Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SGA meeting 9/30

SGA meeting tonight. I am really excited because we will be discussing the changes in "To The Point" concerning the changes regarding Protesting and Demonstrations. Lots of new people here, including fellow PG Senator Brian Van Parys. Also Dean Bayless should show up to somehow try to say that the changes aren't illegal.

8:20 - The Point News guys are back. And they have the same presentation. Kinda annoying but this time the whole three thousand dollar camera went through Finance Board and Media Board, so I'm okay with it. The Point News is planning to create a new website, probably within a few weeks, which is pretty awesome. They will be our main competition. We will crush them.

8:34 - SafeRide is trying to expand to Wednesdays. I hope it passesO god Farkas is talking. Okay it passed sweet we can go to Boatman's now

8:40 - O man here it is, the Demonstration Clause debate. First meeting for the Ad Hoc committee is Monday at NC 18 at 8PM. Okay Ad Hoc Committee is a go, I will probably attend if possible. But I am on Duty so I guess I can't. Also Bayless didn't say anything about it lol

8:49 - Windsurfing club is proposing a major expansion of the Waterfront. They want to buy a bunch of windsurf boards, much like the dozen or so sailboats for general student usage. They are really committed to teaching students that have never windsurfed how to windsurf which is awesome. I just had diahrrea but I don't think I missed anything. Okay they got their windsurfing boards woooo I'm going to check this out sometime.

9:18 - People are debating stupid stuff in the SGA constitution.

9:29 - blah blah blah

9:36 - Oh my god the 2012 President is going on and on about changes that she wants. It's ridiculous.

9:48 - Kevin Baier just got owned

9:50 - New commuter senator in my history of modern china class is boring as fuck

9:52 - People laughed when Brian brought up the fact that our ping pong table is missing. They are meanies

9:53 - Meeting Adjourned lololol

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Terrified Pedstrian

Today the new SMCM Bike shop opened up, dubbed "The Terrified Pedestrian". Since my bike's front tire no longer holds air, I decided to stop by for the grand opening.

The shop is in Queen Anne, right across from the Co-Op. I don't know what it is about Queen Anne, but they have all the cool activity rooms. I mean Dorch has saferide, but PG and Caroline have club storage rooms and extra bike racks. For reals, a Vegan Co-Op, Bike shop, and Womyn's Center! Regardless, the Bike shop room appears to be the old FreeRide room. I was never around for FreeRide so I can't confirm.

There were three guys in there, some of whom I hope to have on my radio show this Thursday. My biggest issue was that when I went their bike pump didn't work. It's a really basic thing, so hopefully they'll get it fixed, but it does seem a bit ridiculous.

Regardless, they have free bike repair and seem to be pretty knowlegable, and it's good to see the that old FreeRide bikes are being put to good use.

Their hours are something like Monday through thursday 9-5

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bread and Puppet Theatre

I went to the Bread and Puppet Theater. They did not seem to be big fans of the government. And their bread was not that great.

But otherwise it was really cool. One thing that I didn't like was that they had a sign with Iraqi death at 116k. 116k is the figure that's been created based off media reports, whereas other estimates paint it closer to one million. Either way it's pretty :[

So the overall performance was really interesting and very very Vermont. Kyle Clothier, who lives in my hallway, was in it. He got to hold the deaths sign!

I only saw the last fifteen or so minutes, but from what I saw it was very interesting, and I hope they come back again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Genderless Orgasm Workshop

Last night FUSE (Feminists United for Sexual Equality) had a workshop titled "Having a Genderless Orgasm". It was based on breathing exercises and mental movement of energy through the body.

I thought it might just be a lot of newage spiritual shit, but it was really interesting and I had a really mind blowing experience. There were also a lot of guys there (by a lot I mean like 10%), so if you've thought about FUSE but feel alienated then you should check it out anyway.

The workshop was hosted by Barbara Carrellas, who was just amazing. She had a perfect mix of spirituality and realism that made it enjoyable regardless of your feelings on meditation and breathing exercises.

So in summary I had a genderless orgasm and it was amazing.

Oh and Barbara has a book http://www.amazon.com/Urban-Tantra-Sacred-Twenty-first-Century/dp/1587612909/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1222355314&sr=8-1 if you want to check it out yo

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live-Blogging SGA meeting

This is my live-blogging attempt of the SGA meeting.

8:06 - Meeting hasn't started yet but there are a lot of non SGA members here. Women's Rugby, Powervote/SEAC, and another group of like 10 that I don't recgonize

8:07 - Kalada gave me mad props for blogging this.

8:13 - Powervote people talked and handed out their cards. They were enthused.

8:15 - Sustainability Committee is here. I have no idea what they are saying but I see a powerpoint. This looks really fucking boring. But they have done some cool stuff in the past like CFL exchange (bring in shitty lightbulbs for CFLs), and they got the SGA to fund that Geothermal Heat pump for the river center. For the future they are trying to get a trayless dining hall, which I think is really awesome because people take a lot less food, and it's so much less trash. Also we will all get free trays for sitting on! There is this one guy with a weird accent but I can't figure out where he was born.

People coming up to the SGA are always like "please pass this, it would really help" and honestly I don't think we ever say no, except maybe if someone asks for excessive funding, but that doesn't come up during SGA meetings, just Finance Board Club meetings etc.

8:23 - There is a chart of energy usage. It went down in 2007, but now it has gone back up which is lame. I blame this on Call of Duty 4 and Xbox360 in general, bitch takes a lot of energy to power. Also, the new AC units in PG can be turned to 50 degrees which is really cold and probably wasts a lot of energy.

8:33 - Care 4 your campus week - cool stuff all week from the 30th to the 4th. On the 4th is a Community Market which is pretty rad. O god it's 8:33 and we haven't done anything.

8:35 - Kids Club. This is what that unknown group of 10 people was. They want to have a club that focuses on organizing kids games like Red Rover, Hopscotch, etc. Sounds like and idea that was made while drunk, but I'm really excited about it if they organize a bunch of stuff. Like I said we vote "yes" on everything as this club just got passed at 8:38.

8:39 - St. Mary's Puzzlers Club. This sounds fucking retarded. You don't need to form an official club to get people together to make puzzles. Oh but they want to make puzzle shaped cookies and sell them. I abstained from voting.

8:42 - Powervote resolution. I thought about sponsoring this but I didn't feel like hitting "respond" on my email client. Powervote is cool but I don't see why people still put faith in the Youth Movement. It never did anything in the 90's, in 00', 04', nor will it ever. It got passed of course while I was typing this. If the youth vote has any kind of increase over 10% I will be amazed.

8:44 - The Point News wants a camera. Holy shit 3000 for a camera that will be for photos in a newspaper. A newspaper that is often in black and white. At least they have a powerpoint. Oh but apparently said photos will be used on the website. So in that case I can see them wanting such a camera. I don't know what website they are talking about though. OOOOOOO Apparently The Point News will have a website. I hope it's a blog because then we can compete! Their powerpoint is pretty sweet and actually shows how much better the new camera is. I think the guy doing the powerpoint is calling us stupid or something for not understanding his powerpoint photoes. He is a douche. Guy in charge of point news photography is a douche.

9:00 - Ugh we have been debating this for fifteen minutes.

Oh shit Jeremy Penver was like "shut up Senate we have discussed this a lot in the Executive Board and we want it"

OH SNAP Rodkey wants to wait for the full Senate to vote on it.

I just abstained from voting on whether or not to send it to Finance Board. "I" won and it is going to finanace board wooooo

9:06 - Stipends for Recycling and Composting Coordinators. They each get 200$, I think per semester. It's pretty rad. I am in favor of this. It got passed!

9:26 - There have been a bunch of reports from the various important people. New thing is every club will get a webpage on www.smcm.edu RAD!

About to do my report from PG. Talked about shower curtains being too small, lack of hooks, stolen ping pong table and couch.

Dorchester denied all of my claims. They are whores


SGA is boring as always

Package Room

I just realized, when you get an email from the package room saying you have a package, you can see everyone else who also got a package that day. So if you see a friend on the list you could go to the package room together. It's moderately exciting. Also in about 4 hours I will be live-blogging the SGA meeting tonight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Juicy Campus

As SMCM Gossip Girl, over the summer I came across the website www.juicycampus.com

It's an anonymous gossip site for college campuses. I requested that SMCM be put on it, and about a week ago I was sent a package of shot glasses, cups, beer coozies, condoms, and stickers from the company with the news that SMCM was now on juicy campus.

soooooo go gossip over at www.juicycampus.com

Saturday, September 20, 2008


At SMCM we have satellite TV, however there were a few major issues.

The current lineup was missing Food Network, Bravo, and Disney Channel.

Today an email was sent out with a new listing, and the SMCM TV network now has Food Network and Boomerang. Boomerang is great because they show stuff like Voltron, which is probably one of the greatest shows to watch while drinking. And Food Network of course has Alton Brown and Paula Deen, probalby the dreamiest woman ever.

So, SMCM has improved greatly over the past day. I don't really watch that much TV, but the addition of Food Network and Boomerang is amazing and I am super happy.

Also PG Senator Benjes is taking credit for the addition of Food Network, because he promised his constituents that he would accomplish this. So you can thank Senator Benjes for the addition of Food Network by giving him presents and your love.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Tonight is the first comedian of the semester. Every Friday for a month or two the school brings in Comedians and puts them in St. Mary's Hall. They are generally kinda funny and always awkward. I would recommend it. I will have a review of tonight's comedian assuming my friends do not get too drunk before telling me about it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1 Month

This Saturday will mark the one month anniversary of me being back on campus. I totally forgot about this blog but when I was at the SGA meeting I remembered it. So...

In coming weeks I will be live-blogging the SGA meetings. At the 9/16 meeting there was some cool stuff

-New club about Brazillian karate dancing

But more importantly some new information about building progress. I've seen this presentation like 3 times now, but this time there was some new info!

Okay so most everyone has heard about the plans for the Amphitheater between Monty and Schaefer right? And like most people, I thought it would be one of those Roman amphitheaters with the rows of seats in a clam shape? Like http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.mccullagh.org/db9/1ds-12/odeon-of-herodes-atticus-amphitheater.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.mccullagh.org/photo/1ds-12/odeon-of-herodes-atticus-amphitheater&h=512&w=768&sz=176&hl=en&start=1&usg=__qeUxjAfhLa7_gQDvp6AVTpU2XIs=&tbnid=LJO4c899TqEUPM:&tbnh=95&tbnw=142&prev=/images%3Fq%3Damphitheater%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG

But really it's very SMCM with lots of green space, the Big tree near Schaefer will remain, and the new space is a lot nicer than that fucking ridiculous pillow mound of earth that is currently there. So wait until you see drawings of the plans before you pass judgment. I'm trying to get some of the drawings so that I can post them here.

Other ideas for building include:

-Second Pier next to the original
-Walkway across Rt. 5 into a New building that takes the place of demolished Anne Arrundel and Maggie Brent.
-Musical center/lecture hall possibly on the field that are connected to the Crescents. At first I was surprised by this, but this would leave half of the field empty to become a Green Space, much like The Greens for the other townhouses.

Another issue brought up was rising tuition costs and how the students feel about it. Rodkey brought up a key issue that I thought was important, that rising costs really change the feel of SMCM. Personally I feel that as tuition rises, bros/yuppies increase and hippies decrease. And regardless of how you feel about either, such a change in the ratio really affects the feel of SMCM. Personally I look at SMCM and think of affordable, small, and public, all of which change as tuition increases. Obviously there need to be some increases what with inflation and all, but I think they need to consider the broader impact that such changes create.

Senior Class Crab feast! Last day to buy tickets is this Friday, and they are 25$. Go to it!

This has been a stupidly long post so I will stop here.