystone is nearly already water, so that may or may not be a good alternative to water. I would recommend drinking some Keystone pre-exam in order to avoid dehydration and such.

UPDATE: Trip report: Just smelled the water from my bathroom and it smells like chlorine. Go us! According to a website I just read, extended drinking of over-chlorinated water can lead to upset stomachs and irritated eyes/noses. So nothing serious really. Regardless, I would advise everyone to panic.

Dear Readerz,
  • Does your water smell like chlorine?
  • Are you pro/anti chlorine water?
  • Have you died from chlorine poisoning yet?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am going to miss college. eSuds tells you when it's done, and sometimes you can determine whose wet clothes you are pulling out of the washing machine, and then write on their wall telling them. It's a fun experience.

Dear Readerz,
Have you ever recognized whose clothes you are moving around in the laundry room?
What do you think of mysterious piles of clothes that sit in the laundry room all semester (esp. Dorch)
Laundry room etiquettes, is it cool to move around someone else's clothes?


Friday, December 11, 2009


Yo why is coffeehouse so awesome this year. Legit indie bands coming down to play legit indie songs for us. Cool stuff. Meghan Milstead (name dropping rules) is doing a rad job.

Nana Grizol - These guys were cool. The main singer was very cute and awkward, and probably gay (I'm pretty sure someone confirmed this to me). One of them was in Neutral Milk Hotel so that is cool or something.

Donora - They played in DPC which was really cool, and all of the band members were pretty attractive. Nobody showed up though which was depressing and awkward. They played a cover of Paper Planes which was interesting.

The Spring Standards - They were from New York and kinda pretentious but still cool. Really good at playing instruments I think. Also they did a Neil Young cover which is cool cause like only one other person (Sam I forgot his last name and don't feel like looking it up) cheered for Neil Young when they announced that they were going to do this.

All of these bands mentioned that they ate at the Great Room, which is cool I guess.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keystone Light

Hey, did the price of Keystone Light go up by a dollar everywhere? I feel like it was 12.99 at Cook's in September, but now it's 13.99. Am I correct, or has it always been 13.99?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


21 now. Fuck yeahhhhhh. Anyone going to the Door for Taco Night?

Update: First shot as a 21 year old was NyQuil. I dislike being sick.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SGA Meeting 12/8/09

SGA Whatup

EDIT: Hahah I'm dumb as shit, I originally had the date as 11/8/09. Thanks Lisa

8:01 - Meeting hasn't started yet, but everyone just realized that the Point News article about tuition increase said that it was going up by 3300$ instead of 700$. Nice job point news.

The increase is 3%, which would raise tuition by 700$ total for tuition, housing, and other costs etc.

Again, tuition is going up by 700$, not 3,300$. Point News Fail

8:09 - SGA Meeting Starting!

8:10 - Guest speaker is a gurrrl here to talk about Relay for Life. They are playing a video about it and it is depressing because cancer is :[.

8:21 - ugh this movie is 7 minutes long. This sounds like a really cool program and I hope it's successful.

8:23 - apparently you stay up all night. I don't really get it. There is also track running which is unfortunate because track running is difficult when tired.

8:26 - For real though this is a great program and it is the main event that the American Cancer Society sponsors, and I think this will really bring the campus community together.

8:29 - The one speaker, Erika/Erica (dunno how it's spelled), is saying that she wanted to bring the program here because of her best friend's death due to cancer, which is really sad :[

8:33 - Oh my god. Historical Swordsmanship Club. Need I say more? Okay so, one of the kids presenting this, we nicknamed him "German Longsword kid. And this club is literally all about German longsword fighting. So I think we gave him the best nickname possible.

8:36 - Oh my goodness he has been training in the art of German longswords for six years, this kid is amazing.

8:40 - They are going to use kendo sticks to practice. They are like japanese wooden swords or something.

8:43 - For real though they had a really great presentation, probably better than any other club this semester. It passed!

8:52 - Sola is talking about Programs Board fund requests. Kinda boring but she is doing a really great job of discussing what each club wanted and what they were given.

9:01 - Finance Board time! We will be approving club budgets, this will be exciting.

9:05 - Hahah what the fuck, Ski Snowboard club wants to take a trip to fucking Aspen. What is this, NYU or some shit? Actually the price isn't that bad cause one of the condos is free, and they will be getting free rentals.

9:14 - Still discussing this

9:22 - Still discussing this

9:27 - finally done discussing ski and snowboard club

9:28 - just kidding, someone brought it back up, le sigh

9:42 - blah blah blah

9:43 - Katie Caffey is sitting next to me and looks like she is from Zelda

9:45 - Oh my god someone wants to balance the budget and cut $11,000 from the budget. Dear god nooooo

9:55 - I just realized that I rarely say anything during SGA.

9:58 - FUSE wants Chocolate Vaginas, and let me be the first to say that chocolate vaginas are delicious.

10:01 - Robb Kirchner and Alex Walls are standing against the wall, I think they are tired of sitting.

10:07 - Done with the budget woot.

10:20 - Adjourned!

10:21 - Tomorrow is my birthday!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Down with the Sickness

Getting progressively sicker. Came back from break coughing a lot. Now a week later throat is sore. Before finals I imagine I will be dead or something. Therefore I am taking evasive action and beginning a heavy regiment of NyQuil. It will also hopefully lead to awesome/scary sleep.

I learned that a shot glass will hold the correct amount of NyQuil if you pour it in while leaving around the height of a finger unfilled. I don't know if this makes sense, but if you want to take shots of NyQuil I would just recommend measuring it before putting it in a shot glass.

Pics are shitty but I left my camera cord at home, le sigh.

Free Pizza Alert 12/9

This Wednesday around 8PM chill with math dudes and eat pizza while watching A Beautiful Mind. This wednesday is also my birthday which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Also check out how awesome I am at photoshop (ms paint)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Break Closing

Winter break closing information always has the same line that always confuses me
  • All decorations must be removed prior to your departure for Winter Break.
What is the point of this? I don't think any RAs are going to attempt to enforce this rule when doing room inspections. I just don't really get it. Having decorations doesn't violate any college policies.

Advent Calendar Day 3

Advent Calendar Day 3 is a sled. I put the skater boi from day 1 on it as well.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations! I was walking to class and I saw Physical Plant people putting these up. Do they do this every year? I feel like they have in the past but I am unsure. It’s hard to see, but they are wreath flags. I really like wreaths a lot, and these were put up all along the path from the Campus Center to Monty. I think it would be really cool if they put up a tree in the Great Room that everyone could decorate.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent Calendar Day 2

Day 2 is a snowman! It's really cute.

School Bus

I was walking to class today and I saw a school bus. I thought this was weird because I haven’t seen a school bus in a long time really. I guess it just gave me high school flashbacks. Also, Lexington Park Christian School sounds awesome/weird. And in the other photo is a rare white school bus. Took the photos with my phone (when did phone cameras get so good? 3.2 megapixels is like what my first digital camera had).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Garden of Remembrance Benches

I have always liked these benches near the Garden of Remembrance because there is always someone there on a nice day.

Yesterday it was two people making out. Stephen Warner and I were taking our afternoon stroll when we noticed them. We thought it was awkward so we decided to take a picture! It's the people near my face with the boots.

They seemed like a nice and happy couple.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SGA: We have enough people this week!

8:05 - Meeting begins

8:09 - Soccer girl is here to tell us that Relay for Life is gonna be at St. Marys March 27th. I'm not sure what it is, but I do know it's about destroying cancer and running around. Awesomeness. Also I think people make teams and compete.

8:10 - Kait Hines is talking about the budget tonight! The SGA gets money via student fees (225$ per student) and from the Student Investment Group (made 6000$).

Currently we have like 400,000$ or somesuch. Nearly 3/4 goes towards finance board and programs board, which means money that clubs requested to do stuff.

8:15 - She just mentioned the recycling gloves which is the legislation I made! Wooo

8:24 - Kait did a really great job with this presentation.

8:29 - Someone just asked if the Dove charges for yearbooks. I guess maybe some schools give out free yearbooks, but it's certainly not here.

8:33 - We are discussing funding the Dove Yearbook by making paid positions for it.

8:40 - It passed!

8:43 - New Club Constitution - Track Development Team! I don't get the name, why do they have "Development" in there, why not just call it Track Team? Or as Justin Perry said, FASTT - Friggin Awesome St.Marys Track Team.

8:48 - I don't get it, our track sucks to the max so I don't see the point in having a club I guess.

8:55 - Dude was like "we'd probably need some batons." Dude, those are called sticks.

9:04 - It's a new club!

9:09 - blah blah blah

9:15 - brendan larabee, mark snyder, lisa, justin perry, danny 5 names, rodkey all just said they would help volunteer with midnight breakfast cleanup. Just making a note here.

9:17 - People are complaining about maintenance. I think they are cool and they fix stuff for me so whatever.

9:20 - Meeting over

Alba Study Abroad

Sometimes I don't like the Alba study abroad program because the kids there often start skyping me at 5PM about how drunk they are. It's amusing!

Apparently Dominator Vodka is 100% grain alcohol (I don't know how this is possible) and is what they buy because Rikaloff is not sold in Italy.

Also apparently they do no homework.


A Christmas Story: 11
Lego Advent Calendar: Got a skater boi with snowballs today. Pictures will be posted later

EDIT: picture posted