Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

How did yall enjoy the first day of school?  Did you make 'friends'?  Or 'enemies'?  Kinda wish I had a mortal enemy that I could battle on the regular.  In high school I used to have light sabre battles with a fellow student on the way to our last class of the day.  Wish I had that relationship with someone.  Gonna go on craigslist Casual Encounters to find a light sabre enemy.

What kinda classes are yall takin?  SMPs???  Disney Bio?  Wish they had a class about cartoons here.  Saw some depressing stuff today like trees that were bent in the wrong direction, I think there is a HULK monster on campus, gonna blog about it later when I figure out how to upload pictures from my cellular device.

Also First Years all look like babies.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What was with all that crazy weather yesterday?

Some sort of huge storm made the power go out at my house, and I was told I couldn't move in until Monday.  Not sure why though.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PANIC: Earthquake

PANIC:  According to bros down at the college (via I haven't moved in yet) there has been an Earthquake IN ST. MARY'S.  What do yall think caused this MASSIVE 5.8 richter scale earthquake?
  • Jurgo
  • Geothermal Heat pumps
  • Tectonic plates
  • Teutonic plates
  • Teutonic Knights (wolololo)
Do yall think anything broke on the campus?  Maybe some books in the bookstore fell or something.


As you can see this statue of freedom via conscience fell over!  Please disregard the snow and ice, it was some sort of weird blur (via lies).

I'M OUTTIE YALL (via tommy seahawk in the 90s movie Clueless)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Margaret Brent Hall Relocation

Tommy Seahawk yall here to talk about Maggy Hall getting moved via crane to a new location. 


Where will the building be moved to?  Did yall know that this is a historic building, which is why they are not just tearing it down (via wrecking balls). 
Will it be moved to...
  • Island in the middle of the river
  • Admissions field (formerly the only place that student protest were allowed to happen circa 2008 according to some older bros)
  • Campus Center parking lot (hint:  this is the answer)
  • Underground
  • To the point
Who knows?!?! (you do via I just told you).

Really excited for watching it get moved in September 12th.  We should all get lawn chairs and classy drinks and dress up for this occasion.  Maybe someone should bring Bocce ball or Croquet (the latter preferred).  Gonna take awhile to move it, feel like they should just get a helicopter to move it.  Dunno if that is feasible/legal though.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is Tom Seahawk?

Who is this Tommy Seahawk the Internet is BUZZing about???  Is it real???

  • probably knows OG writer
  • probably younger
  • probably reads hipster runnoff (via co-opting the writing style)
TOM SEAHAWK OUT (via Seacrest outtie)

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    New Writer

    New writer for the bloggin blog is Tom Seahawk btw.  This person agreed to continue writing but didn't want their identity revealed.  Have fun yall.

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Class of 2015: The Facebook Group

    This seemed like a big hit last year.  Somehow I was not banned from the group this year, so I refrained from commenting (comments like that there is a shuttle that takes you all around campus [which is kinda true after you graduate and go to events not during school]).  I took some screenshots and blotted out the names via not wanting to create a new Cory Young/don't want to embarrass people as easily.


    It is cute when people do this sort of thing!

    I know that you are going to have an amazing, testosterone-filled time.


    Well...have fun never being able to use your cellphone (I have ATT, I can only imagine Sprint is worse)

    ??? This isn't your local strip mall, they don't ban various forms of transportation (seriously I fucking hate place that 'ban' bicycles, what is with that).

    It does sound dumb, but on the other hand this is probably the best place to ask something like that.

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Gov cupdate: going to sleep wif best fwends: vitamins, boh, and giant legos

    Gov cupdate: now we are on the set of castaway. WILSON!!!!

    Gov cupdate: I remember my first beer

    Gov cupdate: caroline cat does care for yacht races

    Yeah after years of camping we suddenly cant camp here

    he says i liked that beer

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    Drink of choice

    No boats are here yet circa ten pm

    Race cupdate: still no one has won. Busch league race

    Gov Cupdate #3

    Do yall see what I did there, I made a pun by COMBOing cup and update, since they have overlapping letters.

    It's been an hour.  The boats have not moved very much.  A solemn reminder that sailboats are fucking slow.

    Race has officially started, no one has won yet though

    Governor's Cup 2011


    Yall want some LIVE COVERAGE ???  Not really sure what this site does to be honest, but check out this LIVE GPS COVERAGE WEBSITE which will provide you with coolio knowledge regarding where all the boats are.  Keep a lookout for the boat Solstice which my Dad is sailing! 

    Here is a photo of the course!

    As you can see they have to sail a lot!  The race starts today at 3 and ends tomorrow!  Some super fast boats like the Navy duders finish at like midnight I think but most boats take significantly longer. 

    Significant dudes with boats in the race:
    Muldoon bro - Has a boat called Donnybrook
    Dad bro - Has a boat called Solstice
    Navy bros - Have a hella fast boat

    Stay tuned for updates about boats and alcohol and old people partying.

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Public Safety Officers Graduate from Basic Academy Class

    Was told about a fascinating article by a prominent SMCM person.  Don't bother reading the actual article via it's boring (also you would then realize where I stole the image from, instead of thinking that I took this amazing photograph with sunlight glare.  Props to the TheBayNet for capturing the glare of the sun in this wonderful photograph) and not very interesting. 

    It would appear that 6 officers went to AACO for Basic Academy Class for Public Safety Officers.  In the past apparently officers were sent to random places for training, instead of a single MD program.

    Actually I lied, there are some funny/mean comments on the article that are well worth checking out.  I agree with Joeboy52's wife that the dude on the bottom right is 'hot'.  Hope he learned more about using bullhorns to yell at kids (via yelling at dudes pre-Gala).

    <3 u Officer Coons (via love).

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011