Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SGA Meeting 10/5/10

SGA Meeting!  Some highlights

  • Jurgo came to talk to us!  He brought up issues like campus pub, Aemthyst initiative (dunno how to spell it, don't care), and the size of the college
    • Is the college size right now too big, too small, or just right??
    • How do yall feel about changing drinking age to 18
  • Also brought up this idea of 'dry orientation' wherein everyone signs a pledge to not drink during the first weekend of Orientation.  Interesting idea, what do yall think of it?  Feel like it takes a lot of pressure/fear away from first years who don't know much about drinking, but also feel like I want to hang and drink with friends the first day back, most of whom I haven't seen in months.
  • Alex Walls said 'Debbie Downer' and how he doesn't want to be one
  • Kyle McGrath said 'the gorilla in the room' instead of 'the elephant in the room' and we all corrected him and kinda laughed at him.  Although '800 pound gorilla in the room' is a phrase, it has a different context/meaning (via wikipediaing it)
  • Oh also said that, in regards to paying for stuff at a campus pub, there would probably not a be a 'drinking plan' (via meal plans) which made a me lol a lot.  Actually a drinking plan would be sweet via can limit it to only let you purchase so much.
  • Also I yelled at senators a lot for speaking out of turn.  Feel like I am training a puppy to not pee on the ground (andrew reighart being one of the main puppies)


  1. someone also used the word "schwasted" while talking to Jurgo. I thought that was hilarious

  2. I really didn't mean to interrupt - and I only did it once and I stopped talking right after I realized the person was still talking! Not trying to be rude :(


  3. You will learn to stop via public humiliation


  4. Love it when Ken publicly humiliates people ;3

  5. college pub, WHAT?!