Thursday, July 31, 2014

s/o 2 the thotties

Congrats to the two SMCM alums who appeared on The Hill (blog???)'s 50 most beautiful Congressional people. Let's turn interns into eye candy!!!

At #5 was Carmen Fuentes

Not really sure what is hanging down from her glasses on the left, also I can't think of a joke to make about this really :/ :/ :/

Congrats tho bb!!!

FUN FACT: Said my townhouse smelled like pee once. Then she moved in and someone literally pissed in their house~

and at #25 is Mariel Saez

Congrats bb!!!

FUN FACT: Mariel assigned me my only article I ever wrote for The Point News

~~~congrats 2 both of yall beautiful ladies~~~

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stained Glass Pub

Is this your car, smcm student circa last year, at the Stained Glass Pub? Did u finally graduate???

How's ur life now? R u "fulfilled"? Have u lived up to ur potential?

Made Mom/Dad/Obama proud???

Hope u enjoyed the half priced pizza!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SMCM Lands Itself on Yet Another Prestigeous List of Colleges!!!

WOW not only is SMCM (or should I say ST. M's?) is once again on a great list of colleges! This time unfortunately we only came up at #6.


Yes, even tho SMCM/ST. M's reduced tuition last year (after 5 years of increases) it is still kinda expensive for the average person/peasant.

You can read the whole article at Arianna Huffington's new blog The Huffington Post. SMCM clocks in at around 14.5k, whereas the number 1 spot went to the University of Pittsburg, at around 16.5k.

So you heard it here first folks, SMCM needs to increase tuition by $2,000 and we can snag that #1 spot!!!

Here is a fun fact: cost of living in St. Mary's County is low. Let's look at where some of the other colleges are located!

1. Pittsburg (major city/shitty)
2. Pennsylvania
3. New Hampshire (expensive)
4. Colorado (expensive)
5. Vermont (expensive)
6. Us!!! (cheap area)
7. New Jersey (not cheap)

so idk

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Baltimore in the summer is great b/c u get 2 see lots of friends from the St. Mary's at bars and Orioles games or puking on the street! Some "tips" for hanging out in Baltimore!

- b sure to pay ur tab!
- fells point is great but watch out for the spooky ghosts!
- federal Hill is cool, you get to pretend u go to UMD
- I know you love swimming in water, but don't swim in the harbor! U may get a "disease" like whooping cough or death!
- if u see me I'll buy u a drank maybe???