Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reasons I like Thanksgiving Break

Everyone fertilizes my Farmville crops

Seriously that is like 26 people, what the hell!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm thankful for everyone that reads this

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

This is just a reminder for anyone that doesn't know, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, one of the most amazing pieces of fast food, is back at Taco Bell

For the uninitiated, Imagine a taco. Pretty wonderful, right? Now imagine cheesy flatbread surrounding that taco. Are you orgasming just thinking about how amazing this thing is?

It's probably one of the most amazing things ever.

Clocking in at 570 calories a piece for only 1.49, you can safely eat four (as long as you are okay with not eating anything else for the day and suffering from an early heart attack) for just 6$. That's less than a burrito from Chipotle

If you are reading this and planning to go grab some CGC-goodness hit me up, I'm always down for a CGC run


My professor is making me print out all of the articles that I used for my research paper. That is around 150 pages. This is literally the dumbest shit I've heard all week. Also I'm out of pay for print now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LQ Fire Alarm

It went off at 10:30 this morning. 10:30 is kinda a weird time for a fire alarm to go off, because it's too late to go back to bed (for me and a lot of other people at least), but too early for brunch.

Either way I'm now pretty awake and thankful for it I think. It's too early to think straight.

It's like the third fire alarm we've had in LQ. I am glad the RAs don't make us go all the way to DPC, because it's lame over there.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I just realized that downloading stuff during my 8AM is the best idea ever because speeds are ridiculously fast due to everyone sleeping, and it makes class more exciting

Also new Animal Collective EP is excellent

Also A Christmas Story viewcount: A measly 4 :[

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Christmas Story

Every year since my first year here I have been watching A Christmas Story as many times as possible, starting sometime after Hallowgreens. I started Monday night, and I am currently beginning my fourth viewing.

I usually give up after watching it like 10 times within a single week and then, start again right before Christmas. But my goal this year is to continue watching it during the whole Christmas Season.

Wish me luck.

Also I think at the end of every post for now on I'll include my current viewcount.

EDIT: Also, if anyone wants to watch it with me, feel free to contact me and stop by

Class Ring Ads on Facebook

I was on facebook the other day, like most people, and I noticed an ad for SMC Class Rings. I guess the Campus Store paid for it. It was kinda cool to see I guess, but mostly I was just really surprised.


Rumor going around that Joe Ireland got expelled for graffiti. Don't know if it's just a rumor or true, but I think there's a good chance it's more than just a rumor.

There's more info about this out there, but I'd rather not post it here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SGA Meeting 11/17/09

SGA Meeting

8:08 - We don't have enough people to start

8:14 - Still don't have enough people to start

8:20 - Still dont' have enough people to start

8:21 - Goddamit SGA

8:23 - Meeting adjourned

Monday, November 16, 2009


St. Mary's is going to have an EMERGENCY test this Thursday. I don't know when, it is a mystery! You'll be able to hear the loud speakers that are on the ARC and Campus Center saying cool stuff about the EMERGENCY test. Also there will be a crawl on all student computers registered with the SMCM network. This is crazy! I didn't know they could do this. I am excited.

Emergency tests rule!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Polly Miller legitimately sends out the best all student emails. I don't know who she is but she is legit awesome. Especially her latest email about cold safety. Especially because the way it's worded, it's clear that it was directed towards employees and workers as opposed to students. But it still has some sweet info.

UPDATE: From what I can gather she works in Physical Plant, and is the Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator.

So remember, the cold can kill you, so make sure you wear warm clothing and follow Polly's advice.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Practical Jokes

Crazy kids at Harrington 4 (pretty sure) moved their friends bed into the dining room.

Let this be a lesson to all of you, that practical jokes are awesome.

Good practical jokes should be
  • Funny
  • If something is moved, everything should be moved accordingly. As you can see, his bag hamper is still attached to the bed
  • Obnoxious
  • Not harmful
  • Photographed
UPDATE: According to a source, possibly someone who lives there
This was actually in retaliation to another practical joke. Roommate A flipped the mattress of Roommate B and then Roommate A proceeded to flip all of Roommate B's clothing inside out. So justice had to be served.



We are all going to die :[

The water is going to go up 2-3 feet. I think this means it could flood Queen Anne and the River Center.

Also it means we are all going to die


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

St. Mary's College of Moisture

Look how clever I am! Momma would be proud.

For real though this rain is ridiculous. I mostly don't like the wind because it makes holding an umbrella hard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SGA Meeting 11/10/09

SGA Meeting. There are so many dirty hippies here, I don't know why. They are exciting me. This is glorious.

8:10 - Meeting is starting!

8:15 - blah blah blah

8:16 - Chancellor's Point Club thing. I read the Constitution but I don't get it. But I think this is why the hippies are here. I think it's about environmental learning and doing stuff or something. Apparently Chancellor's point is that point to the left of the Point. I guess this is cool.

8:22 - We are voting. It passed! Hippies are leaving now, I will miss them.

8:23 - Mark Snyder is presenting his bill which is about having a van that would drive to DC one weekend a month. Pretty coolio I guess.

8:29 - blah blah blah

8:46 - blah blah blah to the maxxxxxxx

8:55 - blah blah blah we are finally done talking about this. Postponing taking any action on this

9:04 - Meeting is wrapping up

9:11 - Meeting was kinda boring, and I am sleepy

9:16 - Adam Matthai just said that he is tryna get RedBox on campus. Fuck yessssss. They have one at UMD and it's cool

9:18 - Meeting over

Chance Hall

Was the Health Center always called Chance Hall? I only noticed when they sent out this email a week or two ago, and then I saw that the sign indeed said Chance Hall. It's not much of a hall really, I think that to be classified as a hall buildings should be at least like 20 feet tall or something.

I wonder who Chance is. Also that is a kickass last name.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I am in my class, Exceptionality, and the teacher brought her 1-2 month old and it is getting passed around and omg baby I am excited to hold it.

UPDATE: I smell like baby now. Also apparently I have no idea how to hold a baby and everyone found this hilarious/horrifying.

Windows 7

I really don't get the Campus Store. I'm talking about their selling Windows 7 for 117$. It's like, do they not realize that anyone with a .edu email address (which is probably 98% of the people reading this) can get it for only 30 bucks.

It's either stupid, or exploitative.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Food Services Committee


I am the chair of the Food Services Committee as a part of the SGA. I am looking for some people to join this committee, where we occasionally discuss food services on campus (stuff like the Great Room, Co-op, Grab and Go, Grind) and make suggestions, complain about stuff, or whatever.

It's open to all students, even if you cook all of your food yourself.

So email me at if you're interested

Also I can promise that I will provide free food to all members

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Class Registration

Registered for classes a half an hour ago. Portal is really annoying sometimes.

Who else is taking
Lit in History III
Civil Rights Movement
America 1945 - Present

Also I was sad that Geology filled up so fast. Maybe next year.

LQ heat pumps dead

:[ Kelly Smo just sent out an email stating that Lewis Quad heat pumps are not working. Which explains why I am really cold right now. I hope it gets fixed soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fantastic Fall Festival of Fun

This saturday the annual Fantastic Fall Festival of Fun will be going on, this year on the Townhouse Greens. From 3 to 5PM come out to the Greens for all kinds of awesome stuff like
  • Games
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course (YESSSSSSS)
  • Candied Apples
  • Fun!
Okay and then after that from 5 until 7:30 there's gonna be BBQ, music, and other stuff.

Also I think I might be DJing during part of it, so let me know if you have any requests or something.

This should be a pretty cool event, and a way to take a break from term papers (and if you aren't busy with term papers I greatly dislike you).

Fancy Dining Utensils

On Tuesday the Grab and Go was closed due to advising day, so I had to go to the Great Room for lunch. I decided to get a box since my advising meeting was soon and the Great Room was about to close but I wasn't hungry yet. So on the way out I went to grab some plastic utensils and found the item pictured above. It came with all three utensils, a really really nice napkin (like, the highest quality disposable napkin you can imagine) and a thing to hold it all together. I don't know why it was so fancy, but it was pretty sweet/a total waste.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Community Garden

Last week the Community Garden got pretty trashed by some people. Guy Kilpatric sent out an email with these pictures, explaining the situation. As you can see, the bamboo construction that used to be standing (I don't really know what for because I don't know much about gardening, but maybe support for plants like tomatoes, but I don't know if tomatoes can grow in this weather) got knocked over pretty badly, and some other stuff got kicked around.

This incident goes along with the recent graffiti and LQ Kitchen destruction of people on Campus messing shit up, and it's really lame.

I believe that at tonight's SEAC meeting they will be discussing how they will be repairing the community garden, so if you want to help out with this effort you should attend or email SEAC/Guy, and I'm sure they would love your help!

Also if you are the reason this happened then you should stop because it's lame and results in less food.

SGA Meeting 11/3/09

SGA Meeting this week is gonna be super short

8:07 - Meeting has begun

8:15 - A guy (not Guy) is here talking about his SMP for student speakout. I don't care. This kid is really awkward. Okay he has given up on explaining his SMP because he isn't really sure. Okay now he is again trying again to explain it. Something about restoring a barn in historic and doing stuff with it. I think he is asking us money. Fuck this shit. I don't care about barns.

8:22 - blah blah blah, I don't see why the SGA should fund this.

8:25 - What the fuck he wants 20k from us to make this barn. I don't see how this shit will benefit students, or why students would want their money going towards this.

EDIT: Guy Kilpatric responds to defend the barn! He makes some excellent points.
The reason the barn is important, is because it is one of few remaining nineteenth-century tobacco barns. It's a lasting remnant of pre-modernized St. Mary's County. I think it's relationship to St. Mary's College is tied to the land. Which is another important reason for the barn's restoration.

Martin probably mentioned the potentiality of initiating a campus farm in conjunction with the use of the restored barn. Starting a campus farm at St. Mary's College would be an important step toward the College's goal of sustainability. There are a few different organizations coming from the position that this would be a good thing. As president of the Community Garden Club, I too support this, and I am working closely with Martin and others to accomplish this project within the best interests of the students, the college, and the surrounding community. I believe the barn is a great opportunity for the students to explore our local geography and culture.

8:30 - Tess Wier is here to talk about the Anti-Vandalism march.

8:32 - Marlena is here to talk about the First Responders Network. They try to stop sexual assault, woo! You should add 301-904-2015 to your phone, because this is their number you can call 24/7 for advice and help and such about sexual assault.

8:35 - 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be sexually assaulted. Also 75%+ rapes are date rapes, so watch your dranks!

8:38 - Holy shit, when Marlena makes percentage signs, she uses dots instead of circles!

8:40 - Most common date rape drug is...alcohol! This makes a lot of sense. You really should make sure you don't drink too much and stuff. Like, I think trying to keep track of how many units of alcohol you have consumed is difficult, but a great way to avoid puking and rape and hangovers.

EDIT: I would like to say that rape is never the victims fault. Never

8:56 - People complaining about the soda and snack machines not working.

9:00 - Holy shit Dean Bayless just said Grab and Go might get closed

9:01 - What the fuck are Night Hawks. Some program where students went on patrol.

Meeting over!


Internet sucks. I can't even get bookface to load.


I'm sure a lot of people heard about this or even witnessed the Sprinklers going off on the Greens the morning after Hallowgreens, but here is a picture!

This shit is ridiculous.

Image belongs to Julie Gunther