Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lot of yall (especially on the Greens) have probably heard about the mold epidemic.  Mold be sporing everybody up in here (via that bedroom intruder autotune youtube sensation).  Mold invaded Boone 4 and forced them all to move out (dunno where to, maybe they are living under a bridge like a troll, or hopefully just crashing on a friend's couch) and maintenance/other dudes have been working on it nonstop for days.

These townhouses were constructed in 1992 as I recall, kinda lame that they are succumbing to MOLD.  Low bid contracting FTW.

Also just heard that Maggie 8/7 (the one on top) with Ally Moore has mold.  Probably some other places have mold.  Was anyone else freaked out by that lady wearing the mask coming into everyone's home like....should I also be wearing a mask (via protection)???

Hope I don't have to move out, it is getting cold and I would not have much time to construct a log cabin/hobbit hole in North Woods.

Some of the mold appears to have been caused by shoddy HVAC construction practices, but I don't know much about HVAC to be honest, just kinda looked like that via pipes that did not reach holes, but rather leaked onto the floor of the HVAC closet.

Will mold turn us into zombies?  Kinda hope not, enjoy eating burritos and not people.

Guess mold isn't all bad though, via making beer and cheese, two glorious inventions.



  1. yo it's maggie's big d, bitch

    and stop blogging about my house

  2. LQ3 has mold on the ceiling too :(

  3. South Crescent had lots of mold in the showers last year in spite of our serious bleaching, scrubbing, and using other scary chemicals. Scariest of all was us removing the vent over the fan in there that was COVERED in disgusting amounts of wet moldy dusty globs of dusty mold and vacuuming the shit out of it, not that that helped.


  5. mold is invading campus!

    also, so much VIA! dunno how i feel about it.

  6. Awwww...I was really hoping for the zombie apocalypse.


  7. Shouldn't people on the Greens be more pissed off about this? I realize we're all pretty laid back, but how can anyone actually stand for the college, for all intents and purposes, saying, "Hey, so, we need you to leave, and you're basically shit out of luck if you think we're going to comfortably accommodate you in the meantime, even though we are, you know, liable for your safety and what not."

    I've been told that this is also a problem now because of a work order on the Greens regarding mold from three years ago that wasn't done out of nothing but sheer negligence. I say, "fuck that." Y'all should be pressuring for a bit more explanation as to where all your absurd "cleaning fees" are going at the end of the year. Jussayin.


  8. eh whatever. My house is affected, sucks but...first world problems, you know?

  9. There was mold in my townhouse last year, so it better be affected. I made sure that mold grew all year.

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