Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Swimming Coach Arressted on Child Pornography Charges

Our Swim Coach has been arrested on Child Pornography Charges.

Andre Barbins, 45, is currently in jail. He went quietly as police entered his Calvert County compound. Police found digital storage devices with the illicit material on it.

The college has stated

"The college is taking all steps necessary to protect the safety of its campus and community, and is cooperating fully with law enforcement. Assistant Coach Hattie Schiavone has assumed coaching duties. As with all personnel matters, the college is unable to provide further comment."

Hattie was a member of the Class of 2013, and suddenly has an awesome job, so props to her.
This was his mug shot. Portrait of a defeated man. You can see the despair, regret, and pedophilic sickness in his eyes. He worked here since the 98-99 season, overseeing countless swimmers, including the local underage swim teams.

How does this compare to the Professor who paid for sex with Oxy? Are these two incidents indicative of a larger problem down by the River?