Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Weather

Oh my gooooooodness it is wonderful outside!

I did not realize this however, because I am sick and I hadn't left my room until 2PM this afternoon. I walked outside all bundled up, and quickly realized it was 60 degrees outside with no wind, so I had to take off my coat.

So it is very beautiful outside, but I can't really enjoy it :/

Also, NyQuil is amazing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you walked down the path around the campus center this afternoon you were probably bombarded by highschoolers with surveys. From what I gathered, they were in an AP class, probably statistics or psychology.

I completed a half dozen or so surveys. They were pretty enjoyable. One started with the question "how often do you go out during the week". I asked them what this meant, and they didn't really have a straight answer, so I wrote seven since I leave my room every day. One asked about my GPA and how much I smoke marijuana. The GPA marijuana girl asked about my "Nixon Now" pin; "Wasn't Nixon a bad President? With like, that watergate thing?". I told her that Nixon was the most liberal President since FDR, and for that he is an amazing man. Another survey asked about jello and jello shots, and how often the jello I ate contained alcohol.

The highschoolers were annoying at first, but once I realized the surveys were generally pretty funny I started taking all of them.

Thursdays at the Grind

This week during Thursdays at the Grind The Five One Band will be performing. Clint Neil says that they are "Sublime + Gym Class Heroes, but with a better rapper". I find this highly offensive because I love Travie of Gym Class Heroes, and I am really sad that he broke up with Katy Perry. :[. Also a lot of small bands get compared to Sublime and I don't know why, but on the other hand it seems like everyone at SMCM knows the lyrics to all of their songs.

Their myspace page is taking several minutes to load

Under influences they put Halo. This does not bode well. They seem to be the kind of band that has a message and philosophy and such, which would explain why they are a reggae/rap kinda band I guess. I'm surprised they didn't have Dead Prez under their influences, since it's easily the hipsterest rap group.

Ok I am pretty sure one of their songs samples someone from Dragon Ball Z making that sound they make when they charge up to attack or something.

This is a weird band but I think they will be pretty kickin rad.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SGA Meeting 2/24/09

8:09 - Meeting is beginning. Matt Fafoutis said that it is 8:10, but really it's totally 8:09.

8:12 - Student Speakout, but no one wanted to talk

8:13 - Guest speakers! This wee kit's Meredith Epstein and Rachel Clement. They are the sustainability coordinators. There is a student energy fund, where every student pays 25$ towards green energy initiatives. This is about $50,000 a year. We were able to use this money to buy renewable energy credits, but due to some changes (new buildings, increased student population, SMECO failing to charge us for 40% of our electricity because they forgot to read our meters) costs are increasing. What the Sustainability Fellows want to do is move towards Carbon offsets and cheaper RECs so that we can spend more money on on-campus initiatives, like building windmills.

I'm pretty sure it's about keeping the 100% green energy label for the College's publicity, while still working towards more on-site renewable energy projects, like solar panels windmills, and geothermal heatpumps.

8:23 - Cute french guy is talking about on-site renewable energy projects, like solar panels for hot water, wind turbines, etc.

8:25 - College is really into large projects such as a large photovaltaic array, solar hot water for residences, and geothermal system for townhouses.

8:28 - French guy is totally saying ee-cono-meeeee (economy)

8:29 - mon-aaaaaay (money)

8:31 - If you have any opinions or ideas, feel free to email with your thoughts!

8:41 - New club! SALT. This is not Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, but is in fact the Seahawk Athletic Leadership Training. They are focusing on triatholons and such. It sounds cool I guess. It passed!

8:53 - I just motioned to vote. SafeRide will be getting a computer to file its information and such.

8:56 - I left the meeting to go to the PowerShift meeting.

9:20 - Just got back, meeting was already adjourned.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Campus Referendum and Senatorial Voting

Campus Referendum and Senator elections are today! Go vote on blackboard.

The referendum is over whether or not the SGA should donate some money to the school to help with the financial crisis. We need at least 30% of the student population to vote for the referendum to have any effect, so please vote.

And kids living in areas with Senator elections should vote too because voting is awesome.

Basketball CAC Semifinals

This Thursday will be the Men's Basketball CAC semifinal game. Exciting! I have never been to one of these basketball games, but last year we did really well or something. This kid is James Davenport, and I think I went to middle school with him.

The game starts at 7PM, and costs 3$ to get in. I don't really understand the whole charging admission thing, but whatever.

Wired for War

There is a sweet lecture coming up titled Wired for War, presented by Peter W. Singer. This guy knows a lot about modern warfare, and seems pretty damn smart. He was even called upon to help Obama figure out his defense policy stuff or something.

I was reading about the book, and it really reminded me of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, because in the game there are lots of robot soldiers.. And then I realized THIS BOOK WAS IN MGS4 OMGZ. Like, they talk about this book in the game.

This real book was in the videogame Metal Gear Solid 4, which means it must be a really awesome book.

I am excited for this lecture.

I almost forgot to mention, this is Wednesday at 4:30 in St. Mary's Hall.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Campus Compost Bins

Oh my goodness it has been too long since I've blogged.

So there are a bunch of new compost bins being placed around campus. The locations include:
-Parish Hall Kitchen
-Campus Center
-Outside the QA Co-Op
-Prince George
-Community Garden
-WC dumpsters

Woah exciting! You can put lots of stuff in them like vegetables, eggs, coffee beans, tea bags, and even bread.

But no meat or dairy. These will mess up the compost bins.

I think this is a pretty sweet idea, and hopefully the fertilizer can go into the community garden and make awesome food to eat. I'm also really glad that they put a lot of effort into this by placing these containers all over campus, as opposed to the old compost location that was only on North Campus.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Sound of Talk is a Radio Show

In addition to running the most successful SMCM blog, I also have a radio show which is hosted with Ben Casto and Bryan Miller.

This show is The Sound of Talk

This week our topic is black history month. We will be answering some challenging questions like:
-Who are our favorite black people
-How much do people that say "why isn't there white history month" suck (for reals these kids are stupid)
-Is the wu tang clan something to fuck with? (preliminary research says no)

We may also discuss
-omgomgomgomg Blink 182 reunion
-Carbon Leaf - are they cool?
-blah blah blah

Okay so listen in tonight at 9 to channel 61 or


Yo it is raining outside today. I feel as though it has not rained in a long time here, like maybe two weeks? I guess it will start raining a lot soon though, due to April showers.

April showers bring May flowers. I love flowers so I guess it is worth the rain.

Granted April is over a month away, but I think that it might be rainy in March too. March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

I really dislike rain because it means I can't play frisbee.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SGA Meeting 2/17/09

SGA Meeting awesome dude

8:08 - Meeting has started

8:10 - Student speakout - girl that is studying abroad is angry about the departmental budget cuts. I think it might be Lauren Ramsey. Either way, I think she has a good point or something. Oooo maybe it is Kait Hines because this girl seems pretty well informed about SGA, and Kait is abroad.

8:12 - Dr. Michael Cain is speaking about stuff now! He is in charge of the Center for the Study of Democracy.

8:15 - He is talking about the Center for the Study of Democracy. I don't know much about it, but it seems that he has gotten a lot of money donated to get the Center started.

8:18 - Apparently he was in the news 80 times last year. This is awesome and a sweet accomplishment.

8:19 - Andrew Bounds just told me that he did not vote last election. This is disgusting.

8:22 - I just realized who this guy is. He organizes all the political speakers and discussions on campus. I once emailed him saying that he should screen The Battle of Algiers because of its parallels with the war in Iraq. He seemed really enthused about it, and wanted more information, but I never got back to him. I think I will now.

8:39 - Dr. Cain is still talking, he is a good speaker. Also, Matt Fafoutis is looking very cute.

8:44 - People want to form a Paranormal Club. I could say a lot about this, but I think I will stick with that I am planning to vote against it. Many of my constituents groaned when I mentioned this club.

8:49 - Matt Smith has some legislation. He wants to urge the college not to cut funding from the Health Center. This is rad. Our Health Center is really lame. Okay it passed sweet!

8:54 - Resolution to show support for the abolition of the MD Death Penalty. Death penalty sucks cause it kills people which is hella lame.

8:57 - Senator Van Parys and I believe that we should create the New York City from the hit 80s film Escape from New York. This is a solid plan.

9:10 - Resolution about credit hours or something, I didn't pay attention/don't feel like writing about it.

9:24 - SGA is cutting its budget, woooo

9:33 - John Campbell just walked in, he is looking quite dapper.

9:36 - SGA may donate money to the academic departments. This is cool.

9:50 - blah blah blah

9:53 - Iben Ricket just said my name!

9:54 - Iben just said that I found environmentally friendly paint and Lauren Ashley clapped. I am so honored by her clapping.

10:08 - Meeting Adjourned

Monday, February 16, 2009

Psyc 333: Adolescence

I am sitting in this class right now and we are about to watch The Breakfast Club. I am excited. I used to not like this class very much, but now I am liking it a lot more.

Vagina Monologues

I went to the Vagina Monologues on Saturday. It was pretty awesome. Lory Maysonet did a really good job of moaning.

Overall it was pretty sweet, you should go next year.

100th Post

SMCM LOL BLOG has reached a milestone.

100 posts about stuff that doesn't matter that much.

Thank you all for the support/love/hate.


Senator Seahawk

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baldies for Boobies

Baldies for Boobies is an event on March 7th which will raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer research. Breast Cancer sucks because it is cancer, and it often leads to the removal of breasts. Lame!

People will be cutting their hair to donate to cancer patients for wigs, selling baked goods, and generally raising awareness. I believe people will also be shaving their heads to show their solidarity with cancer patients.

I don't know much about this event but hopefully people will also be showing their boobies. I know I will be.

SafeRide Van Damaged

Last Friday night around 1:40AM someone smashed a SafeRide van window.

This is disgusting.

I don't know why anyone would hurt SafeRide. SafeRide is a beautiful thing. I am guessing that whoever did it was not quite sober, because no one would hurt SafeRide if they were thinking clearly.

Either way, I hope that SafeRide recovers from this horrible injury.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Polar Bear Splash!

There was a Polar Bear Splash today at the River Center. I did not go because I was busy working on a paper, but I am assuming it was pretty cool.

SEAC put fliers under everyone's door in my hallway. This resulted in a dozen fliers laying around in the hallway because no one wants their fliers. I dislike littering and I am angryish at SEAC for this littering.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SGA meeting 2/10/09

SGA Meeting hellz yea bro!

The row of seating in Goodpaster 195 where Senator Van Parys and I usually sit has been taken up by administrators for the past two meetings. It's really lame, but you can't just ask them to move, cause it's kinda rude. Like I'm sure they would understand and move, but I don't want to be mean I guess.

8:06 - Meeting Started, Marlena Weiss is doing the roll call woooooo party hard

8:09 - Student Speakout

Stephanie Hartwick is complaining about departmental cuts. She is, as I guessed, from the Chemistry Department. A lot of kids in the chem dept. are pretty pissed due to the lack of being able to keep the big machine running (I don't know what it's called) and the lack of chemicals.

Even thought it's only the chemistry department complaining about budget cuts, I think they have a really valid point.

EWWWW she wants to use special carry over and SGA funds to support the academic departments. Lame. We need that money to buy pizza for every club! All kidding aside, I don't think SGA funds should go towards this.

8:12 - She is still complaining about stuff. Now complaining about the new paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.

8:13 - Sunny is responding to the student speakout. She is wearing a very nice green shirt, I approve. Also a cool necklace. I am paying more attention to her fashion than to her actual speech.

8:18 - Sunny wants to put SGA funds towards assisting the academic departments

8:22 - Okay apparently most people are in favor of putting funds towards the academic departments, so I guess it probably is a good idea since they are all smarter than I am.

8:25 - Career Development Center presentation! Amanda Walker is our guest speaker, and she graduated from SMCM in 2001. She handles internships and federal jobs at the Career Development Center.

8:26 - Okay now another lady is talking about the Career Development Center, I don't know who she is though. It's in Glendening Hall, and the Center is very pretty.

8:28 - LOLZ Calvin Richards was about to walk in here, until he realized an SGA meeting was going on. The CDC has a website, and it's pretty cool I guess. I am still set on lifeguarding for the fourth summer in a row, so I'm somewhat disinterested. Also I just found the Spellcheck function on Blogspot, which is very useful.

8:31 - Actually this site is pretty sweet, I'm going to check it out. Here's the link.

8:42 - I am really hungry. When I get back to my room I think I will eat Cheez-Itz.

8:45 - That was a pretty solid presentation on the Career Development Center.

8:46 - Culinary Club wants to become a club. I was going to vote against this, but the student proposing the club is from Prince George, so I think I will support her.

8:47 - Cartoon Club wants to become Illustration Ink. We passed their resolution!

8:48 - Chris Rodkey wants to give three hammocks from SGA to Rotoract for Christmas in April. These are the same hammocks that SGA set up during the summer that broke due to rain rusting.

8:55 - blah blah blah more stuff

8:58 - Announcements etc.

9:02 - Goddamit, Carbon Leaf won the thing for World Carnival. I was really hoping for bloc party or cobra starship

9:17 - Meeting Adjourned


The Student Trustee Candidate Forum will be offering cookies and hot chocolate during their question and answer session with the potential new Student Trustees.

The Student Trustee is a student who serves on the Board of Trustees, but is also a student. The idea is that this person will have the student's opinion while serving on the Board of Trustees

I was writing this a few days ago, but now it is pretty irrelevant. Cause this event has already passed. Lame. But I am taking a break from writing this paper (it's fucking 3:30 AM fuuuuuuuck)

School sucks sometimes :/

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SGA Senate Positions

The SGA Senate has several openings for new Senators. Senators are awesome. I am in fact a senator myself!

We are looking for a senator from LQ, WC, Townhouses, Caroline, and commuters. Exciting!

When you submit your application, you need to get 50 people to sign it. I remember when I had to do this I ended up having lots of people write fake names because it's a real hassle trying to find 50 people. You also need to submit a platform. Mine was along the lines of "I will keep Prince George safe from terrorism and fight terrorists and on my watch there will be no terrorism in Prince George".

And now I am the premier Senator in the SGA (note: this statement is a lie)

Good luck!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


There will be a discussion on Tuesday February 10th at 4PM in the ARC conference room concerning the possibility of creating a Varsity Sport out of Cross Country.

There will be free pizza and such.

Alexander "Hat" Gardullo informed me of this event while we were shopping for costumes.

I don't know much about Cross Country. I know it involves running and I know that I have a love/hate relationship with running. I guess I like the idea of it being a club sport more than the idea of it being a varsity sport. But, I'm not a member of the team so I don't really know how the average cross country runner feels about it.

Either way, I hope the team the best of luck!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am introducing a new feature to SMCM LOL BLOG, the FREE PIZZA ALERT.

Every week there are dozens of pizzas ordered to attract you to club meetings, boring presentations, and other events that take time away from facestalking that weird kid from Disney Bio.

However, I think it's important that all this pizza is eaten because a wasted pizza is like a [insert clever simile here]. This is why the FREE PIZZA ALERT exists.

So, for the first ever FREE PIZZA ALERT, we have the inaugural meeting of the Asian Studies Club! It's today, Thursday, at 8:30 in the LQ common room. And there will be free pizza!

I plan to be there, both for the pizza, and because it means avoiding homework. See you there!

Candace Daniels is Leaving

I heard rumors of this a few weeks ago, and it seems that the all student email has confirmed them. Candace Daniels helped a lot with sexual education on campus, as well as other mental health issues as our Wellness Advocate. I'm not really sure what a Wellness Advocate is, but Candace definitely had a large impact in the area of sexual assault.

She came here in 2006 as a Sexual Assault Response and Prevention (SARP) Coordinator, and from there did a lot in regards to spreading information about what sexual assault is, and how to protect yourself from it.

Most importantly, she had lots of shirts to give out. I got three shirts from her, for which I will be forever grateful.

This also raises the issue of how her role will be replaced. As you may or may not know, there is currently a hiring freeze here at SMCM. While we can hire "in-house" (I think this means graduating students), we currently can't hire anyone from the outside. This means that the Health Center staff will have even more responsibilities, with fewer staff members. The Health Center is already pretty understaffed and not really available to meet the needs of the students. I hope that in the future more money will be put towards the Health Center in order to help sick students, both from illness/disease and the mental health issues that can arise from being a college student.

Lastly, Candace was pretty cool and easy to talk to. I will miss her.

Edit: One time she was demonstrating ejaculation with a fake penis, and all the fake Semen shot onto Jesse Lee.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Death of Juicy Campus

According to the Juicy Campus blog, Juicy Campus is closing up shop.

They just aren't bringing in enough revenue from advertisements and such. And I'm sure the legal fees of their court battles didn't help the process.

I will miss Juicy Campus. I remember finding it during the summer of 08', getting really excited, and submitting our campus to be a part of it. I remember debating the site during an SGA meeting. I remember some pretty horrible things that were said about people. I took a bunch of screen shots of some of my favorite posts, for memories I guess.

I will forever cherish my Juicy Campus shot glasses and condoms.

Green Bathrooms

Joanne Goldwater sent out an email this morning about the changes to the bathrooms. I'm assuming it was an all student email, but she always does "undisclosed recipients" so it's hard to tell.

I really like the new paper towel dispensers, because in the past you could easily grab 10-50 paper towels at a time, which was a huge waste. On the other hand, it makes it hard to grab 10-50 paper towels at a time when you spill something or have some other mess to clean up.

I don't like the new toilet paper dispensers though, they are kinda lame. I find it a lot harder to rip the paper from the roll or something. I just can't deal with them I guess.

But I mean overall it's pretty rad that SMCM its taking more green intiatives.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SGA Meeting 2/3/09

8:00 - When I got to the meeting I got a call for hospital Duty. So I drove for two hours from SMCM to the hospital before I could finally get back to the meeting.

10:00 - Okay just got here. We are discussing the footbridge. I am on the Buildings and Grounds Committee, and I have spent hours talking about this.

10:07 - I am really glad I missed this meeting due to Hospital Duty. Thank you student that was feeling sick. This meeting is really boring.

10:15 - Chip Jackson talked about the various options again. I think he would make a really good Dad.

10:17 - I am in favor of the bridge. I think I am in the minority. I just really like bridges a lot.

10:23 - Finally done. SGA has voted to not consider the idea of a footbridge.

10:24 - Liam is talking about making a committee thing to look at if the college is keeping the students rights or something. He is cute so I voted for it.

10:32 - Talking about the search for a new President of the college. I don't really get it. Sometimes I think I suck at SGA.

10:34 - Senator Van Parys just told me that I in fact don't suck.

10:41 - Adjourned

Volleyball and Hospital Duty

Yesterday was Panda's 4th game of intramural volleyball. We made a valiant effort, but team Senioritis defeated us. I really like volleyball a lot, and intramural games in general are pretty sweet.

One of the refs was celebrating her birthday and was pretty trashed. We tried to get her to play for our team, but her friends dragged her away. It was pretty fun, especially when she yelled about the likelihood of herself getting fired.

After volleyball I came back and got a call on the hospital duty phone. RAs are on call for a few nights per semester from 5PM to 7AM, basically when the Health Center is closed, to transport people to and from the hospital. I went with a guy from Public Safety, but I don't know who it was. He wasn't an officer, and he was really nice and pointed out all of the weird traffic situations on Rt. 5, like the lanes that turn into turn only lanes.

After picking up the student from the hospital I got another call, and it seemed like I would have to drive to the hospital again. But when I got back, the other student's friends had taken her to the hospital because she was feeling sick, meaning I didn't have to drive her.

My hypothesis is that the other person going to the hospital was the girl from intramural volleyball. But I will probably never know if this was the case.