Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SGA Meeting 3/29/2011

Campus Farm...will it pass?!?!  Will it receive funding?!?!? wooo who knows?!  Lots of debate!

Oooo compromises are occurring!

It passed!  So did other things.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who is Amy Henderson?

Via 'Who is John Galt' (via Atlas Shrugged [via ugh]).

But who is this mystery woman?  She is not in the directory.  What is the package?  Possibly a bomb via terrorism (PAINC!).

Or maybe it's like the package at the end of Se7en.  But I hope not because that would be real creepy.

Really though it's kinda funny that an email was sent out about this, but I guess it's probably the only way they'll figure out who she is.

I am hungry.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yelled At!!!

I was trying to take photos a half an hour ago of the Inauguration and then I was yelled at by Public Safety!  I just wanted photos of the podium via podiums are cute.  Here is the photo

This is what the podium for tomorrow will look like.  I nearly went to Public Safety jail for taking this photo!  Okay really I understand their yelling at anyone who was in the tent, and they were nice and really just asked me to leave, but w/e if there is a tent in front of my house I want to be able to walk in it.


I mean I have a tent, it is a small two person backpacking tent (which in real person terms is a one person tent via it is small) but this is a fucking fancy ass tent.  WHO PUTS CHANDELIERS IN A TENT???  It's pretty cool though.  Also cool having a Public Safety car on the Greens all night.  Not that cool thought.  I was talking to roommates about this.  It would kinda suck to be on 'sit on the stage and yell at drunk kids duty' tonight.  But whatever.

Moral of the story is I got legit PHOTOS.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Campus Pub!

Wooo legal drinking on campus.  The Campus pub, as yall probs know, will be opening up Thursday the 31st.  Some quick facts

  • Alcohol (beer and wine in cups) will be served from 4-10 and will be charged via cash
  • The beer will come from bottles (not from a tap, le sigh) and then poured into cups.  Pretty lame but I think logistically it's easier for them
  • Food will be served until like 1AM
  • Food will include stuff like pizza and subs and fries etc.
  • Food can be paid with debit or cash
  • It's in the LQ Common Room
  • Capacity of about 30
  • It will be called NAME WITHELD
It's a pretty interesting idea!  Of note is that it is a pilot program, and if professors and staff never come to drink/interact with students it will probably be shut down (just the alcohol aspect, food will continue to be served next year).

What do you guys think about this?  I really like the idea of having a place to meet with professors and hang out with beers and discuss academia.  Hopefully it will survive!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

50 Days

Until Graduation ugh.  See yall in the statehouse/door!

Monday, March 21, 2011



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jurgo Street Sign

President Urgo got a new sign for his house.  He posted it on facebook so that potential stalkers will now have a much easier time stalking him, which I think is really considerate to those potential stalkers.  More people should try to make life easier for stalkers, because there is already a lot of (justifiable) social stigma attached to stalking.

Looking at the sign itself, it would appear to be a mid 18th century New England design (via that is my initial guess).  It looks like a very pretty sign, and there appears to be something attached on the right side of it.  Is it a mailbox?  Some sort of box that has pamphlets that give stalkers even more information?  It's hard to say, and I won't know until it's nicer out and I ride my bicycle by.  Not because I'm stalking, but because his house is on a really nice bike route.  First I ride up to Cook's and buy a slice of pizza or possible some beverage, and then ride back on the scenic route which happens to contain his current residence.

Assuming there isn't a mailbox attached, I wonder if the mailbox also has his house number.  That would be kinda redundant, but it would also be a pain to remove the number from the mailbox.  CONUNDRUMS ABOUND

What do yall think about this sign???

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Young kids talking about where they are living on the Greens next year....making me sad...(Nintendo)64 days until graduation...who will live in the glorious Harrington 3 next year?

miss u already college

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Only Hours in the MPOARC

A week or so ago a survey was sent out regarding the idea of having "Women's Only Fitness Center Hours".  What do yall think about this?  The fitness center is...the place with the bikes and treadmills right, not the weightroom.  I think it's kind of a weird idea to be honest.  But then again I'm also a guy and when I go to the Fitness Room I really only see women there anyway for the most part.

Googlin' the topic, it seems like a lot of nice gyms have women-only fitness rooms, but I think that our facility is probably too small for such a thing.  I also sortof think it divides the campus maybe?  And who makes the call regarding who is a woman, where to trans people fall, or people who identify as female regardless of their body?

What do yall think?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mike Snow, a young man, narrates the Prince George mural.

I eat babies

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Watch the NCAA Basketball Game Online!

My roommate figured this out last night, that there is a streaming LIVE broadcast of the basketball games that you can watch online, with commentary!  Check it out here.  This is great!

PRO:  Does not cost 6$
PRO:  Do not have to leave the stadium at half time in order to continue drinking
PRO:  Can chant offensive/mean things without feeling guilty (via the other team isn't there so you aren't hurting their feelings)

CON:  Not as much fun
CON:  The video is a bit blurryish

Friday, March 4, 2011

SMCM LOL vs. Point News

The possibly racist news organization known as The Point News was recently trying to show off its e-penis via this callout status, but were quickly educated on the subject of basic math.

Quick comparison of the two organizations:

  • PRO: Not racist
  • PRO: Does not take 3 hours to load
  • PRO: Makes Tom Seahawk money
  • PRO: Updates more than twice a week
  • CON: Ads on the site
  • CON: Run by a LEGOmaniac
The Point News
  • PRO: Is 'accurate' (their word not mine)
  • PRO: Has a paper version which is good for making paper boats
  • PRO: Has an article that I published
  • CON: Could be racist (I'm just asking questions)
  • CON: Run by an Megalomaniac
  • CON: Funded by the SGA
In conclusion, INCEPTION

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Senior Assassin

Senior Assassin is upon us!  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=204707256208061  Woah get excited.  Josh Willet and Brian Tennyson (of shorts wearing fame) have taken it upon themselves to organize this glorious event!

A pretty fun tradition that started with the class of 2009!  Go around stabbing people etc.  I hope to survive the first day and kill someone.  Considering abstaining from alcohol so as to last long enough.

Entry is 2$.  Here are the current rules (may be changed a bit):

Assignments will distributed on Tuesday, March 29.

The game will begin at 12:00 AM on Wednesday, March 30.

-Kill doesn’t count if another person who is playing is present. Period.
-Assassins don’t share who their target is, so you shouldn’t either.
-If target hits the assassin before the kill is completed, the target is safe for 30 minutes from that assassin; the initial assassin can’t kill the target for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, the target is no longer safe.
-The kill must be completed with a “game knife” that will be distributed with the initial assignments
-Kill has to be completed in the arm or torso region. Head shots and below the waist are not clean kills.
-You have to report killings on the facebook event page (or email Josh or Brian so we can post there)
-People who are killed don’t count as witnesses. If you are still actively participating, you are considered a witness.
-In labs, if a professor is present, that is considered a safe zone. If a professor is not present, that is considered fair game!
-Keep your assignment on you at all times.

Safe Zones
To keep the game from stagnating, safe zones will change depending on how many people are still alive. The participants will be informed by email and facebook when the zones change, so check regularly.

Safe Zones – Round 1 (Initial Rules)
-Academic Buildings, PERIOD!!!
-Work places; while someone is at work
-Someone's house/apartment/suite/room (Parties are fair game).
-Great Room (as soon as you walk in the double doors)
-The ARC
-Sports practices
-Sports Events (includes spectators)

Fair Game
-Everywhere else on campus
-Off campus (e.g. at the door)

Safe Zones – Round 2 (starts when half the people are killed)
-In Class
-Work places; while someone is at work
-Participants in Sports Practices and Games
-Great Room
-You can kill someone in his or her house, but not in their room

Fair Game
-Everywhere else on campus
-Off campus (e.g. at the door) is fair game
-Spectators at sports events
-The ARC (if the individual isn’t working)
-In academic buildings outside of class

Safe Zones – Round 3 (when a quarter of the people are left)
-In Class
-Participants in Sports Practice and Games

Fair Game
-Everywhere else on campus
-Off campus (e.g. at the door) is fair game
-Spectators at sports events
-The ARC (if the individual isn’t working)
-In academic buildings outside of class
-Great Room
-You can kill someone in their room if and only if you are invited into their room.


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