Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PANIC! Ghosts in the Library

Heard rumors the other day as you may remember (via reading old bloggery posts) that I heard rumors of a….ghost in the library.  Turns out these rumors are full of truth!

I commissioned Dave Corderman and (Hurricane) Katrina Rigby to capture a photo of this mysterious entity, and they were very successful.  It appears that the ghost is saying “!OOB”.  Not really sure what OOB means, maybe it is some foreign ghost language.  Also of note are two bats above the ghost…not sure how I feel about bats in the library, feel like they are not very conducive for studying.  Hopefully library staff can train these bats to return books after they have been checked out, that would be kinda cool.
PS has anyone seen the discus man?  Seems like he disappeared as soon as this ghost appeared…maybe the ghost killed discuss man?  Can ghosts kill?  Should we…PANIC!?

1 comment:

  1. One time there were birds in the library. They were super-distracting.