Friday, October 30, 2009


Is awesome

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Weekend's Movie

This weekend's Movie will be Harry Potter (6) and the Half Blood Prince.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I read it over the summer when I was lifeguarding and it was pretty good.

Also I think this is the one where Dumbledore dies which is very :[

Heads up 7 Up

At the SGA meeting two weeks ago (October 20th?) we had to vote on something, and someone proposed that we all put our heads down while we vote.

This resulted in a ridiculous SGA meeting. I think it was Lisa Neu's fault.

It was like being seven again.

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Foerester

Class 2011 Oyster Scald and Pig Roast

The class of 2011 (the best class ever) will be hosting a Oyster Scald and Pig Roast on November 6th to raise money for traditional class activities.

You have from now until Friday to buy tickets for 25$ for this exclusive event. Tickets will be sold in the Campus Center, or you can contact one of the class officers like Charles Onwuche to get one.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/27/09

SGA whatup. Starting soon I hope

8:06 - Haven't started yet

8:07 - Startinggg. Mark Snyder is not here he is sick or somesuch

8:10 - George Waggoner is here to talk to us! He is in charge of CTSS, the technology thing. He is telling us that people responding to spam are messing shit up. Stop responding to spam campus! Like all those emails that ask you for your password and stuff, don't respond to those.

8:19 - Lol he just admitted that they don't go after people with routers, even though they are not allowed according to To The Point.

8:28 - Danny is here to talk about SafeRide. According to him people stopped going to Oasis due to townies hitting people on the heads with bottles. So they are attempting to make it a college night maybe (wednesday).

8:31 - Resolution stating that SGA does not condone graffiti. Cool. No shit SGA doesn't condone graffiti, what the fuck is the point of this. The only good point is apologizing to Physical Plant on behalf of the people who did this.

8:36 - It's really cold in here!

8:47 - Blah blah blah

8:52 - Another resolution, this one about thanking Bon Appetit staff and physical plant and Public Safety for doing a good job. Woooo

9:03 - Funding stuff blah blah blah

9:10 - Idea to raise student fees since they haven't been for awhile. These fund clubs and stuff.

9:16 - It is really fucking cold I can't deal with this, my fingers are starting to get numb and typing is becoming harder.

9:18 - Justin Perry just mentioned the possibility of an ad-hoc committee. Probably because he is obsessed with ad-hoc committees.

9:22 - O shit Harry Potter this weekend whatup!

9:27 - blah blah blah

9:50 - meeting over


It just thundered at 12:05 AM.

I don't think I have heard thunder since the summer. I really missed it.

During the summer I lifeguard, and thunder always means closing the pool and playing boardgames for at least an hour.

Summary: Thunderstorms rule

Also, this movie was surprisingly awesome.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Is lame

Mostly because it's hard to remove

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Contest! #2

Contest! Do you know where the object in this photo is?

The winner will receive a signed self portrait of myself. How wondrous!

Night of Terror

I went to the White Room on Sunday to check out the 3 Act Night of Terror performance. The first two acts were entertaining and funny, and had vampires and demons. Max Heaton's performance of Edgard Allen Poe's The Telltale Heart was just phenomenal, and definitely the highlight of the show. Jess O'Rear and some other guy gave a really convincing performance of seeing demons.

EDIT: Kiki Possick Directed the first two, and Pete Lance directed the last one.

Speaking of the White Room, I feel like it's one of those things that is really college-y. Like, low budget performances that are funded by donations and selling candy, with hit or miss shows. It was really entertaining.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Woodland Dining

I went for a walk through North Woods today with some friends. I haven't really gone in since my first semester here, but I still could still find my way to the treehouse and fire pit.

However, right behind LQ is this very wondrous setup that someone put together. A table and some chairs, overlooking Vietnam.

It's pretty easy to get there, but I'm not going to explain because it's more fun that way.

Friday, October 23, 2009

No Woman No Cry

Kids upstairs just started playing Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry

So I decided to do the same thing

We have reached peak Marley (similar to when we reached peak oil, both will result in horrible catastrophes or something)

Farmville Dairy

Bought a new Dairy in farmville and filled it up with cows. Looks cool.

God I love farmville

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bear Claws

There is one important thing that I forgot to mention about the SGA meeting last night: Bear Claws. When I presented my legislation to buy gloves, Samuel Warrens said that I should buy bear/bare/bere gloves because they are really strong. When we tried to search for these gloves via Google, this was all we could find. We then spent 5 minutes debating the usefulness of furry bear gloves. It was awesome and probably the highlight of the meeting.

And the new President of the College is

No one


I wonder which withdrew, my guess would be Kate

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/20/09

SGA Meeting!

8:09 - Matt Smith has a Battlestar Galactica desktop background. lol

8:13 - Someone just walked in late, I forgot her name.

8:14 - Student speakout about kids putting chalk everywhere. I don't really care about chalk so whatever I don't get what they are complaining about.

8:19 - blah blah blah

8:23 - Apparently chalk is bad for bricks. I didn't know that.

8:24 - People like to use the word "fruition" a lot.

8:33 - Student speakout again, about porn or some shit I don't really care, playing Farmville.

8:37 - Dean Bayless is giving us a really good explanation about the whole showing porn on campus. It's not a big deal, and the biggest thing would be that doing so may require adding an educational aspect. Either way she did a good job of not making people panic about it.

8:38 - I hope they play that Pirate porn in Cole Cinema.

8:51 - Senate Leader elections. I am running lol

8:57 - Matt won woooo

9:02 - People want a microwave in PG blah blah blah

EDIT: PG did get a microwave, and so did QA

9:06 - Still debating microwave stuff. If anyone wants to join my committee, Food Services Committee, email me!

9:11 - blah blah blah

9:17 - Commuter Kitchen

9:22 - Will Clements is serving people left and right, telling them that they are stupid and should shut up. Not literally, but he is good at serving out ownage.

9:37 - I think they should use a minifridge but no one agrees :[

9:44 - Just got a bill passed to buy some gloves. Whatup!

9:48 - What the fuck Brenden Larrabee just walked in

9:51 - Blah blah blah

Meeting over at some poitn

Floor Hockey

Intramural Floor Hockey is starting up soon. There's an email about it and I don't feel like repeating all the details, but I think there are several leagues or something.

Either way it should be awesome.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Brendan Larrabee is UnAmerican

Earlier today, Brendan Larrabee threw a pen at Mark Snyder, severely wounding him. We feel that he should resign as Senator because of this scandal.

Please do not throw pens.

(That is in fact the wound, and not Mark cutting himself with a razor)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I took this photo in Guam. The license plate says CE110. It makes me think of the instrument, the Cello. But also Jello, which reminds me of Bill Cosby, and the fact that people are going to increasingly be wearing Bill Cosby sweaters due to the coldness.

Speaking of coldness, the weather sucked this weekend. Like, on Saturday night I did not leave LQ, I just visited other people in LQ, or told them to visit me.

EDIT: Apparently the car belongs to a young lady named Cello. This is amazing.


My favorite quote from the weekend

I was thinking of going to the Nest to seduce some freshmen boys
Oh goodness

Friday, October 16, 2009


Some kid is tagging stuff on campus. Lame.

EDIT: Sorry that I wasn't clear. Someone is going around with spraypaint, spraypainting stuff.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Email Check

This email was annoying and stupid. I don't think allstudentemail access is something that you need to check, like I just assume that if at some point I need to use my allstudentemail access it then it'll work. She should have attached a photo of a kitten or something so that this would not have been a waste.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lean like James Dean

I was walking to my 8AM in Kent and I saw this and it made me smile a lot (there are pictures of him leaning up against shit looking cool as hell)

Awesome Sandwich

Every wednesday at the Grab and Go there are lunch specials. Usually they are pretty cool. This week it was an awesome chicken sandwich. It was very delicious and it made me happy. The bread was really good, I haven't had real bread in awhile.

Also I got a hair cut

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/13/09

Lets play the game where you tell Mark Snyder that there is an SGA meeting tonight when really there isn't one. Maybe he will read this before 8 tonight, or maybe someone will read it and tell him.

Anyway no SGA Tonight

Monday, October 12, 2009

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag this Friday at the WC Firepit. I hope this isn't replacing the Intramural Capture the Flag, because they always give out free t shirts and I love free t shirts. Either way, this one will have hot chocolate which isn't as cool as free t shirts, but it's still kinda cool.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party Discussions

I dislike when I go to a party and someone tries to talk to me about the Presidential Search because

1. I am at a party why would I want to talk about it

2. I am at a party why would I want to talk about it

3. I am at a party why would I want to talk about it

But Tess Wier, it was wonderful discussing it with you and I hope that a candidate is selected soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I <3 Bio

A lot of you, especially people living on North Campus, have probably seen this. But Mike Studivan was nice enough to take a picture of it, and then let me use that picture here.

I'm pretty sure it's made out of mud which is weird and gross, but also cool and super biological. I think it's really cute overall. Especially the handprints to dot the Is.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/9/09

8:05 - Meeting has begun

8:06 - Mark Snyder isn't here, what an ass

8:12 - Dean Bayless is here to talk about the Strategic Plan.

8:13 - Holy shit this is turning into a clusterfuck

8:25 - This is the most annoying SGA meeting I have been to as people keep asking stupid questions. Also I really need to pee, but I feel like since we are voting on stuff it would be bad to leave to go pee.

8:39 - The kid behind me keeps complaining about how long it is taking which is the most annoying part.

8:41 - Danny Ruthenberg Marshall is telling me where it is best to pee when camping (answer is rocks).

8:42 - Dean Bayless just mentioned a bassoon and I looked it up, and it is fucking awesome looking.

8:45 - Dean Bayless totally just called a Senator out for totally not paying attention lol.

9:14 - blah blah blah

9:16 - Dean Bayless just said we're almost done, and someone said "That's what she said". LOL

9:23 - We are halfway done, and will continue next week.

9:30 - Resolution that Public Safety should tell people that their car got towed. Passed duh

9:46 - People are debating how long the dryers should run for. This is literally the stupidest shit I have ever heard I fucking hate SGA right now. Hurf Durf if your dryer doesn't dry all your clothes in one go then it has too many goddam clothes in it.

9:50 - Shola just tried to leave out the door but fell and everyone laughed.

9:50 - There was a fire that burnt down a barn and all the chickens in it :[ So PS is trying to stop fires all around.

9:57 - People have been hating on the grilling club a lot this meeting and it makes me sad :[

10:11 - Meeting over whatup

Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center

The ARC is going to be renamed the
Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center. I think this is kinda lame, but also not really a big deal. I kinda liked how the ARC was just the ARC, much like how our Library is just Library.
O'Brien seems like an okay guy, and apparently he went here before it was a college, and then he went to UMD. So that is cool how it's getting named after an alumnus. But he is a real estate realtor which is lame. I think it'll just still be called the ARC though. But maybe in like emails about the Basketball team they'll say "Basketball game in the Michael P. O'Brien Athletics and Recreation Center", and then everyone is going to be like, wait when did that happen/who is he.

I don't know why they didn't give it a name when they first opened it.

One Card System Down

Apparently One Cards aren't working right now. We are all going to starve.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Gambia

Dear Bill Roberts,

You are pretty cool but please stop sending emails about the Gambia study abroad program every fucking day



Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am sitting on a bean bag chair in the third floor of the library working on midterms and there are some First Years here who are acting like TAs are some magical beings that aren't students.
"Omg she was dancing with a TA"

"He's not my TA though, he's a peer mentor, he's just a student"

I would like to remind my readers that both Paul Lemley and Brian Van Parys have been TAs.

Also this is not out of hate, it's out of love, love for new students.

"I just wanted more beer, 'more Paul, more Paul, more Paul!' "

"Tickle Biddies"

This is the most fun I have ever had in the library

"So if I eat I'll get tired?"
"And fat"

This is starting to turn into Overheard at St. Mary's, I think I am going to write more posts like this

Thursday, October 1, 2009

College Republicans Meeting

I went to their meeting for free pizza but they didn't have any so I quickly walked away.

College Republicans are liars :[

I want pizza




IF you see a fire put that shit out immediately. I once saw a kid trying to start a fire in his grill and I karatechopped the grill in half to prevent a fire from forming. Destroy all fires by any means necessary.

If you have a fire extinguisher, aim at the bottom of the fire and pull the trigger until the fire is completely dead.

Note: If the fire is too big/it is a monster fire then run away and never stop running, because once you start running from a fire it chases you until one of you is dead.


I can't believe it's already October!

Which also means