Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday Sush

You go you, you earned/deserve those "Cheese Balls"

huh TGIF am I right???

IDK how do 'yall' fell about cheese balls? I'm really more of a Cheetos (via cool corporate mascots) fan myself. I enjoy the density of Cheetos(TM), rather than the low density cheeze ball, cheeze poof, etc variety of cheese based snack.

But what do yall think, leave your favorite 'TGIF' snack/drink (alcohol duh #wasted #it's5o'clocksomewhere) in the comments

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday SMCM LOL BLOG

Wow, it's been 5 years since "I," a 'st. mary's college of maryland "student"' started this blog.

June 10 2008 huh wow it's been a long time

Can't believe I haven't graduated yet

If you wanna check out some great posts uh don't bother hahah, there are no great posts

some great memories about this bloggin blog:

  • 90 pages of this blog printed out and presented to me, with 'problematic issues' highlighted
  • "I'm pretty sure 69% of the reason I made out with you is because of this blog" - an IRL 'girl'
  • "I hate you because of that blog" - an IRL 'girl'
  • "Please blog about me" - an IRL 'girl'
wow this blog has 'survived' 4 prezzies and probably a dozen directors of public safety (miss u santiago, dude who lied about his credentials)

huh wonder what the future will bring (more via, grammatical errors, and horrible posts about nothing, with the occasional actual news post that 'matters')

comment with yalls favorite 'bloggin post'

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Last week I ran an 'amazing' (probably 'best' article since the Urgo House for Sale article) blog post about Roger Stanton (currently on unpaid academic leave #byebye) exchanging drugs 4 sex. The post quickly spread all around the internet (like a beach ball at a Nickelback [see attached video] Concert ) because it was some juicy gossip.

But some did not believe. Some were not true believers. Some will not be saved when the 'author' of this 'blog' returns to campus (hopefully never).

Some like Laura Creech.

oh. just "some persons (sic) blog." wow is that all that I am~

(please note that yes I do play candy crush saga, jurassic park builder, and simpsons tapped out, and engage in snapchat sexting)

Laura Creech, I thought you went to a public honors college, I thought you would know that u can trust 'me'. What happened

what happened

~am i really all the things that are outside of me~ - the animal collectives

when will u learn to believe ???

Monday, August 19, 2013

PANIC: Railing at the Campus Center Missing

PANIC! The railing leading up to the Campus Center is missing! Who could have stolen it? Someone who hates the elderly, disabled, and people who need railings?

huh well at least with this missing railing there is now a sweet cup/beer holder outside the campus center, conveniently located in the ground

Kinda disappointed to see Chip Jackson's presidency (idk I guess that is over already?) going in the direction of removing hand rails. #disappointed

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Urgo's Time at Hamilton

Several of you, dear readers, have informed me about several articles regarding Urgo's last months at Hamilton College in 2010 before he became the president of SMCM.

I spent a sold hour trying to read and understand the whole situation and by the time I got a solid grasp of the whole situation he had already been ousted so it was a moot point.

Also I meant to post this ~months~ ago sorry bbs

Huh look who started following me on the Twitter

huh not sure how I am feelin' about this

Monday, August 12, 2013

SMCM Professor Arrested for Paying for Sex with Oxycodone

Over the weekend the St. Mary's County Police continued with "Operation Risky Business: Sex for money/drugs" by targeting individuals looking for sex online.My guess would be that they looked through Craigslist 'Casual Encounters' and began contacting individuals through there, possibly through some sort of entrapment situation. One of those arrested was St. Mary's Psychology professor Roger Dean Stanton.

Stanton paid the undercover officer for specific sexual acts (idk what but I hope it was something weird) with ten 5mg pills of Oxycodone (idk probably worth about $50?). He also had some weed (duhhhh).

Really unfortunate situation. Really dumb decision on his part, especially considering his wife works at the college too.

Did yall have Professor Stanton? What was he like? Leave some comments yall~

11:30AM UPDATE: According to "sources" (Todd Eberly) Stanton got tenure back in May. 

Speculation over how these individuals were targeted. What section of Craigslist 'Casual encounters' were they going through? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Admissions has changed their name

Admissions has changed their name on Facebook from "The Office of Admission" to "The Office of Admissions" 

Can u spot the difference (via puzzles in HIGHLIGHTS MAGAZINE at the dentist office)
Here's a hint:


That's right, they added an "s" to their name.

huh big changes over there, guess this is a part of their plan to recruit 100+ students

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gov Cup

Muldoon spotted!