Friday, October 22, 2010

Lecture: O’Malley & Ehrlich ROUND TWO

Went to the Thursday lecture titled “The O'Malley/Ehrlich Rematch and Maryland Political History” given by Professor Ted Sheckels.  Really great lecture, talked about the political history of Maryland over the past few decades (which he was involved with at various points) and the patterns that have emerged in Maryland politics.  Talked about how Mikulski is ‘Our Barb’ (via her name is Barbara) and everyone loves her and is really representative of Maryland (via still living in highlandtown and being a hon) which is why she always gets reelected.
Anyways back to the election, his main analysis was that it’ll come down to whoever can win Baltimore County, and to a lesser extent Harford and northern Anne Arrundel.  I like his analysis since I am from the great Baltimore County.  It’s a weird place because it definitely is very politically divided throughout the county in different areas (via people tear down O’Malley signs where I live [le sigh] but are all over the northern areas of the county). 

Sheckels was a real cool guy, wish he taught here.  Really cool that he’s actually an English professor, but just worked on a lot of campaigns in the 70s and is into Maryland politics.

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