Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep St. Mary's Weird is Dumb

I've talked about this 'phenomenon' before via previous blog posts (click over there) but idk it's still popping up I guess??? [huh editor's note, there was more posted here before but it got all corrupted via computers #conspiracy]


  • "Keep Calm And..." wow cool great Internet meme to use hahah wow whats up (wazzup) 2010. Next thing you know they'll be making a Harlem Shake video (haha nevermind somebody already did)!
  • Mustache. I don't 'get' mustache culture like why is that mustache up there why is a mustache weird why is there a mustache on this 'poster'. I literally have a mustache and I don't get this.
  • Weird. IDK I GUESS IVE HARPED ON THIS BEFORE but I really don't get it. 
Like I guess the 'idea' of 'STAY WEIRD' is to be creative and interesting, but taking a decade old slogan and reusing it for your own purposes is the complete fucking opposite. It's not weird to use an Austin slogan from the 90s that was meant to support local business, it's just tacky.

Hey but I dunno am I totally off base and just a 'crumudgeon' (via being annoyed by some aspects of internet culture) feel free 2 sound off (haha wow 'sound off' what is this, 1983???) in the comments~

Monday, July 29, 2013


luv u buddy

Monday, July 22, 2013

To the alum I met yesterday

Yesterday I was at work lifeguarding and noticed someone wearing a SMCM sailing shirt. She was a recent grad. I think she believes this is my full time job and that I am only lifeguarding with my SMCM education BUT LET ME TELL U I ALSO HAVE A REAL JOB please don't judge me thanks.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Career Center Sure is Great!

Was 'chillin' on the facebook today (via it's my day off #chill) and saw a great post from the Career Development Center

hahah wow cool

some scathing social commentary about the current generation

I can imagine how the conversation went

director: "yes let us make fun of the population we are here to serve"
web lackey: "yes good idea, and as a department that strives to be professional, let us post some of those "memes" all the 'millennials' are talking about"
director: "ah yes, proceed"

also making fun of Jersey Shore isn't even a thing anymore

On the real, what are you thinking? Maybe this is part of the reason that a lot of students complain about the CDC and its inability to help students and alumni. They are too busy posting out of date memes about fucking Jersey Shore Guido hair fashion.

Wow it's been a month!!!

phew, really needed that 1 month break to recuperate after all those changes to the school

wow so looks like there have been lots of new changes??? guess everybody already knows that we got a new president...


yes granted he only gets 2 be president for a 'month' but man I am so proud of him. look at u chip, guess ur just a 'chip off the old block' hahaha

wow but let us all remember that July 2013 will forever be the month of the Jackson presidency. wonder if he is related to Andrew Jackson and will attempt to kill many American Indians and destroy the central bank of the United States [lol can u guess my major???]?

wonder if he will get his portrait in the library
wonder if urgo will
wonder if chip will somehow fuck this up (he won't, don't u worry)

wow on the real tho, seems like the next interim prez will be a cute old white dude for the next year, idk you have probably all seen the email (especially since they actually send them to alumnis 2 now) so im not really gonna waste time talking about him, gotta move on, gotta go fast, via sonic the hedgehog

did you know hedgehogs are mad slow ??? kinda makes u think...

but hey yah we r 'back'

guess whos back
back again
guess whos back
guess whos back
guess whos back

(it's Britney bitch)