Monday, April 19, 2010

Rikaloff Costume

So, I was googlin Rikaloff as I do every month or so, and I came across this. It's really small/low quality, but it's two girls dressed as Baltimore's finest brews; Rikaloff and Boh. Glorious. I want to see someone dress up as Rikaloff next Hallowgreens.

What do yall think. Is dressing up as alcohol
  • funny
  • ironic
  • douchey
  • lame (unless if you are Chris Rodkey dressing up as a jello shot)
  • brotastic
  • a good way to get laid


  1. i love the commitment to this costume. the addition of the 9.99 sticker is so glorious and classy, just like you ken benjes.

  2. Catherine, I actually zoomed in and I think it says 8.99. Can you imagine buying Rikaloff for only 8.99! Also you are so glorious and classy, would you do the honor of marrying me if we are both 40, unwed, and infertile?

  3. So, when I googled "Rikaloff", this post was the second link to come up! You're famous, Kenjes!