Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SGA Meeting 4/6/2010

7:55 - Got here early. People are waiting outside, feel like it's for assassins.

8:09 - Still need more senators to reach quorum.

8:10 - Meeting begins.

8:13 - Legislation making Ken Tai the President of the Student Investment Group.

8:14 - Girls Club Soccer Club.

8:16 - So I texted Ken Tai to come in for the vote on his becoming president of SIG, and he just awkwardly poked his head in and I shook my head no. He was too late :[.

8:19 - Voting on the club, it will probably pass. Wonder if anyone will vote against it. Ohh it was unanimous, excellent.

8:21 - Spirit Week bill. Dingle had an idea to have Spirit week, which should be a lot of fun. I goddam love Spirit Week.

Monday: Beach day! I do this a lot of days, I love wearing swim suits! Also a cookout at the waterfront. Grilling Club will help! I LOVE GRILLING CLUB!

Tuesday: Professional Day! Dress classy or like a professor! I will be dressing like my favorite profession, lifeguard! That is swim suits two days in a row!

Wednesday: Class shirt/SMCM shirts! I will wear my ARC Lifeguard shirt! Lifeguards!

Thursday: Jersey/team spirit day! Guess I can't dress like a lifeguard on this day. Prob wear SMUT jersey.

Friday: Haiti day! How depressing :[ . Wear red and royal blue (aka lifeguard colors). Charity bike race/ride, awesome.

Logistics: Gonna cost 2,200$! Radical!

8:29 - People are throwing figures around, adding stuff. I am really bad at math and still believe that 2 + 2 = 5 via Radiohead.

8:30 - It passed!

8:33 - Becky White: "I think the FUSE thing 'Female Orgasm' is a travelling group, and FUSE wants them to come..." at this point everyone starts laughing. CUM JOKES 4EVER.

8:34 - "It's so easy to come when there are cookies" - Julie Franck. Good advice if you are trying to woo her.

8:35 - Finance Board! Exciting!

8:39 - Somehow the budget passed in only 4 minutes, that's like a record.

8:40 - Justin just died via assassin. I feel like I am partially responsible possibly. Sorry Justin :[

8:46 - blah blah blah various stuff being talked about.

8:51 - So Cameron L. just messaged me asking when SGA ended, probably related to assassins. He's already killed several. Someone may die soon.

8:56 - Dean Bayless is commenting on the heat still being on. It sucks but they need to wait until the temperature is for sure going to be hot for awhile, cause like this weekend it's gonna be 60s probably. Kinda sucks but whatever, it's no one's fault really. Library is still intolerable.

8:57 - Meeting over.

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