Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bed is Fixed

Last Friday I said that my bed had been lofted and now it was a foot from the ceiling. It is now several feet from the ceiling and I can successfully sleep there without fearing death. Also I now have a man cave underneath. In this cave is
  • Lego
  • Dirty clothes
  • White Board
  • A horse Mask
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Bowling Alley

SGA Meeting 9/29

SGA meeting with new Senators, cool

8:03 - O man meeting started early

8:04 - Swearing in of new senators. Mark Snyder was late and walked in during the swearing in and I loled.

8:07 - Senator Smith and Senator Agatstein just walked in late, what losersss

8:08 - Dean Bayless has a cool necklace

8:09 - Margo Williams, president of Student Investment Group is here. She is talking about stuff.

8:12 - Dean Bayless is here to talk about the Strategic Plan! She just established that she is taking notes on her blackberry, and not just texting friends. I hope it is both because texting during SGA is fun.

8:15 - Strategic plan is still boring and I still don't like hearing about it. But it seems like there are more concrete things in it now, so it's less boring I guess.

8:21 - I read it some more and it is a lot more concrete and is no longer boring. Congratulations Strategic Planning Committee.

8:26 - New Bill, spend 1,000$ on three picnic benches on The Greens. Sounds cool as I like picnic benches a lot.

8:34 - There is this kid here and he is asking too many questions that are stupid and annoying

8:36 - Cool it passed. In a few weeks there are gonna be some picnic benches on the Greens.

8:40 - Officer reports, blah blah blah

8:51 - My butt really itches and I am uncomfortable

8:56 - That annoying kid is complaining the Caroline doesn't have a piano. I hate Caroline and I hate pianos.

9:04 - Meeting over

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mesa Hispana

I don't like this all-student email that I got a half an hour ago because it is all in capital letters, and it is all in Spanish (I think), but I don't know how to read Spanish so I feel stupid. Actually upon closer inspection I think I can translate some


HEllo to Everyone


My name is Sony and I am the country of Agrentina, and I am a new Spanish. the St marys invites you to speak spanish and to compare with our invitation to practice spanish and learn about new cultures



Albatros's all that experience culture with hot new ladies parts Quran




today monday at 12 and 1 but also thursday at 6 to 7 in the el greato room



Spanish isn't really that difficult of a language, but I haven't had any classes since sophomore year of high school. Either way I think I did ok in translating. Also they should send out the email in English as well I think.

Also if someone wants to tell me what this really means that would be cool

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lofting Kit

I walked into my room a few minutes ago after class and screamed. My bed was now super high up. I forgot that I requested a lofting kit. My bed is currently 1 foot from the ceiling. I will have to make sure I fix this before I go to sleep tonight or else I'll probably die.

Also oh my god mad props to maintenance, they left all of my stuff in exactly the same spot, despite moving me bed up. I don't know how they did it, but it was really nice of them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Always Laura, always.

This was from awhile ago but I forgot to post it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Great St. Mary's T Shirt Sale

I happened upon this facebook group a week ago or so by chance, and found it interesting. A bunch of kids (most of whom seem to be First Years) put together a facebook group where they are trying to buy a shirt that they designed. I don't really like the shirt because the bird on the back is clearly an Eagle, and no one gives a fuck what your SAT score was. But, I like the idea of people putting together an order for a T Shirt that they made, it's very cute. Sooo good luck!

From Wikipedia

"On Easter, the upperclassmen buy large quantities of cheap beer, such as Natural Bohemian, and they hide them all around campus for the freshmen to find."

Why can no one spell this wonderful drink correctly? National, not Natural.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SGA Meeting 9/22

SGA Meeting tonight. Not much happening so maybe we will use that extra time to discuss cool things like the Presidential Search or clubs.

8:06 - We haven't started yet. I could be watching TrueBlood! le sigh

8:09 - For like the first time ever I am sitting on the other side of the lecture hall. All of the Executive Board is over here, and most people are over here. The people on the other side are the Dean and some other people whose names I don't feel like writing (except Kelly Schroeder cause she is cool).

8:10 - Meeting begins

8:13 - A girl is complaining that they did the fire drill in PG without notice. I feel as though I have been doing fire drills without notice since Kindergarten.

8:17 - Danny wants SafeRide to run to Oasis (Monk's) on Wednesdays more and have a second van. I am in favor of this since drunk driving is dangerous, and the only safe drunk driving is Mario Kart drunk driving.

8:18 - St. Mary's Revolving Loan Fund for Green initiatives. This is really cool. The idea is that the SGA would buy a green thing, like a solar panel for a dorm. Then the school would pay us back via the savings from those green initiatives (like the solar panel) until the SGA is paid back 110%ish. Shane Hall is presenting it, but he annoys me. Chris Rodkey made a really smart comment and further proved that he is really smart.

8:38 - Shane Hall just said that RECs suck so I like him now.

8:39 - Justin Perry wants to make an ad hoc committee to work on this revolving loan fund.

8:42 - Justin Perry wants to talk about the Presidential Search. Exciting I guess.

9:00 - Officer Reports blah blah blah

Another exciting meeting of the student government. Tally ho!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Physics Club plans to defy Gravity

The Physics club will be having its first meeting this Thursday at at 6 in Schaefer 151, where they will be building rockets. They will then set these rockets off towards the heavens on Sunday at 3. Physics club sounds boring, but rockets are awesome therefore, I guess Physics club is awesome? Transitive property?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Water Explosion on the Greens

What the fuck. I wasn't around this weekend but Ben Casto just told me that some dickshit got into the Townhouse attic and broke a pipe and water went everywhere, and that a physical plant guy said that it could be around 60,000$ in damanges.

What the fuck

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blood Drive

Next Friday, the 25th of September, there will be a blood drive in the ARC. You can sign up at the campus center. There are lots of great reasons to give blood, such as saving lives and helping people, and free juice and cookies.

But the real benefit that they have failed to mention is that with 10% less blood in your body than usual, you will have to consume less alcohol to get drunk. This is my theory at least. Someone should test this theory and report back to me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Frisbee Golf Course

A new frisbee golf course just opened up North on Route 5 at Lancaster Park in Lexington Park. It's a pretty legit course too, because they have those baskets that you have to get the disc into (I'm pretty sure you have to get the disc in the chain basket), unlike playing at St. Mary's where you just hit stuff.

I think I'd like to try the course sometime. If someone is driving up there to play let me know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Pizza Alert 9/16/09

Hillel will be having their first meeting this Wednesday at 9PM in the LQ rec room, and they will have pizza! They probably won't have Hawaiin pizza though, since it has pork, and this disappoints me.

Also I really like this section "Never met a Jewish person and want to know what they do for fun?" because before college I had never met a Jew, and even now I still haven't met that many.

P.S. Hillel is like the Jewish club.

SGA Meeting 9/15

SGA Meeting

8:11 - Meeting starts

8:13 - Speakers! Chip Jackson and another guy talking about the Anne Arundel Hall replacement. I really dislike people who want to keep Anne Arundel, because it eats up half of the reconstruction/upkeep budget of the college, and there's really nothing special about it (aside from the Blackistone Room). It sounds like a cool project with lots of new stuff that will create a lot of new classrooms for the humanities.

8:22 - Oh my god the guy with the amazing French accent is back! He is talking about why re-using Anne Arundel Hall is a bad idea. He has lots of reasons that are complicated and boring.

8:27 - I like the new layout a lot, it looks pretty cool. The pictures will be in the Campus Center tomorrow when they have a table with information.

8:29 - A proposed drawing of the new buildings makes them look a lot like Goodpaster, which is weird but cool I guess.

8:32 - Design Phase Dec 2009 - Fall 2011. Construction Phase Summer 2012 - ??? 2015. That's like a million years away, I don't even give a fuck now.

8:34 - I just realized that like only one other person is sitting on this side of the room :[

8:35 - Some girl just asked when construction would be. It was just fucking on the screen 5 minutes ago. What the fuck pay attention.

8:36 - Where would religious studies and philosophy go? Chip says the worst case scenario answer is trailers, but hopefully there will be other stuff that he is planning to tell us later maybe.

8:47 - Grilling Club! Hahah holy shit Piglet is presenting this. They really want to get into the art and hobby of grilling, which I think is pretty cool. This is honestly probably one of the best club presentations I have ever seen.

8:51 - Oh shit Debbie Travers just brought up the point that gas grills are illegal on campus. But really, no true griller uses propane.

9:02 - Adam Matthai - "Thanks for letting us grill you" haha holy shit win.

9:03 - Grilling Club is now a club! Yay.

9:05 - Boring stuff

9:08 - Jane Butel Cooking Club. This is the weirdest shit ever, and I think that they are a cult or something. This club is fucking surreal. I can't deal with it. I voted against it because there is already a cooking club.

9:21 - Fuck yeah the club didn't pass.

9:24 - Sheriff wants to talk to people organizing May Day about stuff, like don't cross route 5.

9:30 - blah blah blah

9:39 - blah blah blah

9:45 - We are discussing how we should vote against more stuff, like we did tonight.

Meeting over. Good meeting!

Free Pizza Alert 9/17/09

This thursday at 8:30 in Schaefer (somewhere) the Computer Science/Linux Users Group will be having their first meeting, with free pizza!

The CS/LUG club does all sorts of things related to computers, videogames, and other intelligent/geeky activities.

If you have any interest in computers or pizza, you will probably enjoy your time there.

Monday, September 14, 2009

N1H1 on Campus

My roommate was told by a random stranger that N1H1 is on campus. BEGIN TO PANIC!

Presidential Search Candidates

Kate Conway-Turner, Jim Bacchus, MaryAnn Baeninger, Joe Bruno

I recognize Jim Bacchus

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Do you like to look at other people's iTunes libraries? I'm living in LQ and looking at "The Best Music Out There". I am not sure who this guy is, but he seems to have every Bob Marley album, plus several live albums. This amazes me. Also he has Radiodread, which is a beautifully amazing cover album. And if you are reading this, please send me The Dead 7-4-2009. Thanks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where did the Pier Go?

I am sitting in class and wanted to look at the waterfront webcam, and it appears that the pier is being removed. I hope they are just replacing the planks, and not completely removing it. You can watch the webcam here, and it moves every minute or so.

Comedian Ben Kronberg

This Friday at 8PM you can see the (probably) funny comedian Ben Kronberg. He'll be at St. Mary's Hall telling jokes and making people laugh or something.

I dunno I went to a comedian here once and it was a pretty horrible experience. But I also saw like 5 others and they were all pretty funny.

So I guess if you aren't busy playing Mario Kart with Mark Snyder and myself, it looks like something fun to do maybe.

Magic Bus

I don't get St. Mary's County. How can it have such awesomely cheap public transportation? It's been around for years, but people usually forget about it. You can take the bus, for 50cents a ride, to Vintage Values, Chipotle, Target, and probably some other stops. Shane Hall sent out a cool email with all the info, and lots of The Who refrences, which I will continue. Make sure you are talking about my generation while riding this magic bus (this was a really horrible attempt).

Either way, here is the website for the bus with lots of detailed information on the bus route and other things. And you can download the pretty word doc that he sent out here in case you deleted his email.

Free Pizza Alert 9/10/09

The History club will be having its first meeting tonight at 7:30 in Upper Monty. They will supposedly have pizza. This is a true free pizza alert.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Weekend's Movie

This weekend's movie is Away We Go, starring John Krasinkski from The Office, and Maya Rudolf of SNL fame. It looks like an okay indie hipster romantic comedy. I might go see it. Times are probably something like Friday at 7, Saturday at 6 and 9, and Sunday around 3.

I just really love John Krasinski much like every other young woman.

SGA Meeting 9/8

SGA is back in session! I told two people to come to the meeting tonight to express their opinions during the student speak out, so maybe they will show up.

8:07 - Meeting starts. Exciting!

8:08 - Chris Rodkey is late what a loserrrrrrrrrrr

8:10 - Some Argentinian kid is upset that there is not Argentina flag in the Great Room. This is awesome. Probably the best issue anyone has brought up in the history of SGA.

8:12 - Somehow Prince George has a runoff election. This is absurd. It was between the awesome Mark Snyder and Lisa Davidson, who is also probably cool but not as much as Mark. So they are going to have runoff election.

8:15 - New club, Grilling Club. This is cool. This club is awesome. But it is getting tabled because no one from the Grilling Club is here to tell us about it.

8:16 - Another new club, Amnesty International. Human rights stuff etc. boring. It passed.

8:22 - SafeRide is changing their constitution. Oh my goodness complicated. Lots of changes. It has been passed.

8:37 - Blah blah blah

8:40 - Officer Reports. Boring.

8:43 - Matt Smith says that people are complaining about BPA. Lame.

8:45 - I brought up the issue of recycling etc. and getting small recycling bins out to residents.

And meeting over

Look at these sweet steps

Have you ever noticed these steps before? They are on Route 5 between the Admissions building and Queen Anne. They lead down to the shore, but there isn't a lot of sand really. Maybe enough to tan or read during low tide. It's a really nice spot though.

Contest! #1 Winner!

The Beautiful Mark Snyder is the winner of our first contest. The correct answer was:

"that building at the end of the greens and a natural light can."

Excellent work Mark, and thank you to everyone that participated.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Contest! #1

This is the first ever SMCM LOL BLOG contest! This shouldn't be too difficult. You need to figure out where this mysterious building is, and what that object in the grass in the lower right corner is.

On an unrelated note I am now the proud owner of that object in the grass.

The winner will get to play a round of Mario Kart this weekend with me.

Why is this door open!?

Look at this door being all open! All the mysterious stuff in that shed is gonna get stolen. Someone should close it.

Black Shit on the Fence

Yo what is all this black stuff on the fence? It wasn't there last year. I don't get it. I was thinking maybe it blocks the wind so that the wind doesn't mess with the sports that are being played on the field. Or maybe it's to block you from seeing the field from outside the fence. Or maybe it's been there forever and I just have a really bad memory.

Bike Shop

Yo Bikeshop are you open yet? I am guessing that it's closed cause we haven't gotten any emails about it yet. I hope it opens soon or something.

Oh my god I love your shirt

Said a young lady who had trouble walking as she groped my chest.

Please remember that sexual harassment is a crime and is also really creepy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Look at this kid walking

Look at Patrick Gilbert strutting across Campus. This was taken when the water pipe exploded in Schaefer. Too busy to save anyone like Forrest Cole it seems! I like his shirt a lot though

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SGA Meeting 9/1

The First SGA was held at the State House this year, with the reasoning being that it would be a cool place to do it since the State House is the location of the first Maryland government.

There was lots of free food, and a lot of people showed up who weren't even involved in the SGA which was really weird (because no one ever does that) but also awesome.

The executive board seems like a good bunch and they are all very handsome and pretty, much like last year's executive board.

Hot Water Main Break in Schaefer

On Wednesday around 2:00PM a hot water pipe exploded spraying hot water everywhere. The fire department was called and they saved the day by pushing water out of the building with brooms.

The explosion caused several labs to be evacuated, which was cool because people got out of class. But on the other hand I believe the water also destroyed several computers, and the lab reports that were on them.

There were other heroes that day besides the firemen. Forrest Cole told me that he personally saved a dozen people from the explosion by dragging them out of the building. If you see this hero, please salute him.

In conclusion, everyone was safe, and it was totally not Nick Bruno's fault like it was last year with the Mercury explosion.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plastic Bags

Last Year the Daily Grind and the Campus Store stopped buying plastic bags and decided to start reusing donated plastic bags, as well as encouraging people to bring their own bags. This was a pretty cool idea, and they are continuing it this year.

In addition, if you bring 10 bags you'll get a 10% discount on school clothing (I'm pretty sure most all of it), which is a cool discount (but really you should wait til the end of semester 20%ish discounts).

Also really everyone should try to just bring their own bags or backpacks with them when buying stuff, cause reusing plastic bags is kinda disgusting.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yo it's September

I totally thought that Monday was September but it is actually right now.

September woooo!