Monday, May 25, 2009


I haven't posted anything in awhile because school is over.  I miss SMCM but it's nice to be home for the summer.  I still haven't unpacked anything really, but it's only been like a week so I don't feel too bad.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


St. Marys Projects were about a week ago, and I went to a few of them.  I saw Patrick Shwarz's presentation on magic in the ancient world, along with a half dozen others.  Bumble made a few lesson plans for teaching colonial history, which about a dozen faculty members grilled him on.  It was depressing to see him not happy and smiling.  Caitlin Shankle had a sweet project about Corn subsidies, which I liked because I really hate corn subsidies.  Also Bart Zienda had an interesting idea about enforcing recreational boating laws, which I really enjoyed.  

Overall there were a lot of sweet SMPs and I would totally recommend going out and watching SMP presentations next year if you missed out.

Get Your Float On

Spring Get Your Float On was like two Fridays ago on May 1st.  It was pretty cool, and the food tasted excellent.  It was also raining though which was kinda lame, but the weather in general was still pretty good.  

I didn't check out any of the activities, but I think there were sailboat rides and other cool stuff.  I guess it was a success!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 5 Paths

There are lots of paths you walk on here at SMCM.  I am going to think about the paths 5 that I love the most in order to avoid studying.

1.  Campus Center.  The brick path is really very pretty, and it feels so nice when you walk on it barefoot in the sun; the bricks heat up and just feel wonderful.  
2.  The Bridge leading to the greens.  This is the greatest thing ever, a bridge that cuts across the pond.  Whoever created this is a god.  If you are coming from South Campus trying to get to the Greens and don't take the bridge, you should not be allowed into any Townhouses.
3.  The track around the track.  The Varsity Sports Field/track has another track that goes around it all, but it's outside the fence.  Sometimes you may consider taking this path, until you realize the beauty of...
4.  The path through the Varsity Sports Field.  Go through the opening of the fence, and then hop the broken part on the other side.  I have heard multiple people claim that they had originally broken the fence, but I don't really know who for sure.  Regardless, it makes getting to WC so much easier.
5.  And lastly, the paths down to The Point.  There are two or three, and all of them are fun/dangerous, especially when it's dark.  I think my favorite is the path that you create when it's dark and you start walking into bushes and it hurts a lot, but eventually get to the bottom of the hill.  For some reason, I always feel the need to take the hill path instead of the stairs.


I was peeing in the campus center a week ago and there was another gentleman peeing next to me.  He flushed the urnial, peed, and then flushed again.  I have heard of this phenomenon, of flushing before peeing, but I still do not understand it.

Dance Show

Dance Show happened a long time ago, so long ago that I forgot when it was.  It was like the beginning of April or something.  Anyway, after seeing the dance show for the first time last semester, I decided to try it out because college is the time to do silly things.

It ended up being a lot of fun, and I recommend it to anyone with a passing interest in either dancing or looking silly.  Michelle Colleen Roach was my choreographer, and she was pretty wonderful.  The whole process was pretty enjoyable, but a lot of work.  I ended up having a solo in my dance in which I pelvic thrusted a bunch.  It was cool!  I think I might do it again next semester but I'm not really sure.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Duty

I am on duty tonight in the RA office.  Someone just asked me if I "know how to open a Nesquik bottle"

I will miss being an RA.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I was in the Library last Sunday from 11-7, which may not seem like a lot to some of you library rats, but for me it was an experience.  I found myself liking the library a lot, so I think I will hang out there more next semester to do work and such.

Also, I like that our library is called "Library", whereas every other college has libraries named after people.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are you a white male wearing a red plaid shirt?

If so stop molesting womens!

The email Bayless sent out recently is very disturbing.  I feel that women should be able to wear revealing shirts without fearing that someone is going to try to reach in.  If this leads to women not wearing such revealing shirts, I know I for one will be upset and saddened.

That said, I think it's a good reminder that sexual assault does occur on campus, and that everyone should be aware of their surroundings.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World Carnival

World Carnival happened weeks ago, but I never talked about it.  It occurred April 17-18, and it was the 16th World Carnival.  

My friend Ben Casto and I woke up early Saturday Morning (at like 6AM) to head over to Admissions Field to help set up and get a free shirt.  They said they would provide us with breakfast, which turned out to be really lame.  Like I wish they had just given us bagels or something.

We spent most of the 7-9AM tying balloons to stuff with Tricia Realbuto, which was awesome.  We became expert ballooners.  After this we went and got real breakfast.

I headed over to World Carnival later that day, and noticed some balloons were missing.  Apparently we weren't that good at tying balloons.  Anyway, there was lots of cool stuff.  I got a "KEN" henna tattoo which was awesome so that I can remember my name, and I also won a goldfish which I named Jeremy Pevner.  

I also tried out all of the inflatable things.  The lasertag was best.  I played with Ben and some people from SMUT.  It was a lot of fun until it started deflating, and we didn't realize it, and we almost died.  It was the most traumatic experience of my life.  I now have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder :[

And Carbon Leaf was really sweet.  

World Carnival was awesomesz~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunny Schnitzer is the greatest President ever.

Backlog of things to blog about in the next week
  • World Carnival
  • Get your float on
  • Dance show
  • Library
  • SMPs
  • Other stuff that I have neglected
Someone commented saying that I should make Top 5 Lists.  I think I will
Top 5 places to study:
  • Library
  • Your room when your roommate is drunkenly tryna with a lady
  • On top of Monty
  • Calvert Balcony
  • Basement of Goodpaster

Friday, May 1, 2009

Guest Bloggers

Today I saw Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall in the great room.  We wished each other a delicious dinner, but after that he mentioned that I should have guest bloggers on my blog.  I think this is a good idea.  I think I asked for contributors like a few months ago, but no one responded really.

So, if you would like to post on this blog, shoot me an email at kenbenjes at  

Benefits include:
Being Cool
Being able to say you blog
It will more than likely get you laid