Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Shows

Yo is anyone else trying to see these shows

June 2 Ottobar Surfer Blood

June 13 Sonar Neon Indian

Aug 22 Sonar Crystal Castles

A summer of buzzworthy bands.

Also kinda want to see Cute is what we aim for on may 16th at recher for some reason


  1. other good shows coming up:

    may 4 at rock and roll hotel- the album leaf

    may 18 at ottobar and 19 at black cat- a silver mt. zion

    may 31 at rock and roll hotel- holy fuck

    june 2 at 930 club- mono and the twilight sad

    june 6 at dar constitution- the national with (more importantly) the antlers

    june 6 at black cat and 7 at ottobar- the mercury program

    june 7 at rock and and roll hotel- plants and animals with lost in the trees

    june 23 at ottobar- sage francis

    june 23 at 930- new pornographers and the dodos

    june 24 at sonar- tortoise

    holy shit that's a lot of awesome shows

  2. Dude I didn't even notice that silver mt. zion was playing.

    ahh kinda want to see new pornographers, wonder what they are like live

  3. the national the national the national the national

    Also, Passion Pit is playing at Rams Head Live on June 2nd. Courtney and I are going.

  4. the national the national the national

    Also, June 2nd is Passion Pit at Rams Head Live

  5. I'm so siked I said it twice.

  6. Passion Pit concert on the mall in DC on Sunday to celebrate Earth Day!!!!!!!

  7. Also, Cute Is What We Aim For has been nothing without Dave Melillo.

    I actually don't know if that's true, but I have no real interest in them now since he's out.

  8. Wait is he the singer? So it would sound totally different? What's the point of that!

  9. neon indian at bonnaroo! + passion pit free on sunday woooo

  10. May 27/28- Coheed and Cambria/Circa Survive @ 9:30

    September 7- LADY GAGA @ Verizon Center

  11. cute is what we aim for suck live. and shane is the lead singer and he just plays with his hair the whole time

  12. Melillo used to be backup guitar. He's together with some other old members from Cute is what we aim for. He had a solo career for awhile that was pretty sweet

  13. also, backstreet boys at wolftrap on june 9

    just sayin

  14. rock n' roll hotel is for douche bags go to basement shows.