Monday, April 5, 2010


This photo, circa 1947, shows what St. Mary's used to be like. Back in the 40s archery was an essential skill that all the women at the seminary/Jr. College (dunno which it was at this point) due to the presence of bears on campus. The student handbook stipulated that along with One Cards, all students must carry a bow and a minimum of five arrows with them at all times. Generally it takes at least 7 arrows to destroy a bear, which is why they all used the buddy system.

For reals though this would be the fucking coolest gym class ever. Archery was the best part of Boy Scouts.


  1. We already have fly fishing- no sport can compete with that

  2. LOL - wouldn't have thought even back then to let GIRLS carry guns. . . but bears aren't that bothersome anyway. Mountain lions - now they're a problem. . .