Saturday, April 10, 2010


So this year ResLife has RAs working until 2AM on the weekends instead of 1AM. And I've noticed more facebook party events going until 2AM instead of 1AM. I mean I could be wrong, and maybe people have been setting parties to go until 2AM for awhile, but I'm not sure.

Anyone else notice this or can confirm/deny?


  1. Well I mean, I remember a couple of people from other schools who visit St Mary's noting how early things get started/finish in terms of partying. Some girl was saying that at college park, they don't even START until 1 or whatnot. So perhaps both just trending more towards the norm and not directly correlated.

  2. Oh yeah I totally agree. Like I remember kids doing homework at 11 on a Saturday night at UMD, and I was really confused/thought that they were not going out that night. I mean maybe we are trending towards the norm, but that doesn't really make sense to me I guess, like why would we suddenly be trending towards the norm (a norm which has I would think been around since the 90s?) right now? Or maybe back in the 90s lots of people at smcm started partying really early and ended around 11. It's an interesting topic I think.

  3. I don't think parties should ever stop.

    Therefore, there shouldn't be "start times" because there will just be one continuous party.

    Life mantra.

  4. I bet our early partying is due to the ridiculously early dining hours at the Great Room on weekends. Dinner over at 6:15?! Seriously?! So we have to party early or else we'd have to either starve to death or find a way to have 2 more dinners late at night. Most other schools at least have late night dining options. This is St. Mary's greatest downfall in my opinion...

  5. Ah that is actually a very good point! You are so wise.