Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SGA Meeting 4/27/2010

Last SGA Meeting of the year

Gonna miss u Justin, Lisa, Matt, Sola, Alexandra, Louis, Debbie, Rodkey (but not really [j/k]) others etc.

Debbie Travers made us cream puff things and brownies. They are delicious. She has finally done something worthwhile (just kidding obv, Debbie has done a lot of cool stuff and will probably continue to do cool stuff as a real adult, and I'm sure her recital last Sunday went swimmingly)

8:08 - Meeting starting, this is early!


8:11 - Chairman of the Board of Directors Muldoon is here. We are in the building that is named after him. How awesome.

8:12 - He has a cute face. He is bragging about stuff that we do, feeling used/important. He just described something as 'neat', feel like this is a good adjective.

8:14 - Kinda have to pee.

8:15 - Muldoon has a 'neat' voice, wish he was my grandfather.

8:16 - Kinda reminds me of Willie Nelson but less stoned.

8:19 - Ah this guy is great! He wants to make sure that our new on campus farm is preventing runoff (since apparently 65% of Chesapeake Bay pollution is runoff of fertilizer and other stuffs), and this is such a great idea! ahh <3 .="." div="div">

8:22 - Justin Perry has a Presidential Proclamation (his first), thanking Muldoon for chillin with the SGA for a bit.

8:23 - New Club, the SCUBA Club. SCUBA is an acronym I think, not sure really. Mike Studivan is here, I am his friend but I don't really hang out with him anymore.

8:28 - blah blah blah. I asked a question about snorkeling (<3>

8:33 - SCUBA club passed!

8:37 - Resubmitting the No All Capital Letter All Student Emails. People seem less grumpy and more likely to respond to this positively.

8:40 - Who the fuck just voted nay on this shit. Regardless is passed, fuck yes!

8:41 - Something boring but important that Justin Perry brought up just passed.

8:42 - Gonna go pee brb.

8:43 - Circle K asking for money for cool stuff to help kids who are gonna die. 800$ for hotel rooms over the summer in Florida. Circle K does a lot of really awesome stuff, like hundreds of hours of volunteering every semester. I can't say no to dying kids. Either way it passed!

8:48 - Bill about funding stuff for the farm. Justin Perry is presenting it, about 4,000$ from the St. Mary's Green Revolving Loan Fund to pay for student farmers, none of which are alumni or non-students (which was earlier an issue, so there has been a compromise).

8:50 - Alex Walls (<3>

8:53 - It passed! Go Campus Farm. They need to give it a catchy name, like Tom Seahawk Farm (I get egotistical when drinking).

8:54 - "Fuck the Parking Committee" - Justin Perry (quote may not be accurate). But yeah, voting to get rid of the Parking Committee. UNANIMOUS VOTE WOOO!.

8:56 - Officer Reports, exciting!

8:58 - No SafeRide this week, :[.

9:02 - Chris Rodkey just said "shrubbery". Middle School me is laughing about Monty Python right now.

9:03 - Oh my god Middle School was like a decade ago.

9:04 - "It's been real" - Anna Winship.

9:08 - Robb is saying something silly that will never happen. Or maybe it will which would be cool. A Deli at the Waterfront. "It should also have a bar" - at least half the SGA.

9:13 - Becky White has a 10$ dollar bill in her mouth, is she a stripper?

9:14 - Katie Caffey is awesome for holding my computer while I get sworn in!!!!

9:16 - Ken just got sworn in - booo-ya! He is holding the gavel! Whooooaaaa (-Katie C)

9:17 - Done!

Hey thanks to everyone who has read my SGA posts over the years, hope it has given you some insight to what SGA is about. Not gonna be able to do it next year, but I'm going to be looking for a protege/replace SGA blogger.


  1. Find me a bike to ride to the Door on Thursday plz

  2. sga is awesome for giving the farm money!!!

  3. what was the parking committee?

  4. Why did it only take you 1 min to pee?

  5. dear ken benjes, i don't know if i can live without your sga blog posts next year. if i had realised the consequences of my actions i may not have voted for you. how will i get my information about what sga does? certainly not in a witty, sarcastic shorthand that only ken benjes can produce. at least i will be in the real world and won't have the same burning need to know what is going on with capital letters in all student emails.

  6. Dear Mr. Benjes,

    I salute your service to this great institution. Please make sure you're protoge next year is a comedic genius, otherwise, I will know nothing of the SGA happenings, because I will stop reading. Thank you.

    Concerned Citizen (mostly concerned about terrorism)

  7. i vote for the ginga ninja, mark snyder, to take over!!

  8. esteemed mr benjes, please continue SGA blogging. i am going to graduate and will not know what's happening on campus :(

  9. i will only read if it is part of SMCM LOL, so, get a contributer?

  10. ginga = <3 u new MIA reference

    Yeah I'm planning on getting a contributor. Feel like I am getting old, need to hire people to help take over the family business. Gonna be irrelevant one day and get voted off the Board of Directors via green goblin from spiderman movies.