Thursday, May 15, 2014

Engagement at Gala

wow if u r friends with David "Sush" Sushinsky u would kno that somebody...
proposed at Gala!!! (aka college prom)

below is the PROOF from facebook (also thx ken 4 the shoutout #historyteacherbros)

I mean first of all, shoutout 2 Sush/Sushe for liking his own status

I mean first of all, congratulations to the happy couple, I wish them the best.


huh so a "proposal" at prom

IDK is this legit or tacky ???

Is this akin to proposing to ur gf (GUYS, I SWEAR IM NOT A VIRGIN) or is this a legit thing, via being more mature ???

[editor's note: if you google youtube for 'prom proposal' it's not people proposing at prom, it's people proposing to their significant other to go to prom??? what happened to the "do u wanna pretend to go 2 prom but just get drunk in the limo check yes or no" letter snuck into their locker????]

Is proposing to someone in front of ur 300+ "closest friends" pretty legit or kinda tacky/makes it hard to say no ???

did ppl instagram this? what is the word on the 'yik yak' ???

well either way i hope they wait til marriage!!!

also s/o 2 my favorite SMCM couple, liz and john, so excited 2 c u 2 "tie the knot" (hopefully not a slipknot! via sailing jokes) in less than a month #hopeIcatchthebouquet