Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tomorrow is Christmas, one of the most important holidays. This is just in case you forget etc.

Some people have contacted me about the lack of updates. Ryan Whiteis said that, while he loves staring at Patrick Gilbert, it gets old after awhile. This lack of updates is due to the lack of school and surplus of Lego. Speaking of Lego, if you have any Lego from you childhood that you don't want, you should give them to me/sell them to me. Lego is what runs SMCMLOLBLOG.

There exists a young man, Christopher James Henry, who lives in Dorchester and saw the ads for SMCMLOLBLOG one of my readers put up. He friended me on facebook recently, his reasoning being that he enjoyed the blog, and he liked my Christmas sweater. I was very flattered.

I saw someone from SMCM at Barnes and Nobles the other day. This person is a secret! Can you guess who?

Before leaving SMCM I spent the rest of my flex at the vending machine. I bought all the Cheeze-Itz, and a bunch of pretzels. salt salt salt!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Midnight Breakfast and Patrick Gilbert

I wanted to make a post about Midnight Breakfast and about my encounter with Patrick Gilbert, but it seemed obnoxious to make two posts within the same hour. Also highly unprofessional?

Regardless I went to midnight breakfast and it was pretty delicious. They were making fried oreos. The thought of fried oreos makes me want to vomit. The whole trend of frying foods really makes me uneasy. French fries are okay, but anything else is just ughhhhhh kinda disgusting. But I thought it was very cute how they had red and green fried oreoes. I opted to get a bagel and tater tots. I also ate a bagel for breakfast earlier today.

Also, I saw Patrick Gilbert there. Patrick and I know each other, but we didn't know that each other knew each other. What I'm saying is that we each believed that the other person was unaware of our own existance, when in fact we both knew of each other. I recognized him from my Legacy class, and he has a really great voice, and he is fun to Facestalk. Regardless, he told me that he spent an hour and a half at work reading SMCM LOL BLOG instead of working, and that he laughed a lot and enjoyed it. I was pretty happy, and I am blogging about this to brag etc., and show the great love for SMCM LOL BLOG.

Also the Dean was there and she said hello to me. At the recent SGA meeting, Andrew Bounds told me that she had accidentally wished him a happy birthday instead of myself. Personally, I think that we do look somewhat similar; large guys with short blondish hair, so I think it's a fairly reasonable mistake. But, I was happy to see that she totally recognized me now.

The photo of course is of Patrick Gilbert looking fabulous.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lack of Updates

You may have noticed a lack of updates here at SMCM LOL BLOG. This is due to finals and several emails I have received.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got mentioned in The Point News!

Okay Kinda mentioned. My good friend Michelle Ladas wrote an article about the lice outbreak from a few weeks ago, and how to protect yourself. I liked the article because I recognized all the people that were interviewed.

I especially liked it because of what Brian Van Parys said: "I saw some of the PG RA's wearing swim caps and gloves during checkout".

That was me, protecting myself from lice with a swim cap. It's really the only protection from lice. So, I was excited. The last time I was in The Point News they used a really ugly photo of me, so right now my grudge has been lessened, but it is still there. Never forget.

Also the article gave further proof that Anna Kasicky's mom is insane. When I met Anna's mom during my first Reading Days, she took Anna, Ryan Whiteis, and myself out to dinner. She accused me of various illicit activities, which I did not appreciate, especially when Ryan was there, and he actually does such things. Regardless, I still love Anna's mom.

Overall a pretty excellent article! I think it's like on Page 3 or 5?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

World Carnival Band

Nora Olney sent out the World Carnival band survey this morning. Here are your options:
-Cobra Starship
-Broken Social Scene
-The Academy Is
-Bloc Party
-Carbon Leaf
-Better than Ezra
-Phantom Planet
-Rogue Wave

I put them in the order of what I would like to see (Cobra Starship makes me swoon/swoons me). I haven't heard of any of the bands past Carbon Leaf. I am pretty excited to see who performs. Make sure you vote for your favorite! Click here to vote

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SGA Meeting 12/9

SGA Meeting!

Today is my Birthday!

8:10 - I was late but the meeting started right as I arrived. They have cheese and crackers and drinks and Rocher candies. I fucking love Rocher. And Cheese. Senator Van Parys and I love cheese.

8:12 - I walked in from peeing during roll call, they called my name, and then I grabbed three Rocher candies and people laughed

8:14 - Sociology Club. They are splitting from the Anthropology club. It's all very weird but whatever I don't care. I wish them the best of luck.

8:18 - We just voted a ginger for something. I don't know what but we just voted in favor of a ginger. I am considering resigning

8:20 - Kait Hines is wearing a hat. It reminds me of those Cuban Communist hats, but it has a different design for the fabric. Either way, I usually don't like these hats, but I think it looks nice on her.

8:21 - Larry Vote is here. At least I think it is him, I'm not all that sure. He is talking a lot. I have no idea what is going on. Okay he is talking about 83 objectives and milestones that the college is trying to accomplish. One of them was having 35 students go into MAT. I want to go into MAT, so I am glad they are more or less accepting everyone.

8:25 - Jeremy Pevner and Sunny Schnitzer are sitting in front of me. Sunny is the President of the SGA, she is a cutie. They usually sit on the other side. This is exciting!

8:31 - Larry Vote is still talking. Iben Ricket asked a question. She is wearing this sweet blue blazer. It's like...darker than robin's egg, but not too dark. A very bright color, good for Spring. He is answering her question but I don't really get it.

8:43 - It's really hard to pay attention sometimes, but overall SMCM seems to be accomplishing its goals.

8:45 - The SGA just sang me, Ken Benjes, Happy Birthday. This is incredibly exciting.

8:48 - Sunny is motivating the SGA to make the meetings more interesting. Woo!

8:53 - I am very sleepy :[

8:57 - Jeremy is talking about stuff he talked about tuition increases. They passed, so tuition will increase. Jeremy voted against them, but he was the only one which is kinda lame, but expected. River Center is now the James P. Muldoon River Center. Muldoon is a kickass name, because it reminds me of Mt. Doon/Doom from Lord of the Rings.

9:04 - O god I just dropped the Lego Poinsettia that I made. It made a noise, but not too loud. I miss it :[

9:06 - The MHEC Representative (she talks about stuff about school or something) is saying the same things that she said at the Sunday Meeting. This is really boring.

9:08 - We are congratulating Kait Hines on being a cool webmaster, I loves her.

9:11 - Oh my god Iben Ricket just mentioned me for researching frisbees to give out at SGA events. I feel very honored

9:23 - Sunny just told Senator Van Parys and I that we won festive attire!

9:24 - Meeting adjourned

My Birthday

Today is my 20th Birthday. Myself being Tom Seahawk (I guess most people know who writes this blog, but just in case).

The image is the gift Bryan Miller and Ben Casto gave me. I love Lego and they gave me a wonderful gift. Speaking of Lego, anyone reading this should give me their old Lego instead of donating it to poor kids.

I am happy but also sad to no longer be a teenager. Lots of people wrote on my facebook wall that I was now old, which makes me feel okay about the fact that I am balding. Because, being young and balding is depressing (personally I think it's awesome), but if I am old then it's okay.

I am sorry to interrupt your usual SMCM LOL BLOG experience for this more livejournal-esque personal post. So here is a sneak peak of what is to come:
-Mystery Buildling
-SGA meeting 12/9
-Tuition increase
-New feature: Room of the week
-Advertising SMCM LOL BLOG in Dorchester
-Apologizing for eating Jake's mac and cheese and not washing his dishes
-Decorated Hallway

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Cult of the Chicken Patty

Today was Chicken Patty Day.

Today was the day I got the last chicken patty.

Today was the day I became a man.

I was in line for chicken patties like everyone else. There was one man ahead of me, and three left. The douche took two. Who takes two when there are only three left! Regardless, I got my chicken patty, and then the cook gave us the news: it was the last chicken patty.

On my plate....was the very last chicken patty.

Granted, there will be more in future days, but for today I got the last chicken patty.

It was a breathtaking experience.

Daily Grind Shortages

There is a food shortage at the Grind. There is no easy mac, all of the cookies and crackers and goldfish are gone, and it is very depressing. Everyone has decided to start living in the library and travel to the Grind every few hours for energy. This is depressing because I wanted easy mac but they had none. Luckily, Ben Casto went in the back for me and got some. We had to buy some because we may or may not have eaten four packets of Jake Wines' easy mac on Saturday.

Sorry Jake.

Also at the end of this post is a video advertisement. I don't know what it will be about, but it should be exciting.

Edit: For me the video is of Chris Prillo. I forgot all about this guy, but like eight years ago he had a show on the television where he talked about nerdy computer stuff and helping people with their computer problems.

Edit 2: Another video was two dads talking about head lice. One of them mentioned putting condoms on the heads of children. I fully support this idea.

Also click on the image for a disgustingly hi-res photo of easy mac courtesy wikipedia.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

River Center Dedication

I meant to go to the River Center Dedication at 2:30 and take photos but I wasn't fully awake yet and I kinda forgot to go. :[

But I do have good news! Tuition increase next year!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Pancake Dinner

Today Habitat for Humanity is hosting a pancake dinner at the Trinity Parish Hall. Admission is $5 and it runs from 5 to 7.

I signed up to help serve, it should be pretty fun. I don't really like pancakes though, except for chocolate chip pancakes.

But you should go and support making houses for people that don't have houses.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Super High Me

Demonstration Against Tuition Increases

There's a facebook event that went up a few days ago with students planning to demonstrate at the next Board of Trustees meeting over tuition increases. I'm really excited that people are aware of this, and it shows that Jeremy Pevner has done a really good job of informing the student body of important issues.

I like that the event organizers want it to be a somewhat restrained, peaceful, and quiet demonstration. Aaron French responded that he wants to open up the discussion to the possibility of a more boisterous demonstration, but I feel that in this sort of situation it isn't as necessary, and could be detrimental. The Board of Trustees is not our enemy, so I think a more respectful demonstration is the appropriate form of action.

That said, it's also important to note that increasing tuition is a result, to a fair extent, of decreasing budgets, and not just increasing expenditures. I wrote this on the wall and I hope that I am not talking out of my ass, because then I would look really stupid.

The event is set for Saturday December 6th at 10AM in the Campus Center parking lot.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SGA Meeting 12/2

8:05 - Meeting Started

8:08 - Joanne Goldwater is here! She is giving us a summary of the BASE conversations that ResLife did. There was really good participation in the BASE conversations except for Calvert, which had like 32% participation. JAG is really good at making powerpoints.

8:16 - Brian Caffey is helping me with my Chinese homework :3

8:29 - Brian is now doing my homework for me. 她做我的功课。

8:39 - We are talking about smoking on campus. Whenever someone says "smokers" I think of the bad guys from Water World. I'm sorry, but I fucking loved Water World. It's one of my favorite movies. Someone brought up the idea of gazebos for the smokers.

GAZEBOS!!! I've been saying this for months. Prince George is totally getting a gazebo, it must happen. I love gazebos and the Amish that make them.

8:52 - JAG just mentioned "The Royal We". It reminded Senator Van Parys and I of The Big Lebowski.

8:56 - JAG refrenced Animal House

8:57 - St. Mary's Horror club thing. They want to watch horror movies and discuss horror movies and such. I don't like horror movies because they are scary. Hitchcock films are cool because they're thrillers as opposed to violent porn. I really loved Rear Window. It's the one where the guy is stuck in a wheelchair and starts spying on his neighbors. Lots of TV shows to homages to it. This guy is talking a lot and I am not really paying attention, but I do like the fact that he want to analyze and look at the films from an educational standpoint, rather than just watching horror films. It passed wooooo!

9:06 - Alabaster Women. It's a group about dancing for Jesus. I don't get it but I love dancing. It passed!

9:24 - Going over budget stuff. SMUT got money yay. I think we are planning to go to a tournament all spring break. Exciting!

9:44 - Jeremy Pevner tearjerker moment. He is talking about all the responses he got concerning tuition increases, and it sounds very depressing. Apparently he got over 100 emails. I hope he does well at the Board of Trustees meeting. Good luck Jeremy! Oooo he just revealed that he is going to vote against Tuition increases, exciting! I am sure that he will be able to make his case and show the rest of the Board that it is an issue, and that something has to be done about rising tuition costs.

10:14 - Meeting over!