Wednesday, April 29, 2009






Swine Flu update 2

Another mass email was sent out about the Swine Flu.  According to Sam Rockler it has spread to Deleware.  We are next!  

Get Your Float On

Get Your Float On is this Friday, May 1st!

It runs from 2:30 to 6:30 with lots of exciting events and a BBQ.  I don't like the use of BBQ as a catch-all phrase, because I think it really just refers to the process of grilling pork with lots of sauce etc.  I know this because of the Food Network.

All of the boating clubs will be around to take you out on boats and such, which is pretty cool.  I hope it is awesome.

Swine Flu

It's in Souther New Jersey.  The only thing between Maryland and Swine Flu is Deleware.  We are all going to die.

An all student email was sent out about it, with some basic info and what to do etc.  I think it was a pretty solid email about the Swine Flu

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SGA Meeting 4/28

Oh god, last SGA meeting of the year.  SGA has been quite an experience this past year, and I will miss it.  Next year I will be the LQ Senator.  Exciting!

When I say I will miss it, I am lieing.

8:16 - Meeting finally started.

8:18 - penis

8:19 - Andrew Bounds hijacked my computer and wrote penis above.

8:20 - Reusable to-go boxes.  Cool idea I guess.  The sustainability committee wants to have boxes that can be put in a receptacle that are collected at the end of the day.  I don't really see the point of this.  Why can't the students just return the boxes.  I really don't see the appeal of this option.  

8:25 - This kid had a good idea to horde these reusable boxes to make a fort.  Brian VanParys and I plan to do this.  

8:31 - My victory in Lewis Quad was just announced.  Excellent.  

8:36 - This guy is talking.  He is the waterfront director.  His name is Adam Werblow.  He is very nice and he has salt and pepper hair.  

8:39 - blah blah blah

8:41 - He is talking about stuff.  He is a good talker but it is boring kinda.  At least he is pretty.  

8:47 - He is talking about sailing.  I love sailing.  I want to checkout keelboat team next year.

8:51 - Apparently DPC used to be a chill place with couches and coffee tables, much like the new Rowing Center lounge.  That is interesting.

9:02 - There is a new pier being planned to be built.  It looks pretty rad.  Supposed to be completed this summer.  Awesome!

9:16 - He is still talking.  So pretty.

9:27 - Jeremy Pevner is talking about having the SGA fund the extra docks.  They are planning to build the docks this summer, but they don't have funding for extra floating docks for more room to store more recreational sailboats.  I hope this passes because it sounds cool.  Ok it passed.

9:35 - I, Tom Seahawk am talking in front of the SGA regarding a new magnetic sign to distinguish the recycling bin from the trash dumpsters.  Brendan Larrabee doesn't know what a recycling bin is and keeps asking unbelievably stupid questions.  Also he didn't wash his hands after peeing in the bathroom.

9:41 - Vote about making Margo Williams to become new Student Investment Group president.

9:42 - New MediaBoard Bylaws.  blah blah blah

9:51 - blah blah blah

9:52 - Seniors crying about missing everyone.  It's cute.

9:54 - Student Investment Group made 500$.  lolz

9:55 - MayDay.  People are planning to not do it at noon, which is a good idea.  Maybe not even on MayDay.  wooooo who knows.  One thing I heard was May 1st at 2:45ish.  But nothing is confirmed yet.

9:57 - New Executive Board Members.  Exciting.  

9:59 - I, Tom Seahawk, am being sworn into a sweet secret society to combat the illuminati that was exposed in the documentary the da vinci code.

10:00 - Senator VanParys wrote the above.  In actuality I was sworn into office as LQ Senator.  Instead of saying my name during [Your Name] I just said "your name", so I don't know if it counts.

10:01 - Meeting adjourned

Monday, April 27, 2009

Duck Family

I was walking around Schaefer and I saw a mommy duck sitting on her nest.  It was very cute.  I hope to take a picture of them later.

I haven't updated in awhile due to end of semester stress/work/etc............

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SGA Meeting 4/21

SGA Meeting

8:12 - Meeting starts

8:13 - Zachary Agatstein is here with election results.  Justin Perry and Lisa Neu won President and Vice President, and someone else won something else and some other stuff etc.

8:14 - Guest speaker - Derek Thornton.  He is an important guy.  He deals a lot with maintenance and Public Safety and the campus in general.  He is giving us lots of information about the maintenance staff, and it seems like they work very hard.  

8:20 - Updates on renovations.  Getting rid of asbestos in Calvert is on the list of things to work on.  Replacing carpets in the North Crescent bedrooms.  Replace appliances in the Crescents.  Replace bad windows in the traditional halls.  Replace flooring in Dorch common room.  Replace some tile stuff in Caroline.  Replace patio doors in the traditional halls, since they don't close properly.  It's nice to see that maintenance staff recognizes the issues on campus, and is at least trying to work on them.  He was very nice.

8:38 - Anime Club Constitution.  I cannot deal with my life.  I really can't deal with this.  

8:39 - Newsflash:  Canada and North America are apparently separate.

8:45 - It passed.  Like, there was no reason for it not to pass, but ughhh

8:47 - Juliana Franck is presenting her Talon Grant on providing coasters that can test for date rape drugs.  This is pretty awesome.  Julie is a pretty cool kid and I am happy to see her doing something cool like this.

8:53 - It passed!  Woo Juliana.

8:54 - Club finances.  Exciting stuff.  

9:01 - Officer Reports.  Boring stuff.

Best Email Ever

Tennis Club cancelled their practice due to lightning.  They sent out an email with a large picture of lightning with the text "No Practice"

This was an awesome email.

Defiance Screening

Hillel will be screening the 2008 film Defiance tonight at 9:15 in Cole Cinema for Holocaust Day.

I think they should be showing Schindler's List since it was a lot better, and had more nudity.  

Monday, April 20, 2009


We no longer have to fear tornadoes.  

Earth Day at the Campus Center

Earth Day has passed (I only knew this because Boomerang showed Captain Planet all day Saturday) but this Wednesday you can celebrate over at the Campus Center with cool stuff all day.  

There will be pinecone birdfeeders, which is the main reason you should go.  You get to put peanut butter (yum) on a pinecone (yum) and then put seeds on all that (ew) and then hang it up on a tree so that birds can eat it!  Exciting.

Other cool stuff will be there, but nothing as cool as pinecone birdfeeders.

Edit:  Oh apparently Earth Day really is this Wednesday.  I don't know why I would trust a cartoon channel for when Earth Day is.



It is supposed to last until later tonight.  If the alarm system goes off, get into a building and stay in the bottom part of the building, away from windows.  

Do not attempt to run away from a tornado.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet the MHEC Advisory Council!

Lauren Payne is the head of the Maryland Higher Education Student Advisory Council here, and she is very nice.  But you may not have any idea what MHEC is.  

From what I know, MHEC is this thing that Lauren and some other dudes go to every month or so to talk about how much textbook prices suck and that tuition increases are lame.  

But if you'd like to find out what they really do, stop by the DPC patio during World Carnival on Saturday from 3-4.

This Weekend's Movie

This weekend Slumdog Millionaire will be playing in Cole Cinema.  Same times as usual, Friday at 7, Saturday at 6 and 9, then Sunday at 3.

I don't really know why they are bothering to show it when World Carnival is going on.

I watched Slumdog a few months ago, and wasn't really all that impressed.  I think it might have been because of all the hype it got.  But the guy who plays the lead role was a really great actor, and the music video at the end was fun, but I've heard it way too many times at this point.  

If you don't like World Carnival for some reason, it's worth seeing.

Fight Club

I've heard rumors about a fight club for some time now.  I have received some information from various sources, and I am planning to stake out the area and attempt to witness such an event.

If this endeavor is successful, then further news on the topic is to come.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bulgarian Ambassador is Visiting

The Bulgarian ambassador is coming to campus.  Apparently Bulgaria is a country in Europe, right above Greece and below Romania, which puts it in a pretty lame location.

I am not sure if the guy is Bulgarian and is the ambassador to the US, or if he is from the US and is an ambassador to Bulgaria.  I hope it is the first one because I would like to know what a Bulgarian person looks like.

He will be talking about democracy in Bulgaria on Wednesday at 4:30 in Cole Cinema.

Fuck Salisbury

So I really wanted to see the lacrosse game last Friday, but my ride home ended up leaving early so I missed it.  But I did go to the BBQ beforehand which was delicious.

Anyway, the photo is on the from page of which I think is hilariously awesome.  

So good job laxbros wooo

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Windsurfing Club Interest Meeting

Last semester SGA approved the funding of a bunch of money for Windsurfing Club to buy a bunch of new boards and stuff.  Tonight the club is having an info meeting at 8PM over at the River Center.

I think I might stop by because windsurfing sounds cool and exciting.

Course Evals

Course Evals start Friday, April 10th, for all of your Spring 2009 classes.  Please provide feedback because it's essential for teachers who are trying to achieve tenure.  It's also important to provide feedback about bad teachers (which I've never really had, but I'm sure some people have).  

You should get an email soon with links to the surveys.  So do it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SGA Meeting 4/7

I haven't talked about the last few meetings because they have been boring/I wans't there.

There is a lot of legislation for tonight.

8:02 - I got here

8:07 - Kalada criticized me for playing pokemon during the meeting.  

8:08 - Meeting has started.

8:10 - Student speak-out - no one :[

8:11 - Resolution to have SGA look into funding campus internships.  Pretty interesting.  I think it would be a great use of SGA funds.  It passed!

8:12 - The projector has broken.  This is boring.  Back to playing pokemon.

8:14 - It's fixed.  

8:15 - HOLY SHIT SENATOR CLEMENTS ISN'T HERE.  HE ALWAYS BRINGS COOKIES AND IS NEVER ABSENT.  I AM SAD.  You see he always brings us cookies that he makes in his very nice kitchen (which I assume probably has an Island and really nice cooking stuff).

8:16 - Spoken Word Club - Sounds cool I dunno.  I like the aspect of developing the ability to talk well/voice projection because I feel like I am not good at being loud and it makes me sad :[.  

8:19 - Sister to Sister amendment.  They want to change some random stuff.  Hahahah holy shit, apparently the club was previously open to only "women of color".  I am really glad they changed that to everyone.

8:21 - Bill to fund a lockable cover to put over the WC firepit.  I don't like this.  

8:24 - Media Board Budget.  Boring.  It passed.

8:33 - Resolution to have the SGA support bringing back the SARP coordinator.  This is a good thing I hope that something real comes of this.  

8:39 - Bill to provide a stipend for two kids to finish the Dover Yearbook.  I think yearbooks are kinda dumb and I don't really see the point, but I guess this is cool.  lols Nathan Bossie voted against it.

8:55 - Discussion about MAT students being able to partake in SGA and student activities etc., which I think is a really good idea.  

9:07 - OMG Brooks Whiteford is going to be on campus on the 16th.  I am happy.

9:15 - blah blah blah

9:22 - We just sang Nathan Bossie Happy Birthday.

9:24 - Meeting adjourned

Monday, April 6, 2009

Japanese Film Series

The Japanese Film Series begins this week with Akira Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress".  Kurosawa is an amazing director, and has had a huge influence on many Western filmmakers.  His 1954 film "Seven Samurai" is easily one of my favorite films of all time because it contains love, drama, action, and samurais.

So I would definitely recommend checking out "The Hidden Fortress" this Wednesday, April 8th, over at Cole Cinema.  Dr. Musgrove will be discussing the film afterwards, which is cool because he is super awkward and cute.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bob Marley

I am sitting in class right now, Child In America with Angela Johnson.  There are two girls with Bob Marley shirts.

We reached peak oil a few years ago, and finally we have reached Peak Marley in this classroom.

There are too many Bob Marley shirts   :[

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Group Invites

Sometimes I get facebook group invites.  Recently it has been a lot of them.  Yesterday I clicked no to two group invites.

And today they are both back.

I have been reinvited.  By both.  Within 5 minutes of each other.

When will the madness end.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Discount Card

SGA is giving out free discount cards again this year.  10% off to several places you probably never go to!  They include

  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Ledo Pizza
  • Checkers
  • Okada Japanese Seafood and Steakhouse
The cards are kinda pretty but they are not laminated which is lame.  I don't even know where Dunkin' Donuts is, or why you would go there when Donut Connection exists.  Speaking of, I was in Pennsylvania last semester and I saw a closed down Donut Connection, it was very scary.

Go get one from Mrs. Paula, especially because then you get to talk to Mrs. Paula and she is super nice.

SGA Elections

It's that time of year again, SGA elections!  For President and Vice President we have Kevin Perry ( I think?) and Lisa Neu.  I loooooooooooooove Lisa Neu, she is wonderful, but I don't know who the other guy is or if he's been involved in SGA.  I just don't know much about him, but they are running unopposed so they will probably win.

Kait Hines who is also awesome will be running for Treasurer, unopposed.  

And no one has signed up to run for Director of Programming :[

I will be running for LQ Senator, which is exciting.  I think I will once again run on the platform of keeping my residence safe from terrorism.