Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monty Hall, Go there Tomorrow

So several people have cryptically told me that I should go to Monty tomorrow...kinda excited/scared

RIP Brian Van Parys Car

Saw his car getting towed earlier, sad about this.  Poor BVP :[

Brian Tennyson

Saw Brian Tennyson a bit ago on my way to work.  He was coming out of the Health Center with a Bag of Drugs.  Guess he is sick, which is unfortunate.

My issue was that he was wearing shorts!  It is kind of cold outside right now, and I don't think wearing shorts will help him with his sickness.

This photo displays shorts similar to the ones he was wearing, except that he was not a werewolf when I saw him (potentially this is related to his sickness, maybe he was getting anti-werewolf drugs from the Health Center???  Is Brian Team Jacob???).

Webmail was down

So email wasn't working earlier today for a bit. This is the email they sent out:

Good afternoon
We are currently having issues with accessing webmail from mobilenet, the residence halls and from off campus. We are working to correct the problem and will notify you of any updates.
We apologize for the inconvenience. 
Pretty standard, but I have a few issues with it
1)  How were we supposed to see an email about our email not working if our email wasn't working?
2)  If email was not accessible from mobilenet, residence halls, or from off campus, where was it available from?  I'm assuming nowhere, so why not just say that it wasn't available at all...
3)  Everyone should use Gmail

That is all.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Mr. SMC is back!  Excited that Danny, Cody Brack and Cory Young are all nominated.  Hope that I helped to get Cory Young nominated (via exposure).  Be sure to check out this event!

Not sure who I want to win.  All three are very pretty and strong, which are two necessary qualities.  Cody is the tallest though so maybe he should win.  He is also probably the best drinker of the three.

Stolen Flannel

Someone grabbed my flannel at the Nest two weeks ago.  This is me wearing said flannel.  I would like it back.  I am offering a reward of several dollars!  The tag inside says 'Woolrich'.  This is my favorite flannel and I would like it back.  If you see anyone wearing it you should probably punch them up.

Srsly someone return it :/

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maryland Basketball

Went to the Maryland Basketball game on Friday, lot of fun.  Feel like we should incorporate some of their stuff into our games like

  • Reading newspapers when they announce the other team, I found this funny
  • Yelling Asshole a lot, would be fun but kinda goes against the mood that you generally find at our basketball games
  • Jumping, we need to jump more
  • Student section should be the good seats!
  • Oh my god they have a jumbotron!
  • Their cheerleaders throw t shirts into the crowd, I love shirts!
Also I saw Skidd there!

Monday, November 22, 2010



Just a rumor, lets see if it's true.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Room Hatin'

Hatin' may be the wrong term, but there's an interesting event on The Facebook (lol, Katy Arnett ironically calls it this and I giggle a lot when she does, I think my Mom unironically says it thought) regarding the quality of the Great Room http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166205076746283&index=1

Interesting comments, didn't know there was so much anger.  Feel like I kinda failed as Chair of the Food Services Committee last year (but not really, we tried several times to meet with them but it was difficult due to changing management etc., but new dude seems real receptive to feedback!) by not realizing this stuff.

Goddamit I just miss chicken patties.  I understand that they are not locally made, but that is some of the most delicious 600 calorie (yes, srsly 600 calories, you could look it up on their website.  This explains why it was sooooooo good) piece of meat in existence.

So, dear readers, what do you think about the great room?  Kinda feel like maybe quality has gone down a bit, or at least selection, but the school has also been cash-strapped (via economy) so I don't really blame them.  Just glad people are upset at the Great Room as an institution, and not the people (although that weekday omelet guy always seemed upset at me for some reason).

Regardless, I think I'm gonna opt out of a meal plan next semester.  So much cheaper just cooking for myself.

Pancake Dinner!

It's today!  5$ for unlimited pancakes at the church thingy nearby.  Not really sure how I feel about pancakes though to be honest.  I think I only like really small ones, and I don't really like syrup that much.  But fruit preserves taste great on them!

I helped disburse food once at a pancake dinner here...I think in my Sophomore year.  It was fun and I got free pancakes!

Burlesque Workshop

Not sure how I feel about this.  Mostly because it's only for girls.  Feel like it should be open to all.  Also, feel like Burlesque refers to the entirety of Vaudeville including comedic acts and circusy performances, not just the erotic strip teaseyness.

Either way, should be an interesting event or whatever!

Vote for Slyfoxed!

Slyfoxed is a campus band that graduated this past may, they are all pretty cool.  They are trying to win a contest or somesuch, maybe for a record deal??  Currently they are in 3rd place!  So vote for them!

Vote here http://getoutofthegarage.sonicbids.com/BandDetails.aspx?b=23448&bn=Slyfoxed  wooo

PS the band members are attractive

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Midnight Munchies Friday Night!!!

Tri Beta (NERDSSSSSSS [I think they are the Biology honors society] ) will be selling delicious foodstuffs Friday night from 9PM-12:30AM.  There will be GRILLED CHEESE and DONUTS and HOT CHOCOLATE.


They will be located on the LQ partio!

Now that fourloko has been banned, this will be a good way to eat away your sadness.

Plastic Bag Race

Seniors won the plastic bag race, which isn't surprising since a lot of us buy groceries which come with plastic bags.  We currently have two full drawers.  Kinda happy that Class of 2013 had negative bags lol.

This Weekend's Movie

This weekend's movie is Eat, Pray, Love.  That is all.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010







SGA Meeting 11/16/2010

SGA Meeting!  As you know, I now 'chair' the meetings and call on people to speak so I can't liveblog.

Early in the meeting Alex Walls made some noise near a trashcan while someone was presenting.  This has been your daily dose of something silly that Alex did.  <3 u Alex.

We passed some boring stuff regarding GSMRF.  Boring but probably important.

We also passed a resolution supporting faster INTERNET instead of more wireless.  Radical.

Additionally, we allocated $15,000 to keep the bike shop running for three more semesters, at which point hopefully the school will start funding it, or we will try to raise student fees in order to pay for the cost.  I need to go there today and get air in my tires!

Were you negatively affected by mold and feel like the school didn't care enough?  An ad-hoc committee is being formed to ensure that school administrators realize the full extent of the mold problem, as some students (like myself and the President) felt like these issues were glossed over in meetings with administrators.

In more exciting news, Programs Board is planning on having AN ICE RINK when we come back in January.  This would be cool, even though I have never gone ice skating.  I live on the water and when the ice freezes I like to go out on it and slide around, eventually falling on my buttocks.

That is about all for this week!

Basketball wins!

How exciting!  I was not able to attend the game due to SGA, but we did get occasional updates from Kelly Schroeder and President Perkins.  Kinda disappointed that we didn't win with 69 points (via everyone that lives in my house is obsessed with this number).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seahawk Basketball!

First game tonight against Hopkins.  Expect to hear chants of 'SAFETY SCHOOL' (via Hopkins is a difficult school to get into so it's sarcastic).  Should be exciting!  Make it out to the game if you can!

7:30 in the ARC!

Seahawk Basketball!

First game tonight against Hopkins.  Expect to hear chants of 'SAFETY SCHOOL' (via Hopkins is a difficult school to get into so it's sarcastic).  Should be exciting!  Make it out to the game if you can!

This Class

I believe it divided into group two groups, that of note takers and that of do homework for other classes.  I have slowly moved from group one to group two over the course of the semester.

Also just learned that exam is this Thursday and not next Tuesday which is awesome because I was planning on going to a show Monday night and would not have been in a good state for said exam.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Matt Smith

In class, Matt Smith just said that Kaiser Wilhelm started World War II.  We all laughed and he quickly corrected himself (via that dude started World War I).

7 Wonders T Shirt

Yall check out this shirt that is for sale. Dunno who sells it though. Kinda remember people selling it at the end of last semester, but also saw Kristina Schiller looking sad/bored/sober selling them at Hawktoberfest.

Don’t really like black shirts to be honest. Also kinda confused by the whole Frisbee golf aspect of the shirt, don’t really know anyone that has played a Frisbee golf course using the 7 wonders of St. Mary’s. Seems like an okay shirt though. I will rate it ‘I would buy it for 5$’.

Fall 2011 Classes

Went on portal today (because roommates told me that we all got 25$ credited to our accounts for some reason...not sure why but probably gonna spend it on more swag at the school store) and saw that there is a link for tentative Fall 2011 classes...feel like they are trying to taunt me and the fact that I will be graduated by then.  Is there a way they can not put that on there?

They should have it just not show up for seniors.  :[

The Nest

Apparently some UMD kids were sexing it up (via coitus) in the laundry room during The Nest this past weekend.

Not sure if this is really weird or totally baller.  Probably the former.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Door has NFL Network

Just heard from Nick Bruno that the Door has NFL network and will be showing the Raven's game tonight!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SGA Meeting 11/9/2010

UPDATE:  Also, someone mentioned Kohlers, and there were a lot of blank stares and confusion, and instantly every senior felt incredibly old.

Went to SGA last night, just like every week.  Kinda upset that SGA always makes me miss intramural sports, le sigh.

Alex Walls sat in the back by himself, kinda wish he sat up front more, miss him.

George Waggoner of CTSS came back to see what people thought of the wireless in dorms vs. increase speed debate.  Increasing speed won by a large margin, so there will probably be more put into increasing the speed of the Internet than increasing wireless access points in dorms.  This is cool because it won't take me 5 minutes to download a PDF woo.

I announced that in one month I will be 22.  Feeling old.  Birthday is on a Thursday which is cool, but also no SafeRide that week...le sigh.

Oh and I reported that I went to the Buildings and Grounds committee on Friday.  Got to sit next to Michael P. O'Brien (dude who has his name on the ARC).  He just went by Mike though.  He likes to make jokes.  He also didn't understand that there is an established Frisbee Golf course, which led to one of his jokes being really confusing.  I think he thought that we just throw our discs at random trash on the ground or something.  Dunno really.  But it was a cool meeting!

We also all read suggestions that were placed in the suggestion box on monday as a part of Care for your Campus week.  I read one that said "Jurgo needs a longer beard".  Dunno how I feel about this, his beard right now is quite elegant and well trimmed, not sure if I want him to get some sort of dwarf/santa beard (dwarf as in a LOTR dwarf obv)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dr. Meckel = House

I was at Faculty Senate last week and saw a professor who I believed looked like Dr. House from popular television program ‘House’. Here is a photo of him from the website ‘www.smcm.edu’.

Looked more like House IRL. Wonder if anyone has ever asked him if he is Hugh Laurie.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Some kids in the library are using the phrase "on the daily."  Not really sure what it means but I like it.  Apparently it's a British term.  Not sure how I feel about British phrases (via can we really trust Britain, they used to own us).  Probably gonna start using this term though.


Since we have the MAT program granting postgraduate education (via wikipedia defining a University as have undergrad and postgrad stuffs).

Electric Bill

What were yalls electric bills?  51.87 here.  Dunno if that is a lot or a little.  Don't feel like we used a lot of electricity.


Got my last class schedule done.  I was supposed to register last Wednesday, but I was really indecisive and only signed up for like two classes.  But now I've got it all figured out, should be an interesting semester.  Three classes related to my major, Lifeguarding, Yoga, and retaking Chinese 102 because I've forgotten everything.  Does anyone know how pass/fail works, that sounds fun.

Laundry Machines

Seems like laundry machines are going to start working again via needing to 'swipe' to use them.  Kinda lame, really enjoyed just being able to press go.  Especially when doing the dryers because they make you wait like 10 seconds staring at 'dryer will run for 60 minutes' for some reason.

Even worse was years ago when it showed your account balance.  Laundry lol.  I did laundry yesterday btw.

Why is the Nest on a Thursday this week?

I don't get it, aren't these usually on Fridays?  Feel like this will make kids want to hang out and party/dance on Thursday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parallax Shits

Chucky Adler has 'Parallax Shits' on his powerpoint (instead of shifts).  Everyone laughed of course.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Charles LOLlar

Roommate Mike Tornabene said that he saw a Charles Lollar ad on my bloggery blog (via he doesn't use AdBlock).  He took a photo!

Wonder what caused his ads to pop up on my blog.  Don't really remember mentioning him or anything.

One Card

Ughhhh has anyone seen my one card??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jurgo Radio

So happy it's called Jurgo Radio

Boy Scouts

Met some Boy Scouts in my house on Hallowgreens, proceeded to flash them my Eagle Scout card, they seemed impressed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Urgo Pumpkin

I think everyone's seen it, but this is so glorious