Friday, October 31, 2008

Zombie Walk

Tonight there was an SMCM zombie walk, the first! It was pretty exciting and scary. They dorm stormed Prince George and it was pretty spectacular. I was on RA duty and I decided to go on rounds running away from the zombies.

It was pretty scary and fun. Definitely best zombies I've ever seen.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night I gave a presentation on Zombie Preparedness. It was my RA Programming for the month of October. It was pretty awesome and thirty people showed up. I was really surprised because I forgot to put the time on the fliers that I put up. I think the key to having a good Program is giving out food, or having a topic that is funny/interesting that the students will genuinely enjoy.

Um and I might put up the pictures later either in this post or another.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Apology

I would like to apologize to Jeremy Pevner. It has come to my attention that people actually read this blog, and I've said a lot of mean things about him, and that he is aware of this.

Jeremy is easily one of the hardest working students on campus. I don't know how he was time to put so much effort into the school and its future, while being RHC of WC and attending class. It's just ridiculous. He knows about everything going on at SMCM and can really give you an excellent summary of any campus issue.

And even though he talks a lot during SGA meeting and has an opinion on everything, I think it would really be a major loss if he wasn't around. I know that personally Jeremy has been of help to me in various ways, and the 09-10 school year is going to be a lot different without him around.

In conclusion, Jeremy I honestly am sorry for saying those things because you of all people don't deserve it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/28


8:08 - Roll call. Lots of people are here it is somewhat exciting.

Okay so that Avi girl's name is Avideh Mayville. I really like her name, it's new and interesting sounding.

8:10 - Kevin Baier is taking photos. It sounds like a press conference as a result due to the clicking. We forced him to take a picture of Senator Van Parys and myself. I hope it goes on facebook.

8:11 - O shit the Glenndenning Hall is getting delayed. The furniture sucks and therefore it won't be open yet. P.S. I don't know how to spell Glenndenning.

8:12 - Mark Heidrich is still talking, he is the guy that mentioned the building delay. He is the Assistant VP for Acadmeic Administration. He seems nice. I like his style of dress.

8:15 - I just fucking heard wind chimes. Where are the goddam wind chimes. I think it was Fafoutis's phone. What a douche.

j/k I love Fafoutis :]

8:26 - Mark Heindrich is still talking and Kevin Baier is taking an excessive amount of photos of him. It's really obnoxious. It's probably for his own personal collection.

8:27 - Rubik's Cube club. If this passes I will resign and move to Canada. Senator Campbell is shitting all over Robyn, it's amazing.

Oh my fucking god why is Jeremy Pevner supporting this. We have a fucking puzzle club. Rubik's cubes are puzzles. I don't see the fucking issue.

Oh god more people are supporting this. Fuck the SGA.

Kevin Baier get back to taking photos and stop supporting this club.

It just passed :[

8:49 - We are discussing professor critiques and how to get students to do them. I brought up the UMD method which I think is pretty rad. It was actually a really solid discussion.

8:56 - Ooo I just realized Iben Ricket isn't here. She invited me to join Publicity Board, I am pretty stoked.

9:12 - Jeremy Pevner has been talking for at least 11 minutes now.

9:34 - I brought up the fact that our ping pong table is currently in half.

9:39 - I asked Brian Caffey "Can I have a piece of food?" He then gave me some skittles. :]

9:44 - Meeting adjourned

It's really cold out

Has anyone else noticed that it is really fucking cold outside? Because it is. Like 50's all the time.

Shit sux

Monday, October 27, 2008

Class of 2011 Meeting

I went to the Class of 2011 Meeting that was held tonight. Apparently I am the first person to ever attend one of their meetings. This is kinda depressing really. The meeting was about 10 minutes and they kept asking me questions about my opinions on what they were doing. It was creepy at first, but I can see where they were coming from and it was just cute after awhile :3

Also I somewhat feel bad that I have a 2010 shirt but not the 2011 shirt. Also 2009 shirt sucks. I hope that 2012 makes an awesome shirt.

Speaking of shirts, the week of November 15thish I think they are planning to be selling shirts in the campus center, and then have a "wear you shirt" day. Exciting stuff!

So, if you aren't busy you should go to one of their meetings so that they are less depressed. It's every few Mondays at 8.

5-Year Strategic Plan

I submitted feedback for the 5-Year Strategic Plan. I mostly said that a bunch of the ideas would lead to more yuppies and therefore it was bad. Here is the Plan if you want to read it

Strategic Plan Priorities Related to Mission Goals

Draft of January 30, 2008

Academic Excellence

At the core of the College’s identity is its commitment to providing academic excellence in the education of an undergraduate student population. As our mission states, we achieve this excellence through strong interactions between faculty, staff and students, small classes, experiential learning, and close student-faculty collaborations. Hence, of highest priority for our strategic planning are all issues related to the new core curriculum and mentoring that enhance teaching and learning activities. Accordingly, strategic planning must prioritize the allocation of funds in areas most critical to the College’s core mission.


Support all components of the new core curriculum.

Identify and address needs within academic programs for additional faculty and staff

Identify and address needs within academic programs for additional equipment and other material resources

Support student and faculty research activities.

Optimize management of programs of international education

Variety of Educational, Cultural, and Recreational Experiences

Educational programs and activities outside of the regular academic curriculum enrich the learning experiences of students and can provide services that respond to the needs of the community outside of the college. SMCM provides a considerable number of educational opportunities outside of, yet related to, its regular academic curriculum. These include international education, community service, internships, continuing education, partnership programs, and the Center for the Study of Democracy. The related educational programs and activities that are offered by SMCM respond to institutional and/or community needs, are consistent with the mission and goals of the College, and through partnership programs enrich the curriculum by providing learning experiences not otherwise available at a small liberal arts college


Provide access to opportunities on and off campus to engage students, faculty, and staff in a broad range of cultural and educational experiences

Support recreational and athletic opportunities

[Revision Coming] Intentionally create an environment both in and out of the classroom where students learn and use their knowledge and expertise

Global Engagement

The College is committed to expanding our community’s global engagement. With increasingly interconnected economies, communications, knowledge, technology, and environmental systems across the globe, a college dedicated to the liberal arts has a responsibility to provide deep and meaningful opportunities for its members to prepare to participate in the global community and to develop the disposition to do so. We believe that the study of the liberal arts cannot occur in a vacuum and so seek to both promote wide and equitable participation in study abroad experiences, and to bring the world to the campus by encouraging international students and scholars to come to St.Mary’s.

At the same time, we believe that our connection to the physical world must be grounded in a commitment to environmental stewardship, which involves recognizing and acting on the knowledge that our everyday consumption of resources and interactions with the globe affect not only our immediate environment but that of the planet as a whole. As an institution, our practices and operations must be consonant with these values and our educational endeavors must foster students’ abilities to live in the world in sustainable ways.


Ensure individual needs and circumstances of all students are met so they can fulfill the core curriculum goals related to experiencing the liberal arts in the world

Increase global awareness by providing diverse campus-based experiences that bring the world to our community.

Be a model green campus that promotes sustainability.

Student-Faculty Interactions

As an institution we are committed to strengthening student-faculty interactions through smaller class sizes and through close collaborations between students and other students, between students and faculty, between students and professional staff. Demands such as participation in athletics, peer advising and mentoring, effective classroom work and out-of-classroom study and preparation, committee work, supporting campus activities such as Nitze talks, and other campus commitments are an increasing drain on the time of students, staff and faculty. In this context where every person amongst students, faculty, and staff has an increasing roster of responsibilities, the time required for close collaborations is condensed into fewer and fewer hours each week.

The new core curriculum offers both danger and opportunity. The danger is that as faculty re-train themselves to think more creatively about class design, including design of first year seminars, their days become so full that interaction with students on a one-to-one basis becomes compressed into fewer hours. The core curriculum’s addition of a component requiring students to use their knowledge in practical ways off campus, which will likely result in increased numbers of students completing independent studies and internships may further strain our ability to foster close collaboration even while the requirement mandates such connections. Faculty are growing so busy that adding another independent study student to their load may become the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. In such a context, many may feel that they cannot take the time to go to a student athletic event or to participate in a student-staff-faculty event. The opportunities offered by the core curriculum, however, are great. First year seminars introduce beginning students to professors in a very small class context, fostering their willingness and ability to communicate one-on-one with their professors. Broader connections across the curriculum will encourage more team-teaching across disciplines, and students may be inspired to work more closely with faculty in all areas creating their own cross-disciplinary studies.


Foster meaningful student/faculty interaction

Accessibility, Affordability, and Diversity

As an institution we are committed to enhancing accessibility, affordability, and diversity among our entire campus community. Accessibility and affordability are pre-requisites to a diverse campus. Every member of the faculty, staff, and student bodies plays a role in making progress towards a more diverse and representative campus population. In order to maintain a diverse campus, our climate on campus must welcome and support diverse populations that vary in politics, ethnicity, race, and philosophy. Supporting the needs of diverse populations may require further education: education of staff and faculty – for example, in supporting the needs of young parents – and education of students – for example, in engaging in the ideals of community respect and inclusiveness.


Enhance accessibility, affordability and diversity

Develop new revenue sources that are both consistent with the college mission and will help achieve institutional goals.

Provide professional development to faculty and staff that supports the needs of a diverse student population.

Intentionally develop and promote a campus climate through programs and initiatives designed to not only attract and retain a diverse group of faculty and staff, but also to support, appreciate and celebrate diversity, in all its forms.

Community Built on Respect

At St. Mary’s College, we believe that a cohesive community should share a sense of mission and a commitment to strive toward common goals. Individuals within such a community should embrace the mission, and at the same time appreciate and respect each others’ differences. The recent growth of the College has increased stress and reduced the opportunities for communication across campus. At the same time, financial constraints have limited our ability to adequately recognize everyone’s contributions. This lack of cohesion is unhealthy and inefficient. Valuing the dignity of everyone’s work and improving the sense of respect and mutual responsibility among the students, faculty, staff, administration, and board of trustees will create the open, cohesive community we desire. As a result, we will see improved morale, increased productivity, greater respect for the campus and its surroundings, and higher retention of both students and employees.


Create a community which values differences of all types (class, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, sexuality, age, etc.)

Promote an environment of open and respectful dialogue in which campus issues are identified and addressed

Develop ways for conducting difficult conversations

SMCM Gossip Girl

Someone started this blog a few days ago and they left it in one of my comments. I don't know who they are, but I have some theories. More importantly, I wish it had better writing. It's a cute writing style, but also somewhat annoying. Also, the post about kids outside PG getting busted was....lackluster at best, really devoid of any good information. They don't even use names!

Regardless, I wish them the best of luck.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I realized that the blog looked really shitty, so I redesigned it. Just plain white, I might change it around, but I think getting rid of that picture of the Garden of Remembrance was a good idea.

Also I was just in the RA office and someone asked me how to spell neighbor. :3

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Block Party!

The Residence Halls on the Hill (Prince George, Caroline, and Dorchester) hosted a block party yesterday afternoon. It was pretty excellent. There was pumpkin carving, food, Hawk Radio, beer goggles, and most important of all

Free Shirts. It was the blue ones from Monday.

-I was carving my pumpkin, which said SMUT SLUT, and Dean Bayless walked over to see what it said, and I carefully covered the SLUT portion. Very awkwards
-Jesse Lee, Adam K., and the French kid in my Chinese class cooked food. They ran out of veggie burgers really early on so I ended up not being vegetarian for a half hour, since I wanted food and the Great Room closed early. Also they didn't have condiments until the very end :[
-A first year yelled "fuck you" at someone during the contest to win a "super sober safe sex shirt"; it was really awkward and weird. And somehow Karina remembered all of the alcohol awareness events from the week.
-Chris Rodkey and I made caramel apples. They were delicious

Overall it was pretty enjoyable. If you want to see my pumpkin, it is in Chris Rodkey's window or the RA office window

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/21

Meeting Tonight!!!

8:12 - Senate Leader Elections. Kait Hines vs. the other girl, Avi something. blah blah blah

8:14 - Louis Ritzinger just knocked over his bottle of water.

8:16 - Senator Van Parys said that we should play minitanks to get the SGA to bond more. I love minitanks.

8:17 - I really dislike Nora Onley's jacket. It's like a trenchcoat but it's kinda ugly. She should wear something that fits her better. On the other hand Jesse Lee is hot looking as per usual. Also Brian Caffey is working on homework, how shameful. Avi girl is droning on and on about the limiatations of SGA.

8:23 - We are now voting via ballot. FUCK THE OTHER GIRL WON. I WANTED KAIT HINES TO WIN :[ :[ :[ :[ :[

le sigh

So that Avi girl won. I don't really know her name :/

8:27 - Student Investment Group is talking about stuff I don't really care though it's boring as fuck

8:29 - I miss my soup at hand, it was so delicious. New England Clam Chowder.

8:33 - Nathan asked me to be on his committee. I like him okay but he is boring sometimes and takes SGA too seriously. I am on the...building committee I think. It sounds better than....parking committee. I really wanted to be on Publicity. One day....

8:39 - Started playing tic tac toe with Senator Van Parys I lost :[

9:15 - Going over emergency funds, it was fun. Clubs don't seem to understand the rules of how to request money.

9:30 - Still more boring stuff. I am really really hungry. Hungry hungry hippoes

9:40 - Dean Bayless thing finally. She wants all of our feedback on the Strategic 5-Year Plan. I don't really care about it and just want to go eat food/do homework ughhhhh

9:56 - Meeting Adjourned

Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Shirts!

Today at the Campus Center Candice was giving out free shirts. It's part of alcohol awareness week. I really liked the color of the shirts. I don't know how the health center gives out so many free shirts, because at the moment I have 3 different shirts from the health center.

Like I said they were an awesome color, but the message on them was pretty tacky. 10 reasons not to get drunk etc. The message is okay but I can't imagine wearing it after college I guess. I can't really imagine wearing a lot of my wardrobe after college though.

Apparently you had to play around with the drunk goggles to win a shirt, but I got there at the end and they were just being handed out.

Great Room Hours Change

I just got an email 5 minutes ago

The Great Room will close at 6:15 on Fridays



If you forgot Great Room hours, it used to close at 7:30.

Fuck this shit I hate how early the Great Room closes. It's just ridiculous. I was okay with the horrible hours on the weekends because it was the weekend. But closing early on Friday makes me want to cry. Maybe not cry but I am super angry about it. For reals brosef.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/14

SGA Meeting tonight. Should be exciting. Senator Van Parys and I are wearing the same outfit, dress pants, the same blue shirt with white vertical stripes. It is very cute.

Also we are one person away from quorum. Okay we have enough people now.

8:14 - Meeting started

8:16 - I seconded some stuff

8:19 - Matt Smith is chair of the Parking Committee and he does not have a car. This is awesome.

8:20 - ooo we are reading our Senate Leader speeches. I think I will let Senator Van Parys read mine because he matches me. He did a very fine job. I love him.

8:36 - We are doing a Primary Vote!

8:37 - I lost :[

8:42 - OMG They brought up and they all were against it, but I was the one that submitted our college to it. LOL

Reading Days

Reading Days just ended. It was pretty radical brosef

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/7

Brian Van Parys and I both dressed up. Many asked if he was going to J-Board, many said I looked beautiful. Everyone at SGA was confused and laughed. Also I got a haircut and it is very stunning and beautiful.

8:06 - Earliest a meeting has ever started!

8:09 - No students speakout today, woooo

8:10 - Guest speaker Lenny Howard. Graduated in 97'. TV noise is playing over the microphone but Jeremy Pevner, technology god, is fixing it. Okay we are good. This guy seems smart and has gone to school for a long time. He is also kinda boring :[. He is very pretty though. Kevin Baier came in late. He went to my high school, and last week he got owned pretty hard. I still don't understand what he is talking about, but I think he is here to prepare people for grad school etc. He seems really nice and like he would be really useful for hepoing you go to grad school.

8:16 - Senate Leader nominations. Apparently I have some competition. I would honestly be pretty suprised if I won. Other contenders are John Campbell, Liam Bradley, Avi Mayvill,e Lisa Neu, and Kait Hines. I think Kait would be my choice other than myself, she is really involved and pretty awesome. Ooooo I think they are postponing the vote. This is probably because people are scared of me getting elected. I mean not really, but I can pretend. They are scared of change obviously. lols.

8:35 - Fantastic Fall Festival of Fun got 500$ to spend on stuff.

8:40 - Adjourned

Sunday, October 5, 2008


O god I haven't updated in days!

Okay posts going up soon on
-Board of Directors reaction to changes in To the Point