Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hallowgreens: When should it be ???

Recently some people have been tryna decide when Hallowgreens should be.  This is a difficult event/party to plan.  Even though ResLife/SMCM dictates when Hallowgreens is, every year people try to establish the date of the event via facebook events. 

People just don't understand that it literally gets decided during the summer by ResLife.  Any RA can confirm this.  When you get your RA duty schedule, it shows when Hallowgreens is.  ResLife, Public Safety, etc. all select this date so that they can plan accordingly to have enough staff on hand to handle the shitshow.

But people still don't understand this.

"DJ" Darren Leu in his prime
ANYWAYS this year, according to what I saw on facebook, someone made the event for October 27th.  This is the date the school chose for the event, and the date that makes the most sense.  Since it's in October.  Some people, like "DJ" Darren Leu believed that that it should be on November 3rd.

From my understanding, the logic was this.  Some 100~ students who compete in Fall Division III (the last division) sports have to play sports on Sunday October 28th.  So, they cannot get blackout drunk at Hallowgreens because it would impede their performance the next day.

1.  Hallowgreens is still legitimately fun and much more memorable completely sober
2.  Having played on a 'club sports' team (SMUT) we played every game hungover.  And we even won a trophy.

The point is, trying to change the date because a small minority cannot 'participate' is dumb.  It is as dumb as Paul Prazinski (I do not know how to spell that Pollack name) in 2010 (maybe 2009???) trying to push back the date of Hallowgreens because he and his 'bio' class would miss it due to a field trip.  Everyone told him that he was being stupid, and the date remained the same.

All in all, this resulted in a bunch of dumbasses (read: kids that are kinda clever and make me laugh a lot) making a new Hallowgreens event.  On December 29th.

This sort of controversy will occur again in another two years.  One of the biggest issues at SMCM is the lack of 'institutional memory'.  It is the issue of 'remembering' what happened in past years.  Past efforts, past initiatives, past downfalls.  It happens at any college, and is incredibly hard to combat.  But it is something that both students and faculty/staff/administrators need to be mindful of.  The issue of the 'real date' of Hallowgreens are just minor example of the larger issue of a lack of institutional memory at St. Mary's.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hawktoberfest Weekend

Hawktoberfest/Family Weekend is only a month away!  And I think they have a new logo for the event that combines the two 'events' well~
Very nice logo!  Simple and effective.  What happened to 'HAWKTOBER' though???  That is what it was called in 2009 and 2010...guess they changed it last year???  Hawktoberfest has a kinda 'Oktoberfest' font going on, whereas Family Weekend is more straight laced.  Which makes sense via one event is focused on drinking and watching soccer, whereas the other is focused on family events.

Speaking of which, I wonder what will the 'Hospitality Tent' be like this year???

Can u spot me ???
This is one of the best aspects of Hawktoberfest via it involves hanging out with yer fellow alumni/students/faculty [one year my Dad spent half an hour talking to my academic adviser and I found it kinda uncomfortable but also really funny and great.  One of those "St. Mary's" moments that you hear so much about, via a small school] and drinking a few beers.  In past years I believe the beer was free, and then the next year you had to buy a cup for the beer, and then the year after that you got a single free beer.  But looking at the verbiage for this year's event it would appear that all the beer will just be sold, via it says
 Faculty members will be serving as bartenders!  Food and beverages available for sale.
 Kinda unfortunate but also kinda w/e via I have a job so I don't really care as much.  Also for the registration of the event there is usually a section at the end where you can choose to donate some money BUT THIS WAS MISSING.  Maybe my memory is just incorrect and they never tried to ask for donations during Hawktoberfest registartion (but I kinda doubt that).  Could this be due to the Rich Edgar firing a few months ago, which caused many alumni to say that they would no longer donate?

Maybe the plan is to not push the issue of donations until alumni actually arrive and have had a few beers.  Most people are probably going to forget about the whole Rich Edgar thing by then, and actually being at St. Mary's will remind them of how great/cool/chill/etc. it is.  So IDK just a 'tinfoil hat' theory of mine~

Dude in the C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS hoodie talked to my 4ever~
Also this lecture by Cohen looks really great.  It combines his love of sports history with his love of politics
  • "The Manly Sport of American Politics: How Our Entertainment Created Our Elections." Ken Cohen, History.  Goodpaster Hall 117
This mini-class will explore the relationship between sports and electoral politics in American History. From calling elections "races" to considering the "dark horse" to "punting" on an issue, Americans have come to talk about politics as if it was a sport. What does this mean, and why does it matter? You'll walk away from this course with a unique perspective on American politics, just in time for the 2012 elections.
So IDK maybe I will see yall at that lecture???  It's before the hospitality tent which is good planning.